The Clean-up

My wife, Jenny, has always been the one for me, I knew it ever since we first met. She was amazing in every sense of the word – beautiful, intelligent, loyal. She was every guy’s dream – a hot blond with an amazing body that could also carry any conversation.

He Fit Inside Her Like A Glove

I was glad when Marc became a part of our life. I know, it’s not a thing many men would say about their wife’s lover, but things are different for me and my wife, Amy. It was our arrangement from the start – she could have anyone she wanted in

Dirty Talking Hotwife

Sitting down next to his wife and letting out a big sigh, Chris lets the stressors of the day melt out of his body. “Tough day?”, his wife Sandy asks, nestling under his arm as she so often did. She fit in that space like a jigsaw piece, made for

When You’re Out Of The Picture

Ethan couldn’t believe this was happening. His heartfelt as if it was going to pound out of his chest as he saw the lights in the driveway turn off, followed by the slamming car doors. He and his wife had taken a break from their marriage at the end of

Justin’s Perverted Plan

I never knew how to tell people something right away. I know, it’s terrible quality, but I could never make myself outright tell someone that this was the thing I needed. When it came to my sexual desires it was even worse. Some things that I liked were less traditional