We Bonded As We Fucked Our Men Together

My bestie and I are very close, so close that we share everything, food, clothes, and makeup, and we used to share an apartment until last week. Cara and I had been living together for years until we graduated from college, and last week I found a very convenient job,

We Had A Bi-Threesome With My Ex

I’ve been married for a long time to a great guy, but then a beautiful moment came up and it was time to do something that would change our relationship forever.

You Are Not Allowed to Cum ‘Till I Think You Are Ready

My partners kink is that he won’t let me orgasm till he thinks I’m ready. He teases me for hours, sometimes days, building me up to the point I can’t think about anything but having him give me a full body release.

I Ended Up Sexting My Boyfriends Dad

After 3 years of dating my boyfriend I made a complete f**k up, I got carried away and I ended up sexting with his dad. I can’t stop thinking about how hot it was, but the conflict inside of me is growing.

Showing My Best Friend How To Give Good Head

If you can give good head you can get thought to even the hardest man’s heart. I decided to show my best friend just how it is done and how she can suck his dick, good, deep, fast and soaking wet.

The Man Who Gagged Me

They say don’t meet strangers online but sometimes these strangers can turn into the best stories and for this curious female, her latest date turned out to be a bdsm-enthusiast, with a desire to please her and make her submit to him.

He Couldn’t Last Even For A Second

Craving his cum and aching to feel that familiar masculine throb inside of her all night long, this minx changes things up and once her pussy is completely filled with cream, she asks him to fill her ass why he is at it. It’s passionate, cum-soaked and a real treat of a tale for anal and creampie lovers.