Do All Male Models Have To Get Naked?

I never thought that I would start working in the modeling business. I thought that it was something only super attractive people could do and I never thought about myself being anywhere close to being that attractive. Still, at one point my fate took a turn and I ended up

She Told Them About My Cock!

I didn’t mind when Beth had girls’ nights. I know a lot of guys might hate the idea of their house being filled with a bunch of giggling, perfumed ladies with constant drinks in their hands. But it made Beth happy, and they usually stuck to the living room or

An Unexpected Game Of Strip Poker

Having a solid group of friends was always my dream. Over the years some of them came and went, but my best friend, Paul, still stayed with me. I was so happy when the women we decided to marry also ended up being best friends and all of us started

The Naked Massage

Sports injuries are common for me but this one was something else. It was in my thigh muscle and it was a real stickler. Everything I did I tried wouldn’t make it go, the pain was worse when I worked out, and not being able to work out really made