Wife Never Wanted To Try Anal, Until Now

When we first got married, a long time ago, anal wasn’t a trend. Nobody did it and nobody wanted to try it, there was just one hole that we used and that was just fine.

The world began to change though and I realized lots of people were trying out anal and loving it, my friends would tell me that they had tried or were pining to try it and I approached my wife, asking her if she would be open and I was met with a solid ‘No’.

I didn’t push, it was her body and I was perfectly happy with her pussy, I didn’t need her ass. Although I thought about it a lot, she never seemed interested until her good friend opened my wife’s eyes.

She had divorced her husband a few years back and had since started dating. She had met a great guy, a decade her senior. He was a real catch and my wife’s friend was madly in love, they were the perfect match and we all couldn’t have been happier for the couple who were like two teenagers crazy for one another.

One evening my wife’s friend was gossiping with my wife out in the yard and she opened up to my wife about her bedroom habits, letting her in on the things she got up to with her new man and she told her that they had tried anal and it had blown her mind. She blushed as she told my wife how good it felt and how much she had enjoyed discovering this whole new world of pleasure, a world that hadn’t been around when we were younger. Her boyfriend had told her all about it and she had trusted him and now she could never look back, she told my wife giggling.

My wife came to me and told me the tale, I couldn’t help but harden as my wife told me all about her friend having anal sex, and a few days after that, without me saying a word, my wife asked me if I wanted to test it out and see what all of the fuss was about.

I was elated, I couldn’t wait to try anal and I made sure to research everything I could so that it would go as smoothly as possible. My wife got some tips from her friend who had first told her about it and the day arrived when it was time that we tried it out.

My wife waited for me in our bedroom, she was totally naked and shaved to perfection, I dove straight between her legs and began eating out her pussy, it tasted magnificent and smelt of fresh flowers. She moaned and wriggled beneath my tongue, my fingers exploring her body as she responded to my touch. My cock twitched with excitement for her as I brought her to orgasm, her cum dribbled from her and her breathing was erratic as I rubbed myself to her beauty. Whilst still recovering my wife got onto all fours, spread her legs, and puckered her asshole at me as I stood behind her, excited and eager to fuck her ass for the very first time.

I pressed my tongue against her ass, licking her tight hole before coating it in lube, she shivered with the coolness of the gel and moaned softly as I pressed my finger inside of her, it felt so tight and warm, my cock just couldn’t wait to be inside of her. I licked and fingered her ass for some time before slowly getting behind her and pressing the head of my cock against her asshole. Her mature body was still in great shape as I held her hips, pressing my cock into her, slowly and gently as her asshole took me one tiny bit at a time.

With each inch her tight ass swallowed more of my cock until finally, my pubic bone was pressing against her ass, I began thrusting slowly and my wife moaned into the sheets, her cries were guttural and primal. My cock was enjoying the new sensations, the tightness, and the intensity of being inside of my wife’s ass for the very first time.

I built up speed, gently thrusting faster into her, watching how wet her pussy was as I slid inside of her ass, slamming myself against her plump ass cheeks.

She moaned louder as I fucked her faster, I squeezed her hips tightly as she bucked into me, forcing me deeper inside of her. She was loving this as much as I was, begging for me to fuck her harder and I did as she asked, my cock deep inside of her, my body ricocheting off of hers. The thrusting was audible, the sound of my balls slapping against her wet pussy was making me harder and I felt my legs beginning to tremble.

Her ass was so tight, I felt every inch of her, the sensations more intense than I had ever imagined. My wife whimpered beneath me and I knew I couldn’t hold onto my orgasm any longer.

I thrust fast into my wife, harder and harder before finally spilling cum deep inside of her, my cock pulsed inside of her, my cum leaking into her tight anal canal. As I pulled out slowly, I watched as my seed followed, dripping out of her asshole and down towards her plump pussy lips.

We both caught our breath, sighing with contentment.

“Why didn’t we try that sooner?”, my wife suddenly said, catching her breath on every word and I smiled. Anal isn’t just for the younger generations.

Authors note: I enjoy anal in my personal life so I figured why not create a story for people trying it for the first time later in life? I thought the concept of two mature people trying something so erotic was a real turn-on and I really enjoyed expressing that in this story. What did you think? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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