Doing Time

close up of female hands unzipping a mans zipper while he is laying down

Since finding out her boyfriend cheated on her, this scorned girlfriend wants to punish him, and what better way to do that than to lock him up in chastity and throw away the key? He feels humiliated, punished, and at a total loss for words as he somewhat enjoys his girlfriend making him pay for his infidelity.

Date A Girl Into Femdom

lady standing behind man in bedroom. She's wearing a short black skirt. Man is in jeans.

Innocent and flirty is how he perceived his new girlfriend until she showed her true bdsm colors in the bedroom and decided to blow his mind. She is a total femdom fanatic and ropes are vanilla to this budding slut. Their sex life is out of this world and we get to enjoy every moment of it.

From Stag To Caged Chastity-Wearing Cuckold

man and woman sat on sofa leopard prink cuddling up together

After years of doing as he pleases, this husband gets a reality check from his wife who now locks up his cock in a cock cage as she goes about and has her sexual fun, most of the time, right in front of him. A cock cage is a new experience for this husband but he is enjoying it and wonders why he didn’t discover cages much sooner…

Old Men Want One Thing

I love to put men in their place, especially older men who have had a lifetime of getting what they want when they want it. When I met Tim though, I knew he needed to be taught a lesson and when he saw the cock cage that I had for him, he couldn’t believe his eyes. I was in control now and there was nothing he could do about it.

He Wears My Key

Obedient, horny, and desperate to please are three words that are always arousing to me and in this story, we get to enjoy all of those things plus some incredible female chastity. Our protagonist is locked up in a female chastity device and all she wants to do is, please.

The Tough Guy

This dominatrix loves to make men submit to her, especially the ones that least expect it. Meeting a typical tough guy, a total gym fanatic, this female dom makes it her mission to have him on his knees, with his cock locked away and his vulnerabilities wide open.