Me And Mrs. Roberts

Colin saw Mr. Roberts’s truck leaving the flower-lined driveway at 9 am sharp, he was leaving again for business across the country and he had a plane to catch. Colin watched his neighbor’s house for a few moments and noted how Mrs. Roberts opened all of the curtains wearing just

Me And Mrs. Roberts Part Two

Read Part 1 of this erotic story here. Thank you for joining me for the second part of this adventure between a horny young man and a sexy mature milf. It’s been so much fun to create and let my imagination run wild, I can’t wait for you to read

My Dad’s Best Friend Is Horny

I didn’t mean to overhear their conversation, but when you get my dad and Henry together, they tend to get loud. We were all gathered at a cookout at Henry’s house. It was one of those hot, sticky summer days, and he was grilling burgers and hot dogs. I was

These 20 Something-Year-Olds

I never knew why men my age preferred dating younger girls. Yes, they had nice bodies and the sex must’ve been fire, but they were just too different, I didn’t know what they could have in common. But those were my thoughts while I was still happily married, but soon

You Have So Much Pent Up Cum

“He is such a rebel, I worry about him”, Jacobs’s mom sighs through the window, turning back to her good friend Lucy. They had been watching her son Jacob out in the yard, he was fixing up a motorbike and smoking too much. He had just broken up with his

My Dads Best Friend

My dad’s best friend has been subtly glancing at me for months now, I first noticed it when he kept glancing at my cleavage in a summer dress I was wearing, and ever since then, I have been trying to make him do something more to me, something he won’t

Teaching Lessons

If there is something I absolutely adore is showing young, handsome men how to become passionate, wild lovers. I’m closer to my fifties than my forties, but my body can’t tell the difference. I’m as alive, as sensual, and alluring as I’ve ever been, but my experience only continues to

Yardwork & The Friendly Mom

There she was, peering out of her window at me, a coffee in one hand, a tight blouse covering those big, busty tits that I was so desperate to see. She was everything you can think of when you picture a milf. A perfect house, a perfect life, a feminine