Sweat Slick – An Erotic Sonnet


If I ask you to come to me tonight,

Would you bring me the sweetness of your lips?

If I stood stripp’d for you in dawn’s soft light,

Would you bring me the comfort of your hips?

My need for you demands you touch my soul,

I need to feel your hands caress my skin.

Your need for me can only make me whole.

You rush to plunge, to thrust yourself within.

I kiss, you nip, I sigh, you stroke, I suck,

You swell, I gasp, you push, I sob, you grunt,

You bite, I swoon, you lick, I groan, we fuck,

I clasp you tight, you moan and fill my cunt.

We reach the peak, we find our bless’d release,

Then slump, sweat slick, no breath, but both at peace.


Tamsin Flowers


  1. Oh, nicely done! Shakespeare would be proud! He’d be blushing beet red, but he’d applaud the style. 😉 You’re giving Jade and Malin a serious run for their money with this. Now I think I need a fan and a cool drink…

  2. Ah, you made my morning! Thank you so much, Lace! I really enjoyed working on that – it was the first poem I’ve attempted since leaving school several centuries ago! 😉

  3. Oh, wow! Tamsin, that was gorgeous! And you went for a sonnet too! You may not write poetry often, but when you do you write the hell out of it! So beautifully done! xoxo

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