Turning My Bestie

I always knew that I liked girls, even though I didn’t realize that until my teenage years. They were soft and beautiful and so much more attractive than any man I ever saw. It felt natural and right when I was with them, kissing them and enjoying everything that we

The Horny & Misbehaving Brat Meets Her Match

It was always hard for me to find a partner that would suit me. I was always too loud, too confrontational, and too demanding. The truth was, I needed someone who would be able to take control, to put me in my place and I wasn’t finding that person. It

The Woman Who Stole My Wife

When my wife, Jessica, agreed to my idea to have a threesome with another woman I was over the moon. I didn’t think that it would go that smoothly and was excited when Jessica reacted positively. It seemed like she was eager too and I couldn’t wait for it to

The woman who turned me

Amelie had always liked men, from the moment she started dating up to right now in her twenties. Sure, she had always had an attraction to women, appreciating their beauty and their similarities but she assumed everyone had that love for their own sex, that yearning to be in female