Don’t Tell My Boyfriend

I love the way Amy moans, the way she says ‘Yeah!’ like a needy girl the second I sink my dick deep inside her wet sweet cunt, that girly high-pitched voice is beyond words. Beth has everything I like in a girl, a cute dolly face, a big pair of

Your Holes Belong To Me

I knew he was different from the moment that I met him. He had a certain charm about him that I had never experienced before, a buttery smoothness to his voice that made me swoon with desire. His eyes were dark, not just beautifully brown, no, they were dark, mysterious,

You Better Be Ready For My Strap-On

When Kyle first started asking me to peg him I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t know if he was even serious and he had never shown any interest before. When we first met I thought that he was just a cute guy that loved vanilla sex and I couldn’t

Old Men Want One Thing

When I first started dating older guys I thought that it would be different, that they weren’t like the younger guys I had been with before that only wanted to stick their dick in me and nothing more. In my mind, I imagined that they would be more mature, more

The Hottest Threesome I’ve Ever Had – Part Two

This story continues where we left off in Part 1 so make sure you read that first to get up to date with where we are. I really hope you enjoy my story and let me know what you think in the comments below or by getting in touch! –

The Hottest Threesome I’ve Ever Had

I am so excited to be sharing this story of mine today, I frequently bring it up across my blog, and now it’s time to finally share, the dirty, sordid, and perverted details of the hottest threesome I have ever had. If you want even more like this, feel free

Inbetween Two Guys

This story takes place during quite an experimental time of my life, I was opening up myself to new things, and having incredible, hot sex with two men, quite frequently, was definitely a highlight that I wanted to share on my blog. Tamsin 🧡 We were all strangers to one

I Fucking Love His 5-inch Cock

I love being open and honest on my blog and admitting my personal sexual preferences is one way that I like to connect with you all. I have mentioned countless times in my stories and across my blog that smaller cock and average-sized cock is my absolute favorite and in

My Boyfriends Roommate

This particular venture of mine isn’t one I have shared with anyone in my real life, it happened quite a while ago now. I had put it to the back of my mind until I read something recently which intrigued me and had me back in that dorm room, remembering

Watching My Boyfriend Fuck His Dream Girl

Today I wanted to post something that I have been thinking about sharing for a while now, I keep coming back to this moment recently whenever I masturbate and although I was a bit shy to put this online, I have decided that I want to share it with my