Wicked Wednesday: The Little Mermaid

It’s time for another Wicked Wednesday and this week’s theme is Fairytales. I’ve loved the story of the Little Mermaid ever since I was a child, despite the fact that there are some decidedly adult themes running through it. How far would you be prepared to go the spend a night with the Prince of your dreams? Naturally, it’s a story that lends itself perfectly to erotification (is that a word?) and here’s an excerpt from a version a wrote a little while ago.

We join the story after the Little Mermaid has sacrificed her tongue in exchange for a pair of human legs. Now’s her chance to experience what she’s been longing for…


The Little Mermaid now knew that she would be able to satisfy the Prince’s human urges and she spoke so eloquently with her eyes that the Prince immediately fell in love with her.  He swept her up onto his horse and they rode back to his palace.  Immediately he had fine robes brought for her and an elegant pair of slippers fashioned from the softest leather.  A maid helped her to dress and slipped the soft shoes onto her tiny human feet; the Little Mermaid stood for the first time on her trembling new legs and at that moment realized the price she had paid for the ability to move among men.  With each step it was as if she was walking on daggers and all the while the laughter of the Sea Witch echoed in her ears.

The Prince had musicians brought to the room.

“Will you dance for me?” he said.

The Little Mermaid nodded and though she danced with such grace and elegance that all in the palace were spellbound, each step felt like a hundred deaths until she was dancing with tears streaming down her face.

That night the Prince took her to his bed chamber.

“Why did you weep when you were dancing?” he asked, as he gently peeled away the layers of her clothing until she stood naked in front of him.

The Little Mermaid could say nothing but her breath came faster as Prince’s hands skimmed across her skin.

“I have never come across a woman as beautiful as you,” said the Prince.

He threw off his own clothes and then lifted the mysterious silent girl onto his bed.  Their lips met in a passionate kiss and when the Prince slipped his tongue into her mouth and found the soft stump where her tongue used to be, he understood why she was silent.

Bewitched by her beauty, he kissed her all over and the Little Mermaid writhed and moaned under his touch.  His lips explored every inch of her, teasing her nipples until she would have cried out in pleasure if she could have, and then making her back arch as his tongue traced a winding path down her belly towards the golden triangle between her thighs.  His fingers parted her legs and stroked the honey-scented cleft, and the Little Mermaid felt a rush of sticky, clammy dampness. A shimmer of magic flitted through her body that made her realize that no price was too much to pay to enjoy the pleasure of being a human.  And when the Prince pushed his fingers up into the dark recess, the little flutter became a rolling wave which made her moan low in her throat as her feelings soared.  The Prince kissed her and licked her and sucked on the little nub of flesh that nestled amid the golden hair.  The mermaid’s human legs began to shake and her hips pushed up to meet his touch. In her mind, she was transported to another world.

And as all of this was happening, she gazed on the Prince’s naked body, noticing how very different it was from her own.  Instead of the soft breasts, his chest was hard and flat, instead of a soft round belly, his stomach was tense and ridged, and instead of the deep pocket that lay between her legs, the Prince’s cock stood out proud from his body, growing stronger and harder as she watched it.  She reached out her hand and and found that it was smooth and warm, twitching at her touch, making the Prince moan with pleasure and roll his eyes back.

The Little Mermaid was fascinated by the Prince’s manhood.  She caressed it and she had to taste it, so she bent forwards and sucked it in to her mouth, making the Prince fall back on the bed with a cry. The silent girl was able to say all she needed with her lips, running them up and down and around his beautiful cock. On the end a white pearl of liquid appeared for her to drink and in her mouth she could once again taste the sea.

The Prince pulled away and pushed her back onto the brocaded pillows.  He spread her legs, only this time it was not his mouth that settled between them, but his hard, pulsing cock, still glistening with the Little Mermaid’s saliva.  He plunged it deep between the soft fleshy lips and as he slipped inside her, the girl once again felt the building power of human pleasure.  The Prince pulled back and plunged, diving in and out of her, harder and deeper with every thrust, building up heat and friction until the soft flesh between her thighs began to burn. Pleasure billowed up through her in a great wave that all but engulfed her senses, carrying her away from all she had known before, twisting through every sinew and nerve as she experienced what it was to be human and how it felt to have her human urges fulfilled.

Above her, the Prince reached his own climax, his body stiffening as his seed poured out into the small, silent girl beneath him.  His grunts became a harsh cry as he pushed hard to reach as far into her as he could; her softness enfolded him as her muscles clasped around him.  Then he slumped, spent and exhausted, onto her breast where he slept until morning.


Wicked Wednesday


  1. Oh, Tamsin! This is so, so beautiful. Such a natural extension of the original fairy tale. And your portrayal of the Little Mermaid made my heart ache a little. This is just so lovely. You’ve a way with fairy tales…

  2. Thank you so much, Malin – but she’s such a beautiful little character to write with – all the real work was done by Hans Christian Andersen!

  3. Thank you – I really appreciate when people take the time to read and then comment on my work. 🙂

  4. Oh goodness, thank you. I think having such inspiring source material really helped and writing it was such a pleasure. 🙂

  5. I still love this as much now as when you first let me read it. There is such a beauty to it, the eroticism so sweet yet so painful; soft, sensual and gorgeously enchanting. Your turns of phrase and the threading in of the sea motifs are exceptional, too. Jane xxx

  6. There is a real hint of sadness to this piece which gave it a very haunting tone as she struggles to deal with both the good and bad of her situation


  7. I absolutely love your introduction to this story – I had never thought of it that way, having only seen the Disney version (how far would you go to spend the night with the Prince of your dreams?) And then, yes, you’re right, what happens on that night is so perfect for eroticizing. So sensual and yet with that hint of sadness for what she did, what she gave up, to get it – was it worth it?

  8. Hi Jade – thanks for your comment. All the Hans Christian Andersen stories are well worth revisiting – most of them are incorporate incredibly adult themes even though we tend to think of them as children’s stories. If you search for ‘Andrew Lang’ on amazon, you can get his collections of them, and other fairy tales free.

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