You Don’t Deserve To Cum, Do You?

I always told my husband, Brian, that he was not giving me enough attention. He had a business that was taking a lot of his time and I was understanding of it for the most part, but not when it was coming between us. I loved how passionate he was

Beg Me

“Alicia, it’s time,” my voice finally cut through the silence filling our bedroom, and I could see my wife tensing wonderfully. She was naked from head to toes, already quivering with desire, already soaked, her juices dripping slowly onto the bed, making a mess of our sheets. This always happened

The Orgasm Denial

“I want the blonde,” Mr.P said looking at his friend. Lilly sat across the bar, nursing a drink as she span the expensive-looking glass aimlessly around with her fingertips. Lilly’s husband had just left the bar, his phone had rang and he had frowned, making excuses and she had watched

Ruining All Of My Orgasms Until My Boyfriend Is Home

I love being denied certain things. I know, it sounds strange – most people just love indulging in quick pleasures without thinking twice about it, but I never understood it. There was something sweet in the fact that I could go some time without sweets, my favorite TV shows, or