How I Met Your Mother

A mature couple hit it off for the first time and decide to go on another date, one thing leads to another and these aging sweethearts head to the bedroom where they engage in incredible and passionate sex for the first time in years. They may be mature but they still have it and in this erotic tale you get to unzip and peek at their fabulous and thriving mature sex life.

Never Too Old To Learn

An older woman, freshly divorced and feeling as if she needs more from life meets a young stallion who has her head over heels for him. She completely opens her mind up to new sexual fantasies and ticks all of them off the list with him. Her ex-husband wasn’t even a patch on this young man and she is not going to miss out on good sex a moment longer.

Sex After Retirement

Retiring doesn’t have to bring boring nights and a dried up sex-life, in fact, it can be the very opposite. With all of that free time, why not do all of the things you never did when you were younger? for this couple, that’s exactly what they did. Opening up their minds and hearts to something entirely new to them and finding themselves at the peril of the marvelous swinging community.


Feeling invisible to the world, Sherry gets a shock when hunky George approaches her and wants to take her on a date. One thing leads to another and Sherry is left feeling extremely turned on and totally visible by this handsome man who is romantic, great in bed and in adoration of her maturing body.

Wife Never Wanted To Try Anal, Until Now

Modern trends sure do move on quickly and for this wife and her horny husband, anal was a fleeting thought, until a friend mentioned how good it was and suddenly it’s all she wanted to try. Anal was easier and better than they had ever imagined and now they realize they both have a lot of lost time to make up for.