You Are Not Allowed to Cum ‘Till I Think You Are Ready

I’m a bit desperate, I’ve never been this horny for so long, I have never begged for a release before and this is driving me crazy. Steve has kept me frustrated for a long time now and I don’t know what else to do. Whenever he touches me and I’m close to an orgasm he stops! He completely stops and leaves me there, burning for him, begging him, and even crying out how much I want to cum and he just says “You’re not ready yet.”

This has been going on like this for weeks, I even tried to punish him for not letting me cum by holding back his pleasure, but then he touches me and does it so well I completely lose it, then he says he would let me have his cock if he can cum first inside my mouth, and I completely fall for it, only to hear afterward that he didn’t say when he would let me have his big cock.

I want him so bad, he’s not just hot: his body is incredible, he’s so handsome and looks so badass, his smile makes me melt all the time, and I love his long rock-and-roll hair tied up in a bun, and his beard; he’s also the sweetest guy ever, makes me laugh all the time, hugs me and cuddles with me whenever I want to, and we’ve been flirting for so long but when it comes to bed, he has to have it completely his way, he touches me, tastes me, he even fucks me when he has had too much, but he does not allow me to cum, ever, and this is driving me insane.

I’m supposed to meet him tonight, so I planned on getting my sexiest outfit on, to make him feel so horny that he will have to let me cum in the end. I chose my red thong and bra I got from Victoria’s Secret, there was no way he could resist me. Once he came to my place, I welcomed him wearing nothing but my red outfit. His face, when he saw me, was a poem, his jaw dropped and he got an instant boner right there.

I let him in and decided to tease him over the dinner he brought. I would constantly lean over to give him a good view of my ass, and press my tits against his arms to tease him, I became very touchy. But then, Steve finished his dinner and turned to me, he turned my chair effortlessly so that I faced him, and then, he sank his face right between my legs.

His sudden move not just caught me by surprise but completely set my skin on fire. I was so desperate for an orgasm that from the moment he arrived I was already dripping wet. Steve touched me; he rubbed my aching entrance through my red thong as he gently bit my tits over my bra. I dropped my fork on the table to grab his hair and fix him in place, I wanted to cum so bad, but he held my wrists and pushed my hand away.

I instinctively moved my hips, looking for more contact with his mouth, I never felt so in need. Steve held my buttocks and pushed me towards him, getting rid of my thong by sliding it down my legs. I was anxious, and he completely knew it. Steve locked his eyes on me, as he swiped his tongue close to my clit and my entrance, but never actually touching there.

“Come on baby, touch me, touch my clit, please,” I begged as my hand gripped my tits and I waited for his wet tongue, yet he just smiled, knowing he had the power.

Then he licked my slit slowly, running his wet tongue up my clit and stopping. My legs were already trembling, waiting for a release. “Yes, please don’t stop,” I begged. I couldn’t believe how easily I gave up power, this burning sensation all over my body was so much I couldn’t think straight anymore, I was turning into his sub and that was never my plan, but the way Steve moved his tongue, his fingers, his entire self around me, how could I not be? I fell badly under his spell.

He then had a bit of mercy on me when he started flicking his tongue on my clit, and it felt so fucking phenomenal, “Yes, baby, yesss!” I hissed in pleasure as I felt my body going quickly to my own climax, and right when I was about to lose it, he stopped, preventing me from reaching that longed release. I grunted; I was getting so pissed. “Just make me cum!! Let me cum, please!! STEVE!! Please!” I begged, almost crying but he kept on smiling.

“You’re not ready yet,” he said, and just like that, my orgasm was gone.

Then he delved his tongue inside me, licking, tasting my juices, teasing me to the extreme. “Can I have your cock? Please, baby?” I asked as I watched him gripping his dick through his jeans, I needed it inside me so bad.

“Yes, you can have it, in your mouth,” he told me and I grunted again.

“Inside my pussy, please!!” I begged and he said no, only in my mouth. So, I planned on not letting him cum either while I sucked him.

We went on the floor and did a 69, while I opened my mouth and pleased him, he kept on licking and tasting me with his delicious tongue. Suddenly, I felt his fingers pushing inside and rubbing my walls. I moaned and cried, and begged for an orgasm over and over again, he just kept denying it. I even tried to not say anything but my body was so obvious whenever I reached that peak, and Steven knew how to read my signals, the second I felt that rush he just stopped and spanked me, telling me I was a bad girl, that I was still not ready, and it just turned me on even more.

He told me he was going to cum inside my mouth, and if I swallowed it all, he would let me cum, so I sucked his cock and his balls, licked his delicious cock, and choked on it, and once he finished inside my mouth, I swallowed his warm milk, all of it. Then I pulled out my tongue and showed him I kept my word; it was time for him to keep his.

Steve smiled again, and said, “sorry gorgeous, you’re not allowed to cum, you’re still not ready to cum yet. I don’t think you want it enough”.

Authors note: I felt so sexually frustrated as I wrote this piece, I wanted to convey that frustration in my writing, there’s nothing worse than being denied an orgasm, especially when you think it’s about to happen. This type of play is risky but it is so rewarding too, what do you think about orgasm denial? I personally love it – Tamsin 🍆

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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