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I'm Tamsin

I have a full, separate 'about' page which is all about this blog, how it works, and some little details about me.

With that being said this page is going to be dedicated to just me and who I am, because I love getting to know the person behind the screen and I know a lot of you feel that too.

I update this page with my hobbies, what I’m doing, and where I am, if you want to know more about me, this is the place to come.

Who Am I?

I’m the girl behind the blog. If you’ve jerked off to any of the stories on this site, then you’ve jerked off to something I’ve written and that turns me on so much!

I write new stories every day for this blog and the private membership (which helps me to keep this site running) and I spend a probably unhealthy amount of time on the internet.

What I'm Like In Real Life


I find it hard to talk about myself, my kinks, my turn-ons, my fetishes, and anything to do with sex I find it easy but personal stuff? not so much!

I’m originally from Denver, I love writing and reading and I would love to one day release a published book.

I like spending time alone, but I also love chilling with my friends.

My mind really does constantly think about sex, I love the feeling of a nice orgasm and I am trying to turn that desire into a passion (hence why I quit my job as a barista to pursue my dream).

What Made Me Start Writing Erotica?

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I’ve always masturbated using erotica and ever since I was a late teen I used to write erotica, just for myself.

I’ve always loved it and I often masturbate while I write my stories.

I wrote everything for just my own pleasure and it was like creating my own porno that I could re-read and masturbate to.

After quitting my job I decided to share those intimate stories with you all, the deepest desires I kept locked away from the world finally being shared with the people who love it most.

What Did I Do Before Writing This Blog?

A few months before creating this blog I was working freelance in my spare time, writing erotica for other people, and before that I worked in a brain-numbing coffee shop, I would work 6 days a week, with little to no time in my 9-hour shift to even take a sitting break.

I saved up some money and when I finally quit after years of working, I decided to use those savings to take some time off and start this blog.

That then turned into creating the membership that helps me focus all my time on writing, it's not as much money, but at least I can be so much happier and doing something I love.

What I Do In My Spare Time

 I love both hot yoga and normal yoga, even though it can be tough.

I like to go on walks.

I love spinning on my home gym bike.

I watch a lot of TV and movies.

I play video games, my favorite games are The Sims, Stardew Valley, Cities Skyline, Skyrim, and The Witcher.

Chilling at home, and doing nothing, in particular, makes me super happy.

I love reading both erotic and non-erotic books.

I listen to loads of music.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends, we either go out or most of the time we just head to one of our houses and have some drinks, talk shit and talk about who’s fucking who or who wants to fuck who.

 Why I’m Single


I have had good and bad luck with my dating life.

At the moment, I am happy. I am concentrating on my writing, my career, and myself. If the right person comes along I will be open to it but I am not actively seeking anyone right at this moment in time.

My mind works non-stop, thinking about erotica, my next piece of writing, and my latest fantasy. I have great sex in my personal life, it just isn't with any long-term partner.

What Do I Look Like?


I have some fun pictures of myself on my public blog.

However, my kinky and uncensored image collection is in my private membership.

I don’t really like sharing pictures of my body as it makes me feel a little insecure and I find keeping them private and within the membership really helps.

I’m 5.6 natural dark hair, but I dye my hair all the time, I love going pink, red, and blonde, but have to take large breaks between to stop it from ruining my hair.

What about my real sex stories

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I’ve released a few publicly, just as a taster, and to see how well they are received.

I am a very open person but I also worry too much about what you may think of me when you read my personal sex stories.

I release a story to the membership almost every time I have good note-worthy sex and I go into as much dirty and explicit detail as I can.

I sometimes might go into a bit too much information, like the other day I wrote a whole story about what I masturbated too and I wasn't sure if it was too extreme to post or not but I did so anyway.