My First Time

A sensual and seductive story about a couple of first-time having sex, it has everything you need, it’s romantic, arousing and it creates a beautiful picture in your mind. If romance and first-time sex stories are your thing, you’re going to love it.

I Was Too Horny To Wait Until Marriage

Waiting until marriage to have sex can be excruciatingly tough and for this horny couple, they felt as if they waited long enough, not being able to resist their carnal temptations a moment longer. They were totally besotted by one another and broke their promise to wait until marriage to finally give into their temptations.

Too Big For Her Tight Backdoor

Anal can be tricky and for this couple, experimenting with anal sex for the first time definitely wasn’t as easy as they imagined. Highly arousing, erotic and a really steamy and realistic piece, this story will take you on a journey of first-time anal discoveries and romantic sex between a loving couple.

But, It’s Not Meant To Go In My Butt

A sucker for pleasing her partner, this open-minded minx turns an evening into something unforgettable as she offers up her ass to her new boyfriend. She has never done anal before but she is eager to learn and experience it more and more.

Cum Tastes Weird

Apprehensive and nervous for too long, this curious girlfriend decides today is the day that she will swallow her first load. Her boyfriend has no idea of what she is planning and when he finds out it involves his cum in her mouth for the first time he can barely control himself.