I Ended Up Sexting My Boyfriends Dad

After 3 years of dating my boyfriend I made a complete f**k up, I got carried away and I ended up sexting with his dad. I can’t stop thinking about how hot it was, but the conflict inside of me is growing.

Gentle Pressure

After a tough week at work, Bethany is in desperate need of some time to wind down and relax and a deep-tissue massage is a perfect answer to her woes. However, after a change in a masseuse, Bethany gets a lot more than she bargained for and left the parlor far more relaxed than she had ever anticipated.

Don’t Tell My Boyfriend

Written from real experience, this story dives into the taboo subject of cheating and seduction. A horny, single man finds himself in bed with a cute blonde, only to find out she has a boyfriend and she doesn’t have a care in the world.

Pegging Another Woman’s Husband

Cheating on his wife with the shy barista isn’t your typical love story and yet there’s something so exciting and romantic about these two, especially when Cheyenne pulls out her new pegging dildo and treats his ass in a way his wife wouldn’t even dream about.

The Hall pass

Using a hall pass can be a risky choice but for this couple, it was everything they had ever dreamed of. When they opened up their relationship to the possibility of actually using their hall passes with other people, it changed everything – for the better.

I Have Needs

Justifying her cheating ventures in this erotic and exciting tale, this wife can’t help but charm you and make her illicit encounters appealing and justifiable. She loves her husband but she needs more and what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him!

Sexless husbands cum the hardest

Belle is a naughty girl, she loves the guys who don’t get it at home, the ones she can make cum hard and unforgettably. She makes men fall for her slutty ways, she makes them cheat on their significant others and she doesn’t give a damn.

I Cheated On Valentines Day

Scorned and horny, this girlfriend set out for revenge when her boyfriend ditched on valentines day for his friends. Instead of sulking at home, she downloads a dating app, slips on her best fit, and goes out to make some memories.