I Ended Up Sexting My Boyfriends Dad

I’ve been dating William for 3 years now, he is absolutely everything a woman would want in a man, and I love him very much, but ever since he introduced me to his single father Jeff, I always thought his dad was very hot. I have a weakness for older men, Will is good-looking, with brown curls and a toned hot body, but when I saw his father, I realized where most of his best features came from, Jeff did not just have a great body for someone his age, he has this killer smile that would melt panties from here to Japan.

I have been fantasizing about Jeff, his fit body grinding against mine, feeling his cock inside me his deep voice grunting in my ear, the sole idea makes my skin bristle and I always end up masturbating to the thought of him, but I’ve been holding myself back, I would never do anything if Will and I are still together, this man might be my future father-in-law.

Anyway, two months ago while helping Will clean up his room I found a woman’s thong between the bed’s base and the mattress, I got pretty pissed at him, and we started arguing about it, Will kept on saying it was his mother’s, that probably it got in there when she stayed there the past weekend, but I didn’t believe him since he had done this shit once before.

After arguing and demanding the truth he got mad as well and told me he needed a break, that he was tired of our senseless arguments and wanted to be alone for a while to think things through. We went on this stupid break in our relationship, it was hard not to think about it the whole time until one day Jeff, his father, texted me.

He said that he was sorry about what happened with Will and that he would always be there for me if I ever needed to talk to anyone. Of course, I did, I started venting everything I kept to myself and he was the most understanding and caring I had ever spoken to. Then he opened up to me about his life, about his past relationships and the more he spoke to me and listened to me, the more it began turning me on.

I got carried away, I kinda forgot who he was for a second and, I told him I was certain he must be the perfect man. He said that he wasn’t perfect but he tried his best at pleasing his dates and that his son was probably an idiot because I was a very good girl. We started complimenting each other and then we started flirting, he said that I must be pretty good cause Will has never been with anyone for more than a couple of months. I told him I was, that he would be surprised, then I asked him if he was a good lover, because I’d never seen one of his dates without a smile plastered across their face.

Things started getting pretty hot from there, I was playing with fire but I couldn’t help myself, it had been weeks since Will and I were on a break, so I’d been feeling very frustrated, plus, it was Friday night, pretty late, and I was all alone in my room with nothing better to do. And there he was, a flirting daddy who wanted to have a little fun with me, how could I say no? I ended up convincing myself thinking that maybe Will was fucking another pussy, and that he might never come back.

I teased Jeff, asking him if his cock would fit between my breasts, he said that I would have to try, but he would love to lend me his cock, just for the sake of science. I told him not to tease me that way, otherwise, I would ruin my panties wetting them, then he confessed to me he already ruined his trunks with his precum, and that he was already hard thinking of me.

Have you ever experienced that adrenaline that gets in your veins when you know you’re doing something very bad, and yet still you get on with it? I felt it when I texted him that I wanted proof of his word. A couple of minutes later, he sent me another message with a picture attached to it.

“Can you calculate if this would fit in your tight pussy?” he asked.

I was burning right on my bed hesitating about opening the picture, then I did and I choked on my saliva. His cock was big! His head was shiny and fat, his shaft was thick with veins and his size was quite impressive.

I told him I would be happy to taste his cock and give him my opinion about it, I even told him I would be more than happy to test the quality of his dick. I was shameless after I saw his picture, he said he couldn’t wait to sink it inside my pussy and make me cum hard with it.

Everything he said was taking me to the edge, so I ended up recording a voice note for him, moaning as I masturbated thinking of his cock and everything he said. I came quick and hard just seeing his picture, right after I sent him the audio, he sent me a small video of his cock ejaculating, with the message: “that one was for you.”

It was crazy, the following day things cooled down a bit, we just limited ourselves to talk random stuff and for some reason, we never spoke about that again, but I kept masturbating to him for the following weeks, it just made me cum so quick I was getting addicted. After a couple of months Will showed up again, he apologized, said it would never happen again and that he loved me very much.

I got back with Will, and it’s been a little torturous sitting at the same table whenever we have dinner with his father, I can see in the way he looks at me that he probably has touched himself with my audio as much as I have with his pictures. I can’t help the tension whenever we’re together, the stares, the desire… this is so wrong but I love it.

Authors note: I definitely got extremely turned on as I wrote this piece, I did use a friend’s personal real experience that she told me a few years ago because I loved it so much and even to this day she is still keeping it a secret. – Tammy ☀

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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