I’m The Roommate

Sophie and Mark have always had an interesting relationship. One that friends and even family over the years have never really understood and one that kept the married couple at arm’s length of the ‘normies’ as Sophie liked to call them. Sophie is a cuckquean and she has had plenty

Valentines Day With My Quean

I rolled over to my side and watched Allen stroke Claire’s blonde hair. She was smiling and looked beautiful and happy. His green eyes shifted up to look at mine, his eyebrows raised. Sure, this wasn’t most people’s idea of a typical Valentine’s Day, but to me, it was the

Birthday Wishes Of A Cuckquean

My wife, Laura, is a cuckquean. It’s not something I knew about until she told me that it was a thing, but once she got me familiar with a concept I was more than open to trying. I never wanted to cheat on her, because it felt like a betrayal,

Made To Watch

“Please honey”, Clarissa pouts at her husband David. This is the 10th time this week that Clarissa has brought up being a cuckquean to David. She is really serious about it and after all of the fun they have had with other couples over the years, David knows he is

Listening From The Guest Room

It had been five minutes since Marcus had texted me that he and Stephanie were leaving the restaurant. My heart had been racing in my chest ever since. Actually, my heart had been racing from the minute I watched my husband get ready for his date. He kept asking me