I Like Women Now

An unsatisfied wife and her husband’s small cock drive her to explore her sexual needs with a woman. Little does she know how much this woman is about to turn her life upside down and change the way she cums forever.

Turning My Bestie

Two bets friends, hanging out and doing as they always have but on this evening, everything changed. Sarah wants to know what it’s like to be on the other side of things, she is curious about her friend’s lesbian antics and she has a yearning inside of her that is begging to be released by her dearest friend.

The Horny & Misbehaving Brat Meets Her Match

A lesbian finally meets the perfect woman, someone who will put her in her place and show her who is the boss. This erotic story explores sexual submissive and dominant relationships in a glorious way.

The Woman Who Stole My Wife

Amy and Jessica take a liking to one another during a threesome with Jessica’s husband. The two women find themselves totally in awe of each other and can’t help but take things too far and become enthralled by their own arousal.

The woman who turned me

An innocent yoga class is where she meets the woman who changes her entire life. Emma plagues Amelie’s every thought, she can’t stop thinking about her and it turns out neither can she. These women go on a journey together and find themselves in something much deeper than a yoga stretch.