It’s A Zombie Erotoclypse

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When you think zombies you don’t usually think of sex but in this universe that’s exactly what happens when you get infected by this brain-eating virus that takes over every pathway and makes every urge 100x more intense and powerful. Except you’re still a normal human being, you can still work and function it’s just that your urges are crazy so if you have one naughty thought about that colleague in the office, it’s game on.

The world had seen it coming, first, in Italy where people were spotted in orgies and gangbangs across the capital and then it spread to the Netherlands where farmers and tourists found themselves in the most erotic sex you have ever seen, in India, the world watched on as locals fucked on every corner and in every position they could think of and then slowly but surely it spread worldwide and every person on the planet was fucking everyone and everything, their minds totally re-wired to just have sex and the live cams and CCTV that captured it all would be used as the best porn the future generations had ever seen for years to come.

The difference with this virus is it doesn’t make you want to eat brains and become bloody and disgusting, oh no, it makes you more attractive, the best version of you and an absolute stallion in the bedroom and you never tire, orgasm after orgasm, fuck after fuck and it never has to end, you’re just in a state of bliss until you decide to rest and then go all over again.

Some say it’s a conspiracy, the governments trying to get the world re-populated after the declining birth rates but the truth is, it was just a virus that got leaked and now everyone gets to fuck whenever and wherever they want.

Brett and Angelica are walking home after a quick walk to their local grocery store, they had seen so much fucking that it was impossible to ignore. Stepping past their neighbor who was balls deep inside of his tennis coach, even the server at the checkout was getting head from his supervisor as they paid for their purchase. This apocalypse is bad but certainly not as bad as it could be, Brett thought to himself. Feeling himself swelling as he locked eyes with the MILF neighbor from across the road, Angelica tries to hold him back but the virus has kicked in and he is running towards her, already unbuckling his pants. Her shirt is already off, her tits big and bouncy, so different to Angelicas who has small petite breasts. She watches on as Brett undresses the rest of Angelica, showing off her trim figure and perfectly waxed bush, a neat line leading down to her pussy, a line that Brett is now running his tongue over as he pushes Angelica to the ground and begins devouring her pussy.

She is squirming and moaning, wriggling around on her freshly mowed grass, her cries of pleasure heard from streets away, making so many people incapable of controlling their own impulses. Suddenly another neighbor pops his head out of the door, obviously hearing the noises and inspecting what was going on and as soon as he sees Brett with this MILF he runs on down to join them. Am I the only one able to control myself? Angelica thinks to herself, wanting to look away but drawn to what they were all doing.

Brett was now inside of the MILF’s pussy, his moans guttural and deep as he fucked her and the other neighbor was inside of her mouth, his cock rammed down her throat. They were all lost, consumed by the virus and she had to admit it was pretty hot.

Angelica turned to go into their house and leave the threesome there, she knew none of them would want to stop until they physically couldn’t anymore and as she unlocked her door she saw a delivery driver pulled up, a tall, muscular, dark-skinned man with a heavy package under his arms and as soon as she locked eyes with him she felt her pussy moistening and she knew what was about to happen next…

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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