The Hottest Threesome I’ve Ever Had – Part Two

Seducing me and making me a part of their naughty plan, this couple knew they were going to fuck me that day and I am so glad. It was so hot and such an eye-opening experience for me. This was most definitely the hottest and most arousing threesome I had ever had and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The Hottest Threesome I’ve Ever Had

Taking myself out for a day of self-care, I didn’t expect what was about to happen. Being open-minded and naive, I met a lovely, hot, and charming couple who certainly made my day at the beach one to remember. I was seduced, lost in the moment, and little did I know just how great it was going to be…

Inbetween Two Guys

During a trial and error time of my life, I somehow found myself with two new guy friends who were ready to fuck just as much as I was. This is our tale, three of us, horny, single, and wanting to experience new things in life just reading it back and evoking all of those past feelings has got me all worked up and ready to play!

I Fucking Love His 5-inch Cock

A smaller cock is 100% my preference and in this erotic true story, I tell all about my favorite cock out there and how much fun I had fucking it. A big cock isn’t always everyone’s preference and for me, a smaller, average cock is just perfect, even thinking about it gets me off so hard!

My Boyfriends Roommate

This is another one of my true sex stories and this one isn’t one I have shared with anybody – until now. It involves me, my boyfriend at the time, and his roommate. All three of us longed for privacy and what better way to combat that need without comprising our relationship? We were horny, young, and open to new adventures…

Watching My Boyfriend Fuck His Dream Girl

My real-life experience with being somewhat of a cuckquean is something I had always wanted to share with others and in this erotic tale, I bare all and give you the intimate and electric details of my boyfriend fucking another woman right in front of me and it was certainly memorable.

The oldest guy I’ve been with

I love sharing my real sex stories and this exciting tale is no exception. It is all about the time, I met a man 3 times my age, we seduced one another and had the most erotic and heart-thumping sex, which made him so memorable and makes my pussy flush even to this day when I think about him and our time together.

Pegging My Man Turned Into My Favorite Hobby

Pegging my ex-boyfriend was terrific and in this story, I have gone into absolute detail about how we did it and how much he enjoyed his ass being spread and fucked. I love pegging and finding a man who is open to exploration is such a rewarding experience.