You Are Not Allowed to Cum ‘Till I Think You Are Ready

My partners kink is that he won’t let me orgasm till he thinks I’m ready. He teases me for hours, sometimes days, building me up to the point I can’t think about anything but having him give me a full body release.

I Attract Women Who Want To Dominate Me

Being made into a submissive by his latest girlfriend was the best decision he ever made. Alicia wanted to edge, tease and pleasure him in ways he had ever experienced before, and making him submit was just what he needed to experience before he accepted a big dildo in his tight and inexperienced ass.

How I Stopped Bratty Behavior From My Girlfriend While I Game

Cecile loves to irritate her boyfriend, making him unconcertrated on his game and focus on her. His loss streak is at an all-time high since she started wearing sheer lingerie to tease him with as he gamed. It’s time she got taught a lesson and tieing her up and making her cum for hours on end to keep her quiet as he games seems like the perfect idea.

Date A Girl Into Femdom

lady standing behind man in bedroom. She's wearing a short black skirt. Man is in jeans.

Innocent and flirty is how he perceived his new girlfriend until she showed her true bdsm colors in the bedroom and decided to blow his mind. She is a total femdom fanatic and ropes are vanilla to this budding slut. Their sex life is out of this world and we get to enjoy every moment of it.

From Stag To Caged Chastity-Wearing Cuckold

man and woman sat on sofa leopard prink cuddling up together

After years of doing as he pleases, this husband gets a reality check from his wife who now locks up his cock in a cock cage as she goes about and has her sexual fun, most of the time, right in front of him. A cock cage is a new experience for this husband but he is enjoying it and wonders why he didn’t discover cages much sooner…

You Don’t Deserve To Cum, Do You?

Forgetting their anniversary, Brians’s wife has a punishment up her sleeve, and it’s not the usual cold shoulder. Instead, she is going to make him squirm, make him beg for his orgasm, and keep him on his toes for as long as she sees fit. He will never forget their anniversary again or maybe he will? maybe he wants this treatment all over again.

Beg Me

Withholding orgasms can be utter torture and for this desperate wife, that is certainly what it felt like. Her husband had a trick up his sleeve to make his wife’s submissive side come out and holding off her orgasms really pushed her limits.

The Orgasm Denial

Bondage and cheating can go hand in hand and for Lily, this was exactly the case. Charmed by the suave man beside her, Lily finds herself in a swanky hotel room about to have a threesome with two handsome strangers, all behind her husband’s back, much to her delight.

Ruining All Of My Orgasms Until My Boyfriend Is Home

Pussy juices trickled down her inner thigh, her entire body trembling with anticipation and arousal, every touch making her squirm with ecstasy, and yet, no orgasm is to come her way. Not until the timer is up and not until her orgasm denial process has ended and that timer is nowhere near stopping anytime soon.