Caught Inside

All my life I was called overly horny and I knew that it was true. Yes, I couldn’t go even a few days without fucking someone and I didn’t feel ashamed about it. It was in my nature and it was demanding me to be fucked as often as I

An Orgasm In The Shower

I know some people think that masturbation is something dirty, a thing we shouldn’t talk about, but I don’t agree. It’s just a way to let the pressure wash away, a way to calm yourself, a way to relax. At least that’s the way that I use masturbation. There are


I’ve been missing Harold, my boyfriend, so badly lately. It’s not easy being in a long-distance relationship and every single day it seems to get harder and harder to deal with. So those endless conversations on the phone every single night became not only a tradition of sorts but also

I masturbated to you

Callie shuts the door to her bedroom, turning to face the big king-size bed that she sleeps in alone – most nights anyway. She has lit some candles and turned on her bedside lamp, the perfect piece of mood-lighting. Callie is happy, she saw her sister and her brother-in-law today