The Introduction

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The moment she introduced us, I knew you would be the one.

I knew from the sweet stirrings in my cunt that you’d find your way there.

I knew from the tingling in my lips that I’d come to love the taste of your tongue.

I knew from the touch of your hand as you grasped mine that your fingers would seek out more intimate places.

I knew from the way your eyes roamed my body, it would become your private domain.

I knew from the tilt of your head that you’d worm your way into my mind.

I knew from the pounding of my heart, you’d become my obsession.

I knew from the way you said my name, you were trying it on for size.

I knew from the weakness in my knees that your pursuit would be relentless.

I knew from my shortness of breath, your seduction would be merciless.

I knew from the trembling of my hand that I would always be reaching for you.

I knew from the goose bumps on my arms that you’d make me come time and time again.

I knew from the rush of saliva in my mouth that I would worship your cock with my tongue.

I knew from the shiver that ran down my spine, you had the power to hurt me or to heal me.

I knew from that very first second, I was yours.


I’m a liar.

I know none of those things.

But as you let go of my hand, I hope.

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  1. Oh, how I relate to this! The first time Sir and I met it was strictly as fwb’s, yet there was….something….something else I wanted to cling to and wrap myself up in, drown in, get drunk on. He was my addiction, I just didn’t let myself acknowledge it until much later xx

  2. It’s funny how we can have an instant reaction to someone on meeting them – and they tend to be pretty accurate, too. xoxoxo

  3. I was enjoying that very much, and then I got to the final three lines….

    … and they pushed it over the top into greatness! I love surprise twists like this.

  4. Really enjoyed this. The repetition. Like the words in my mind. I love the twist. The hope and the doubt. Thank you. Twigs.

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