You Are Not Allowed to Cum ‘Till I Think You Are Ready

My partners kink is that he won’t let me orgasm till he thinks I’m ready. He teases me for hours, sometimes days, building me up to the point I can’t think about anything but having him give me a full body release.

Being Praised Makes Me Do Wild Things

After a few incredible dates, this horny young couple takes things into the bedroom where we get to read about their experience with seduction, romance, and passion, even discovering new kinks and turn-ons about themselves that they never knew existed. These two were made for loving one another and in this erotic story, we can see why.

Liam’s Experiment

This erotic story evokes all feelings: despair, arousal, anger, and lust. Our two main characters seduce and fall for one another but one of them may be a liar and he may just be getting off on being a home wrecker. Settle down and enjoy this exciting and jaw-dropping tale of deceit and desire.

Harmless And Hung

Innocence meets power in this arousing story. During the first meeting in the elevator, Bianca takes a shine to this hot, young, and promising hunk of a man and when he joins her in her office, he can’t believe his luck as she seduces him right there and aims to please them both.

Getting Over By Getting Under

Caleb likes to think of himself as a charitable man. Instead of donating money or resources, he donates himself to women in need, and, today, Clara needs some help getting over her ex he knows that his cock will do just the job on this beautiful woman and make her forget all about her troubles.

A Disgusting Guy Seduced Me

Not her type, arrogant, rude, and a total scumbag, our protagonist couldn’t dislike her neighbor more if she tried, and yet here she is with his cock in her mouth, her panties soaked, and a yearning for this awful man that makes her question her entire existence. WHat is it about this dude that makes her so helpless and seduced?

It’s Not About Fucking Her Wet Pussy

This master seducer loves the thrill of being wanted and desired. His main goal is to see how far he can push his conquests without actually fucking them, just watching as they turn into putty in his hands and claim to do anything for his persuasive touch.