A Smorgasbord Of Sex To Enjoy

Britney looked at herself one last time in the mirror, brushing her hair down with her fingertips and taking in the fabulous glittery eye makeup she had managed to achieve before her best friend Katie pulled on her arm and yanked her out the door and into the private taxi that had been arranged to pick them up by the host.

The car took them out of the city and eventually towards a country house, away from prying eyes. The location gave this event an even more mysterious undertone and the girls looked excitedly at one another before climbing out and walking up the front steps along with others that had arrived at the same time.

This wasn’t just any old event, this was in fact a sex party. One the girls had been invited to exclusively and they had no idea what to expect, all they know was it was going to wild and there would be drinks and food provided.

Neither had been to a sex party before but they were more than excited and as the grand doors opened to this hidden mansion the girl’s mouths hung open. It was decorated flawlessly, no expense had been spared, the catering was astonishing, the decor was like something out of a movie, and best of all, everyone was already getting naked. It took a while for the girls to relax but once they did, everything felt right and they found themselves treating sex like a smorgasbord for them to enjoy, plenty of people to choose and so many delicacies to try. An open buffet of naked bodies and orgasms and everyone at the party was ready for a good time.

Britney found herself on top of a banquet table, one laden with a beautiful charcuterie board and cheeses from all around the world but it wasn’t the food that was interesting her it was the two men licking her pussy that was taking up all of her attention. She lay naked with her legs spread as two strangers ate her out, sucking on her clit and diving deep into her opening.

“Oh, God! Fuck! Yes!”, Britney cried out as these two men devoured her pussy. Ushering one closer to her she took his pulsating cock into her wet, waiting mouth and sucked on him greedily, taking him down her throat and using her tongue to lick over his swollen head. She moaned over his cock and felt herself coming to orgasm where she cried out loudly, her cum spilling out of her, this was the fourth time she had cum that afternoon. She ushered the other man towards her, signally for him to fuck her now very sensitive and swollen pussy. He did as she asked and began fucking her, his cock felt so good inside of her as she swallowed the other man down her throat, tasting as his cum trickled out of him and inside of her mouth. Gleefully she thanked him and focused her attention on the man fucking her who had his hands all over her body. She moaned loudly, the food next to her was rattling as each thrust into her moved the plates into one another. People around her watched and had their own fun and Britney felt on top of the world and like a buffet board there for the taking.

Katie was having a similar experience in another room, she was joining in with two well-acquainted couples who were all over her and another. Three girls, two guys, all horny and eager, her body had never felt so electric, hands and tongues were everywhere, she was fucked by women and men simultaneously, enjoyed by the masses and enjoying everything that was dangled in front of her.

Her pussy ached from so much cock and so much cum but she never wanted this party to end. Her ass had been fucked and the guy that had fucked it was now in her mouth, enjoying her seemingly endless throat, her ass had another set of fingers and a tongue inside of it, this time smaller and she figured it was a woman. Her own fingers were inside of a pussy, as deep as they would go, exploring this woman as she leaked with dampness and moaned onto a cock that was sliding inside of her throat too.

Both women had the time of their lives and as they climbed back into their free taxi back home and that night neither woman said anything but both knew it had changed everything and this would be their regular spot every single month from now on.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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