How I Met Your Mother

It was a gloomy day outside, unnatural for the time of year. Everyone was seeking shelter where they could and mine just so happened to be an old diner just off the freeway. I parked up and headed inside, glancing at the people around me and that’s when I saw

Never Too Old To Learn

My life was always planned. I was meant to get married, have kids, and live happily ever after with my partner. However, as life so often surprises us, it is probably no shock to realize that it didn’t go this way. I did get married and have kids, but my

Sex After Retirement

I never thought about my life after retirement. It seemed like something that would be farther down the line and I would always have time to plan ahead, but I was wrong. Time caught up with me and my husband, Steve, when we both didn’t seem to be ready. We


That’s the biggest problem Sherry had with getting older, slowly feeling as if she was fading into the background and becoming invisible as life passed her by. Not being able to stand out anymore and not catching the eye of every man in the room. Of course, that’s all subjective

Wife Never Wanted To Try Anal, Until Now

When we first got married, a long time ago, anal wasn’t a trend. Nobody did it and nobody wanted to try it, there was just one hole that we used and that was just fine. The world began to change though and I realized lots of people were trying out