Learning My Whores Limits

I have met different women throughout my life. Some were shy and tried to play modestly even when we were in bed. Others were more than open to exploring how far their sexual appetites could go, but even they had their own limits. I couldn’t blame them, but what I

I Thought She Was A Shy Girl

I cursed myself for the third time in an hour for agreeing to this horrible idea. Being set up for a blind date was already bad enough, but allowing my neighbor to be the one choosing the girl was even worse! Lacey wasn’t bad-looking. On the contrary, she could easily

I Didn’t Know I Could Squirt

Alex had a certain way about him. I had had rough sex before with dominant men, but they never brought such an animalistic side out of me like Alex did. As we were finally going into his house after dinner, all I could think about was him tearing off my


Ana’s eyes fluttered open. She couldn’t believe she had fallen asleep. Then again, maybe it wasn’t that surprising, seeing as Derek and Austin had insisted on watching the most boring movie of all time. Her vote had been outnumbered.  “Well, look who’s finally awake!” said Derek as Ana sat upright

She Is Free To Use

Jenna rang the doorbell outside the apartment complex and fidgeted nervously. She combed her fingers through her short hair and listened carefully to see if anyone was coming, worried she might have the wrong apartment number. She felt out of place standing outside the door, everyone involved knowing she was

I Have A Wife And I Have A Whore

Pulling up onto our driveway I turn my car engine off and look to see our farmhouse-inspired too expensive kitchen illuminated with the familiar warm orange hue, seeing the silhouette of my wife through the window and I smile, knowing what a real treasure that she is. I close my