Pegging Another Woman’s Husband

Aaron was the only customer who could get a consistent smile out of me. Being a barista meant seeing a lot of people every day, especially repeat customers. For the most part, I was my typical shy self at work. I was friendly, but I didn’t go above and beyond

The Hall pass

When I first got together with my husband, Derek, I never even thought about cheating on him. It was something impossible, something that wouldn’t even come to my mind. However, like probably any other couple out there, we enjoyed teasing each other once we noticed that one of us was

I Have Needs

I never thought that I would cheat on my husband. In all honesty, who does when they only get married and hope for a happy existence? I don’t think many people do. The thing is, I knew what I was getting into and just hoped that things would turn out

Sexless husbands cum the hardest

I could spot it a mile off. A man, alone, sitting at the bar, nursing a drink that had been poured too long ago. His mind thinking about something other than this dive and his eyes see a completely different scene to this one. I see his shiny wedding ring,

I Cheated On Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is an international day of love recognized worldwide, right? Wrong! Well, for me at least. My boyfriend decided to go out with his friends on this special and romantic day and leave me all alone with nothing but my thoughts. We had a big argument before he left,

The Orgasm Denial

“I want the blonde,” Mr.P said looking at his friend. Lilly sat across the bar, nursing a drink as she span the expensive-looking glass aimlessly around with her fingertips. Lilly’s husband had just left the bar, his phone had rang and he had frowned, making excuses and she had watched

The Fitness Freak

Garrett wiped his brow and looked up at his reflection. He hadn’t been at this gym very long but had certainly made an impression. At least, that’s what it seemed to him, as he realized that several women were surveying him in the mirror. He couldn’t help but feel a

On My Knees For Her Boyfriend

“On your knees slut”, he says, looking at me as I slowly get to my knees, the hardwood floor digging into my skin. “Shirt and panties off”, he says, staring at me and slowly I pull my shirt over my head and sit there, my small perky tits exposed. I