Sneaky Sexy Snippet of a Work In Progress


Today it’s doing just what it says on the tin! Here’s a sneaky, sexy snippet of my latest WIP – a little tease from Honeytrap. But as I’m only two thirds of the way through it, don’t hold your breath!

Meanwhile, count this as a therapy while you wait for the real thing. That’s what Christie, my heroine, is doing! Or if you want to read a story in full, head over to The Erotic Woman, which has just published my story Vanilla Dreams, accompanied by some very steam pictures…




Ben shrugged and the lift doors opened on the tenth floor. Christie let them in and dropped her bag and keys on the bureau in the hall.
‘Wow!’ said Ben, when she showed him the view but his interest was short-lived. ‘Come here.’
Christie went and stood in front of where Ben had dropped down onto the sofa. She reached up behind her dress and undid the zip, letting the dress drop down to the floor to pool at her feet. She was wearing a matching underwear set in pale oyster lace, so diaphanous it left little to the imagination.
‘Now that’s what I call a view,’ said Ben appreciatively.
Christie stepped forward to kneel on the floor between his legs. Ben slid forward on the seat so he could kiss her, running his hands through her hair as he brought her face to his. Their lips met, mouths already open, and Ben’s tongue brushed against hers as he explored her more deeply than he had in the cab. Christie brought a hand up, running it along the inside of his thigh, until she could feel the hard bulge of his erection, straining against the front of his trousers. Ben sank back against the cushions with a groan, pulling Christie with him. But she held back, letting their kiss break off. With nimble fingers, she undid Ben’s belt and unfastened the button at the top of his fly. The zip practically undid itself as his cock strained to escape its confinement.
Christie took hold of the trouser waistband and pulled them away down Ben’s legs. His pants followed and then she stood up. Ben reached forward to pull down her panties and she stepped out of them to his grunt of approval. A second later she was straddling him, using a hand to guide his cock into the dark, wet crevice between her legs. His hips pushed upward as she sank down onto him—he filled her up, making her gasp with satisfaction. There was nothing more perfect on God’s earth than the feeling of being filled to the brim with cock. Christie slowly moved herself up and down above him, sliding him in and out at a pace that gave her the most delicious friction.
Ben reached round her to undo her bra and, upon releasing her breasts, buried his face between them. His fingers tweaked her nipples and one hand dropped down to reach around her arse. He grabbed a tight handful of butt cheek and used it to increase the speed of her action. Christie pumped up and down faster and put a hand between her legs to find her clit. Pressing hard on it with two fingers gave her the rush she’d been waiting for and she expertly orchestrated her own climax as, underneath her, Ben moaned and twitched as he approached his. Working it the way she liked it, she made sure she came first, gasping loudly and arching her back as the muscles inside her tightened their grip on Ben’s cock. With a roar, he joined her and she felt his hot surge of cum rushing up inside as his cock pulsed to discharge it.
Exhausted, she slumped forward onto Ben’s chest. He let go of her arse and ran his hand smoothly up her back.
‘Mmmm, so good, Christie,’ he whispered. ‘Fucking fantastic.’
It must have taken them all of six minutes but it had been just what Christie wanted, what she’d needed. A fast, uncomplicated fuck to release the sexual tension that had been building inside all week long. Sure, she would have preferred it if it had been Jack Masters underneath her, but she still got what she wanted—a hot cock to clench against when she came and an orgasm that was as much therapeutic as it was sexual.
Ben’s cock came slip-sliding out of her on a wave of cum but she didn’t care. He had his arms around her and, with a slight wriggle, they were both stretched out full length along the sofa. Ben kissed her neck and stroked her hair and, in two minutes, she heard the soft rumble of a snore. She stayed with him, lying with her head on his chest, staring out at the view across London.
Things could be worse, she thought to herself, breathing in deeply to smell Ben’s skin. He smelled good. But nothing like Jack Masters.


  1. “Their lips met, mouths already open..” Um, yes please. That’s fabulous! The whole thing is fabulous. And hot. Fabulously hot. Write faster, lady!! 😀 (I feel like I do nothing but harrangue you to write faster – sorry about that, I’m just really quite a fan 😉 )

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