Addicted To Cum

I got dressed that night knowing it didn’t matter what I wore. My clothes would be coming off in a matter of minutes. My long dark hair was done in two braids, perfect for holding onto and they’d stay out of my way when my face was inevitably covered in cum.

It was the evening of my first gangbang. I had been fantasizing about this night for a very long time, and now it was finally coming true. The guys were coming to my hotel room in just a few minutes. There were six of them – SIX! I couldn’t wait to feel their cocks in me, flooding me with cum and covering me in it.

When I heard that knock on the door, my heart dropped to my stomach. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening now!

“Hi Maggie,” said the tallest, most muscular guy, Ryan, when I answered the door. “You still down?”

He looked at me expectantly, and I couldn’t help but giggle. “I’d say I’m more down than ever.”

The men filed into the hotel room, and we made small talk for just a few minutes, until finally, a cute blonde man named Charlie, started groping my tits through my shirt. After that, it was on.

I fell back onto the bed as the men took their spots around me, pulling off my clothes and running their hands over every part of me. It felt intense, and electrifying, and made my pussy throb.

“Goddamn,” Ryan moaned, sucking on my nipples as Travis got in between my legs and began eating my pussy.

“Fuck, she’s already dripping wet,” Travis laughed.

The other three guys, whose names I never learned, pulled their cocks out and knelt beside my face. I took one of them in my hands and sucked the other into my mouth. While I did this, Travis slid the thick head of his cock against my pussy. He started to press his way inside me, his cock big and long.

“Fuuuuck!” I moaned before my mouth was quickly filled with a cock again.

Travis started to fuck me hard now, while both my hands and my mouth were filled with hard, throbbing cocks. The ones who weren’t having their turn with me stood at the edge of the bed, watching and jerking off. I felt like a true slut and loved every second of it.

Suddenly, I felt one of the guys’ cocks unload a huge serving of cum down my throat. He was shaking his head as though he couldn’t believe he had gotten off that quickly, but I didn’t mind. Cum was the whole reason I was here!

“Damn, you swallowed that down like a champ!” he said, sliding his softening cock out from my mouth. He started to immediately jerk off, probably so he could have a turn fucking me.

A couple of the guys helped hold my legs apart while Travis continued to thrust in and out of me.

“Goddamn! You’re fucking tight,” Travis hissed, making eye contact with me.

I giggled and moaned. “Well, you’re fucking big.”

Within seconds, I could feel his cock start to twitch deep in my soaking wet pussy as he held still inside me, releasing his cum. The other guys stared on in awe, moaning as they watched. I wanted more and more loads, and I told them so.

The blonde, Charlie, got in between my legs next. He pressed them back, and two sets of hands held my thighs while Charlie slid his cock in me. I was happy I didn’t have to go long without a cock in me. I wanted cum on top of cum. I wanted it seeping out of me.

“Yes, good girl,” one of the guys moaned, as I started using my hands again on the two cocks that had appeared on either side of me. “You’re amazing, Maggie.”

I felt like a goddess and a slut at the same time, and when they shot their loads almost simultaneously on top of my tits, I relished how good it felt. I loved that hot, sticky feeling. They groaned and sighed as they slid the slick heads of their cocks across my nipples, rubbing the cum into my skin.

“You love how that feels, don’t you?” one of them said, smiling down at me.

I nodded, biting my lower lip. “You know I do. I really do.”

“Yeah, well, get ready for another load in your pussy,” Charlie said before his voice turned into a loud groan. His fingers pressed firmly into my waist as he threw his head back and let out a long “fuuuuuck!”

“Hell yes, man!” the other men cheered, as Charlie’s cum became the second load for my pussy that evening.

When he pulled out, I reached down to feel how it felt with the cum dripping out of me. I ran my finger across my pussy lips, slowly pressing the wet liquid back inside of me.

“More,” I said, looking up at Ryan and his sweaty, bulging muscles.

That was all it took. Ryan flipped me over so that I was on my stomach. He ran his hands across my ass, roughly squeezing my cheeks apart and eating my ass for a minute before sliding his huge cock into my pussy. I couldn’t believe his size! However, it was easy for him to fit since I had already been nicely stretched out and filled with all of that cum.

He didn’t take it easy on me. Ryan fucked me hard and fast, and I could hear just how wet my pussy was. The other men sat around me jerking off, playing with my ass, and running their fingers through my messy hair. I had never felt this much stimulation in bed before. It made me shake with arousal.

Ryan delivered me my third load of cum. There was a small puddle of the hot white liquid pooling underneath me by this point, and there were still three more cocks that I hoped would add to that amount.

The skinny, shy guy took his turn in my pussy next, while Travis got beside my face and started to jerk off over the top of it. I closed my eyes when I heard his breathing start to pick up, and I couldn’t help but smile when his cum splashed down onto my skin, coating my cheeks and lips. I was impressed by how big his second load of the night was.

“Ahhh, shit!” the skinny guy moaned as he added to the cum inside my pussy. He shook as he came, his eyes rolling back in his head.

“Two more!” I said eagerly, pulling back my legs again as another cock was shoved inside me. I could have done this all night, and we pretty much did.

After the first session, we all took a small break, and the guys soaked me in the bathtub of the hotel room before we got back into bed and played again and again. Cum completely drenched my pussy and covered my tits and ass.

My face had a nice thick layer on it. I looked in the mirror at myself, wiped a glob of cum off my forehead, and smiled at what I saw.

Authors note: I can’t help but close my eyes and just daydream about being ravished like this! I am utterly jealous of this horny protagonist, my panties are soaked just writing out this fantasy, who knows how wet I would be if this actually happened? Have you ever been in a group sex scenario like this one? – Tamsin 💖

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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