I Ended Up Sexting My Boyfriends Dad

After 3 years of dating my boyfriend I made a complete f**k up, I got carried away and I ended up sexting with his dad. I can’t stop thinking about how hot it was, but the conflict inside of me is growing.

Older Men And Their Cum

Taking being a horny slut in her perfect stride, Amber meets two equally as horny men in one day, both not her usual type and both eager to please her, she hasn’t had a day quite so liberating and unforgettable in a long time and she is eager to repeat it.

Old Men Want One Thing

I love to put men in their place, especially older men who have had a lifetime of getting what they want when they want it. When I met Tim though, I knew he needed to be taught a lesson and when he saw the cock cage that I had for him, he couldn’t believe his eyes. I was in control now and there was nothing he could do about it.

Me And Mrs. Roberts

Mrs. Roberts has a kink for younger men and when Colin comes knocking, doing an errand for his mom, Mrs. Roberts just can’t help herself. Seducing him and making him learn things about himself he didn’t know were possible.

Me And Mrs. Roberts Part Two

Mrs. Roberts knows what she is doing when it comes to sex and teaching her friend’s son the ropes has been incredible. Join them in their journey in this highly-erotic and jaw-dropping tale of maturity, youth and orgasms.

My Dad’s Best Friend Is Horny

Overhearing her dad’s friend talking about his non-existent sex-life with his wife, this horny slut decides to do something about it, and really blows his mind. She has always had the hots for him and finally, her wet dreams are coming true as he takes her up on her offer and sneaks her into his room for a little TLC.

These 20 Something-Year-Olds

After a messy divorce, this silver fox wanted to try something new, and dating younger women was on his horizons. Blown away by their beauty and skills in their bedroom, his life is changed forever.

You Have So Much Pent Up Cum

Helping out her friend, this milf takes her opportunity and sees if she can talk some sense into her friend’s rebellious son. Taking a summer job at her place, Jacob finds himself learning more than just how to paint that summer as he is taken under the wing of the neighborhood cougar and shown a lesson or two in pleasing women and being drained of his cum.

My Dads Best Friend

Taboo and filled with passion and lust. This sex story will keep you thinking about it for days after. With a spicy undercurrent, a horny daughter and her dad’s best friend seduce one another and in turn, have jaw-dropping, heart-thumping sex that leaves you aching to have some of your own.

Teaching Lessons

Experience is sexy and for this cougar, experience is something she wants to show off to her young students. She loves to show young men how it’s done, how to caress and pleasure a woman, and most of all, never to forget the valuable lessons she has graced him with. Age comes with maturity and in the bedroom, that comes with a skill that can only be taught.