My First Time

Blake was cute and he had lit countless candles. I settled into the freshly washed sheets as he took a lighter to the final two before joining me in bed. The mood had officially been set. “I love this outfit,” he said, running his hands along the red lace. “You

I Was Too Horny To Wait Until Marriage

I grew up in a strict religious family. It means different things to different people, but in this story what’s important is that I was never taught about sex. They sent me to an all-girls school too, so it wasn’t like I had someone who could teach me. Every bit

Too Big For Her Tight Backdoor

My girlfriend Lisa was quite literally the woman of my dreams. She was sexy and always ready to go with everything that I proposed. She was adventurous and we had the best time together and I felt that she was the one. She was one of the most attractive women

But, It’s Not Meant To Go In My Butt

I was always pretty open about trying new things and it was the same with sex. I wasn’t exactly well-versed in theory, but the practice was something I was doing happily and with pleasure. Whenever my new partner would ask me to do something, I happily obliged, ready to try

Cum Tastes Weird

I had given boyfriends blowjobs before but I had never actually let them ejaculate into my mouth. I don’t know why, I was just always apprehensive, unsure of what it would feel or taste like but on this day, I was ready. My boyfriend sat down and we talked about