The Fertile Camping Trip

Me and my friend Jessie lost connection sometime after we both went to college, but once we moved to live in the same city it was as if nothing had changed. She had her small friend group that I happily joined and we started to hang out together more and

Get Me Good And Pregnant

Hannah tilted her head to the side. “So, should we start tonight?” Vincent looked at her, hesitated, and laughed. “I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.” Hannah had been trying to get pregnant for so long in her last relationship, but it had never happened for her. She knew

My husband’s sad friend

The door to their home closes abruptly and Cheryl’s husband Ian shouts up the stairs: “Honey, we’re home!”. ‘We’re’, Cheryl thinks to herself, who is her husband with? She hurries down the stairs in her robe and smiles down at the two men, her handsome husband Ian and their good

He Told Me Big Dick Will Get Me Pregnant

I am desperate to start a family. My maternal instinct is strong and getting louder each day that goes by where I am not growing a human. My husband and I have been trying to get me pregnant for a while now and so far there has been no luck.

My Wife Was Made To Be Bred

My wife and I didn’t know anything about breeding kinks until we had been married for around 3 years. We stumbled across it by accident watching some weird documentary and the very next day my wife opened up to me about how much it had turned her on why it