Your Holes Belong To Me

I knew he was different from the moment that I met him. He had a certain charm about him that I had never experienced before, a buttery smoothness to his voice that made me swoon with desire.

His eyes were dark, not just beautifully brown, no, they were dark, mysterious, they gave nothing away, aside from undressing you in every room you ever walked in.

By day he worked as a banker, a professional hot shot in the city, and by night, he was a different person. He was so classy, he had an air of grace around him, yet nobody knew him as I did, nobody saw him rock hard and naked, spitting on my cunt, making me cum again and again, making me beg on my knees for just one touch. No, nobody saw that but me.

His name was Steven, Steve for short. I never thought that he suited his name, he was of Italian descent and I much preferred a name like Romeo or Lorenzo but Steven was his name and I never once complained as I screamed it, losing my voice night after night as he fucked me relentlessly.

Steve and I met in a bar, I was with my girlfriends and he was having an after-work drink with some colleagues. His demeanor initially attracted me to him and when I saw his handsome, striking face, I was all over him, desperate for this man’s attention and he wouldn’t give it to me, driving me wild. I would have done anything for him that night but instead, I gave him my number and he left, not even looking back, as I stood there, feeling like a fool.

A few days later and he rang me, we set up a date and I was so excited, he had enchanted me and after that night he charmed me into his sheets every single time we met.

Steve was like that, he got what he wanted but only if he really wanted it, women through themselves at him but he didn’t want them, he wanted me and I gave it to him whenever he asked because we had a little understanding. He was in total control of my body, my holes were his and what he asked of me, I gave him. I had never had a sexual relationship like it, it was thrilling and I found myself totally and utterly submitting to this charming, handsome man whenever he felt like it.

The first night I got to feel his rough and dominant presence in the bedroom was the best night of my life.

We came home after a beautiful dinner, we couldn’t keep our hands off one another in the taxi ride back to his place and as soon as we were inside, I practically dragged him to the bedroom, aching for him. We had fucked before this but it was nothing like this.

He smiled as I lay down on the bed.

“You do know that patience is a virtue?”, he said smirking.

I nodded, “Sure, yeah, now come over here and fuck me!”, I said giggling.

He stood where he was, staring at me, those dark mysterious eyes drinking me in. I knew he had something on his mind.

“Let’s do something a little different”, he finally said, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

I nodded, I would do anything for this man. “Slowly undress”, he said in that buttery smooth voice and I did, my breathing becoming stifled, my mind racing with arousal. How did this man have such an effect on me? I thought to myself.

I lay there on his bed, totally naked, exposed to his lingering dark eyes and I had never felt more desired or aroused in my entire life.

Steven slowly walked up to me, brushing my lip with his thumb, opening my mouth, and slowly sliding his index finger onto my tongue. I began sucking on it softly, looking him in the eyes as I swallowed his finger, letting my tongue swirl around it, feeling myself dampening between the legs as I sucked on him.

His eye contact with me never broke, until he pulled his finger from my mouth and turned away from me, heading out of the door. I stayed put, excited about what was to come. A few moments later he returned with some rope and a ball gag. I audibly gasped and he ignored me.

He came over to me, tossing the objects onto the bed and he kissed me, my mind fluttered, I was unable to think of anything but my pleasure as his tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I moaned softly under his touch and his hands groped my breasts roughly.

“Now”, he said, “I need you to tell me that your holes belong to me”.

At first, I nodded and suddenly Steven grabbed my nipples, roughly pulling on them. I bit my lip. “Say it”, he said assertively.

“My holes all belong to you Steven”, I said truthfully, meaning every word, aching with desire, my pussy throbbing at the thought of what was about to happen. This man could have me however he wanted, I was truly under his spell.

He smiled softly, a glimmer of darkening excitement in his eyes.

He reached for the rope and began tying my wrists together before moving down with more rope to secure my ankles together. I had never been tied up before but I liked it. He reached for a vibrator, placing it between my legs and making me beg for him to turn it on. Eventually, he did and the vibrations rippling around my pussy felt tremendous.

I moaned and wriggled beneath the vibrator as Steven played with my body, pulling on my nipples, sucking on my breasts, and rubbing my slit with his fingers. I moaned his name loudly and just as I was at the peak of my utterly explosive and incredible orgasm, he turned it off.

I looked at him dumbfounded, “W…what?…”, I stuttered, I couldn’t believe he would turn it off as I was about to cum.

He said nothing and I knew why, my holes belonged to him, he was going to choose when I came, if I ever came.

I lay there still, my mind racing with adrenaline. “Please…”, I began to say, whispering pleas to this charming, buttery-voiced, seductive man. He turned the vibrator back on, I pulsated with pleasure, elated to have gotten my way and as I came to the brink of orgasm once again, he switched the device off.

I began to whine, I was sexually frustrated and I wanted to cum and with that he thrust the ball gag into my mouth, stifling my whining and making me quiet down.

I was his fuck toy and he was going to use me however he wanted and although I was desperate to cum, I had never felt so excited or aroused, I wanted Steven to have his way with me, enjoy my body, I craved his touch and I knew I would do anything for him.

He began loosening my ankle restraints, looking up at me, he said: “Get onto all fours”.

I did as he asked, turning over and onto my knees, spreading my legs so that my ass and pussy were on full show to this charming, mysterious man. I had no idea what he was planning to do to my body. I waited a few moments and I felt him spitting onto my cunt, letting it dribble down and over my already wet slit. Slowly I felt his fingers rubbing against my opening before he began pushing two inside of me, fingering me slowly at first and then building up speed, fucking me roughly with his fingers, deep inside of me. I moaned with the ball gag still in my mouth, I could feel my orgasm, I could feel how creamy I was making his fingers.

As I squeezed my eyes shut and my eyes began to water from the pleasure overload, he stopped, once again, leaving me on the brink of orgasm, making me more and more desperate to do anything he asked.

I heard his zipper unzipping on his pants and then felt his cock being rubbed against my opening, I tried bouncing back onto him but he spanked my ass hard, telling me to stay still. I did as he said and felt his cock slowly penetrating my hole, his hands grabbed my hips as he began to thrust into me, his pace quickening, faster and faster until I had no control over my body, he slammed into me again and again until I felt him pulling out and trying my ass for size.

He pressed his bulbous, throbbing cock against my tight asshole, and slowly but surely he found his way inside of me, pushing deep into my ass, thrusting fast, his fingers deep in my pussy as his cock took care of my asshole. I felt my juices trickling down my thighs, I was so turned on. His cock stretched me out and as he fucked me roughly, my face flushed and rubbed harshly against the sheets, my mascara was running down my face but I didn’t care, all I cared about was how good I felt.

He roughly threw me onto my back, spreading my legs roughly like butterfly wings opening. He rubbed my clit and lowered his head between my legs, roughly moving my tied hands away from his head as he began sucking on me hungrily. His mouth lapped at my pussy, sucking on it with devotion as if he was sucking the juice from an orange. I moaned as loudly as I could with the gag in my mouth, I was so close to cumming and he knew it, stopping just as he knew I was about to cum.

Pushing my knees down on either side of my body, he rubbed his cock against my pussy again and thrust himself inside of me, pulling out and swapping between my ass and my cunt. I cried out, it felt too good, I could barely breathe. He fucked each hole brutally, taking turns with what was his, roughly stretching my holes out, penetrating me with unrelenting commitment.

He suddenly reached up and unbuckled my mouth gag, I said nothing as it fell from my face, my mouth drooling. “How bad do you want this?”, he said, his voice even deeper and more arousing than it had been before.

“So, so much, please…I…”, I began to stutter, desperate for him to know how much I needed his cum.

“A clear one-word answer”, he said sternly, his eyes darkening even more.

“Lots”, I said sweetly, a pathetic answer but one I meant wholeheartedly.

He smirked, pulling once more on my nipples as he fucked my pussy brutally.

“On your knees”, he suddenly said, pulling out from my pussy. I quickly did as he asked, getting on the floor and onto my knees as he towered above me, standing with his cock just inches from my face. I looked pitiful, my mascara ruined, my body red and flushed but I didn’t care. I opened my mouth without a prompt and he stroked my hair, a subtle gesture that let me know that I was doing the right thing by opening my mouth.

He slid his hard cock into my throat, I tasted myself all over him and went to move my tongue but he harshly tapped my face, making me stop and stay still, letting him use my throat. He let out a deep moan and suddenly I felt his seed filling my mouth, it was warm and thick as it slid over my tongue.

“Now swallow”, he said, watching me as I closed my mouth and swallowed every last drop, opening my mouth again to show him that it was all gone.

The corners of his mouth curled and he nodded in approval.

I knew already that I was going to cum that day, he was in control of my body now and I would cum when he said it was time…

Authors note: What can I say? I LOVED writing this rough, romantic, and rugged story. I fell in love with my two characters and I don’t think I have ever been as turned on after finishing my writing. I may or may not have written some aspects of this erotic piece from personal experience and re-living those memories made me need to take five before I could even continue. Have you ever had sex like this? – Tamsin 💖

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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