He Wears My Key

I knew how to keep my man happy. He wanted me to be submissive and need him and that was exactly how I was for him. I did everything that Jack asked of me without saying anything, knowing that in the end, it all will be good for both of

Harmless And Hung

Bianca gave a side-eye expression to the man beside her in the elevator. She had seen him around before but hadn’t ever talked to him. However, it was a big building, and the fact that she kept running into him had to mean something, right? He was tall with a

Not Her First Time

When Tucker came across Bailey’s Tinder profile, he immediately paused. She was striking, a beautiful dark-haired woman with bright blue eyes. She seemed a little reserved from what he could gather on her bio, and when he struck up a conversation with her, his suspicions were confirmed. Bailey was timid

Kelly’s Breeding Day

Kelly stretched out in her tiny yellow bikini, lounging by the pool. She took a sip of her fruity drink and sighed happily. It was the big day. She was ovulating, she was horny, and she was so excited to get it on. She had been dying to get pregnant

Getting Over By Getting Under

Caleb’s taxi pulled up to the big brick apartment building, and Caleb stepped out onto the street. It hit him then that he had been here before. His mind flashed back to a few months earlier when he had come over to see a girl named. . . was it

The Horny Tenants & Their Landlord

My friend Mary and I met at our job at the restaurant. We became friends very quickly and were enjoying each other’s company a lot. I was living in a small cramped apartment at the time and she was living with her parents so soon both of us had a

Comparing His Cock To His Fathers

When I met Kyle I thought that we would be happy together. We were a perfect match – I was smart and beautiful and he was rich and successful.

Orgy – Swingers – Anal – Creampie – Affair

Japanese Woman Enjoying The Park

When it happened I had just been in America for a few weeks. I felt lonely after leaving my home in Japan, but I knew that it was what needed to be done. Still, it was hard to get used to a new environment and my new job, so I

The Clean-up

My wife, Jenny, has always been the one for me, I knew it ever since we first met. She was amazing in every sense of the word – beautiful, intelligent, loyal. She was every guy’s dream – a hot blond with an amazing body that could also carry any conversation.

Do All Male Models Have To Get Naked?

I never thought that I would start working in the modeling business. I thought that it was something only super attractive people could do and I never thought about myself being anywhere close to being that attractive. Still, at one point my fate took a turn and I ended up