‘X’ Is For X

“Be back in 20, can you leave a key for me? X”, Cassie texts to her new housemate. Since leaving her boyfriend a few months ago she is now living in a shared house in Rotterdam. It’s cheaper to split the rent and bills with other individuals, even if you don’t know all of their names and have to share a bathroom, kitchen, and communal living area. Cassie likes her new place, it’s not perfect but she feels so free without her boyfriend tieing her down and she has made friends with the guy in the room next door to her, Finn. He is the person she is texting as she leaves work and she whimpers with embarrassment as she realizes she has ended her text with an ‘X’, a universal signal of a kiss.

She hurries home and he doesn’t reply, maybe he won’t know what the ‘X’ means, there is a small language barrier between them after all. As she gets back the door is unlocked, no key has been left, Finn is still home. She walks into her room and hears him next door, soft jazz playing, the smell of fresh pasta and cheese cooking coming from their shared kitchen. Cassie gets changed into something comfier, puts her hair up, and heads to the kitchen for a drink to see what rubbish her fridge has in store for her. She really must start meal planning she thinks to herself.

Finn walks in, he oozes sex appeal but she has always shut that part of her brain off towards him, not wanting to complicate their living situation.

“You like some pasta?”, Finn asks.

“Are you not heading out tonight?”, Cassie replies slightly disappointed she wouldn’t have the place to herself considering her other two housemates were out too.

“No my sweet Cassie, pasta?”, Finn said, sipping his drink and stirring the delicious smelling meal he was working on.

I nodded, I did want pasta, it looked incredible.

We ate at the table, talking and without realizing it, flirting too and it was great. I was fully prepared to use my vibrator once Finn had resigned for the night. We talked about life, the media and everything in between, we got along well and I found myself trying to impress him with interesting knowledge and as we set up the TV to watch some new foreign film he had found and then suddenly we kissed. It was just a peck but then it turned into something more, passionate and loud, our tongues dancing, our desperation for one another undeniable. We wanted each other bad.

Finn was a great kisser, his hands were all over me and I suddenly felt incredibly aware of how I wasn’t dressed up or wearing nice underwear but the desire to have Finn inside of me quickly got rid of that thought.

We began undressing, right there in the communal living room, it was crazy and so out of character for the both of us but we couldn’t stop. Finn probed my pussy after pushing his hand under the waistband of my pajama pants and it felt amazing, I moaned softly in his ear, feeling myself dampening as he rubbed me and I stroked his cock through his pants too, feeling how his erection grew beneath me.

I took out his cock and smiled at Finn and he gave me the most loving smile back before pushing me down onto my back on the sofa. I spread my legs instinctively and he delicately pulled off my pajamas and landed on top of me, slowly rubbing his erection over my pussy before pushing his way inside and thrusting rhythmically into me. I gasped and moaned, he felt so good. He pulled up my shirt and nibbled on my tits as he fucked me, his cock thrusting into me, his balls slapping against my slit. We were both groaning, I was letting out small whimpers of pleasure as his cock found my g-spot and made me tremble.

Finn was close, I could tell, his eyes were shut and his head was buried in my neck.

“Cum on me, I want your cum on me”, I said desperately, aching to feel his warm seed sinking into my skin.

He looked so turned on at that and suddenly he did as I asked, pulling out of me and jerking himself for a split second before pouring his load onto my torso. I gasped and moaned for it, elated at the sensation. This was heaven for me.

Finn and I became fuck buddies after that and the rest is history.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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