Birthday Wishes Of A Cuckquean

My wife, Laura, is a cuckquean. It’s not something I knew about until she told me that it was a thing, but once she got me familiar with a concept I was more than open to trying. I never wanted to cheat on her, because it felt like a betrayal, but if she was the one who wanted me to sleep with other women, why not? Especially since it made her very happy.

She is an attractive woman, a kind no one would think will be into watching her husband with other women, but looks didn’t matter much.

I think for Laura it’s all about being humiliated, knowing that my cock was in another woman’s pussy before it went in her mouth and I loved seeing her being happy after that. I was willing to do anything that she wanted and with her birthday coming close I knew I needed to do something special, something that she would think about for a long time.

I was searching for a perfect woman to get with for a month beforehand and soon I found her – her name was Katy, she was younger, with full breasts and an amazing ass. I knew that Laura would like her, would like to see me fucking her and I instantly made my proposal to her. Katy didn’t seem to be up for it at first, but once I got into more details she said that she would be happy to help me with the present for my cuckquean.

On the day of Laura’s birthday, our morning started nice and slow – I brought her breakfast in bed, giving her kisses and compliments until she melted under all that attention. She knew that I was preparing something special for her and was ready for it, but I didn’t let her know what it was until later. I gave her a small present, still not letting her in on a secret and seeing how impatient she was.

“Can’t you give me my present now?” she said, whining.

“No, you have to wait for the evening,” I laughed, seeing how much she wanted it.

Still impatient, Laura shared her cake with me, still waiting for her present to arrive. That was when I heard the doorbell. I looked at my wife, seeing how ready she was for what was about to happen. I was happy that she was so ready for it and I looked at her with a smile.

“Go upstairs, sit on your knees and wait. When I come I want you to just look and nothing else. If I see your hands anywhere close to your pussy I’m not going to give you what you want. Got it?”

“Yes!’ Laura said with excitement, running upstairs. I laughed at that and went to the door, opening it.

Katy was looking at me with a smile, going in for a few kisses on the cheeks. She looked nice, exactly how Laura would love my lover to look. Her picture didn’t do her justice and I just knew that Laura would love to see me fucking her. After a short introduction, I went upstairs with her, opening the door to the bedroom. Laura was there exactly like I wanted her – on her knees, looking up at us. As soon as she saw Katy her eyes started shining with excitement.

“Don’t pay attention to her,” I said to Katy. “She’s just going to watch as I fuck you”

“It’s all good with me,” Katy said, leaning closer and kissing me.

We started slow, testing what each of us like, but soon Katy started taking my shirt off and I, in turn, unzipped her dress and pulled it up. Her body looked just as beautiful as in the photos. I covered her tits with my palms, squeezing them.

“I have never seen a woman as sexy as you are,” I said, unclasping her bra and kissing over her tits, taking her nipples in my mouth and sucking, until she started moaning lightly. I was giving Laura glances occasionally, making sure that she was doing everything as I told her. She sat in her place and watched, while I was having fun with another woman.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy,” Katy moaned, as I moved her to the bed.

She sat on the edge of it, as I dropped my pants and let her see my sickness. Katy smiled, opening her mouth and taking my shaft in. I put a hand on the back of her head, pushing her to take more, as I looked at Laura.

“Yes, your mouth feels so good,” I said, looking right in my wife’s eyes, sure that she loved seeing me do it. Her hands were still on her knees.

I fucked Katy’s mouth for a little longer, not cumming inside her. I moved away, pushing her onto the bed, taking Katy’s underwear off. Laura leaned a little closer, making sure that she was seeing every little detail. Katy turned around and got on her fours and I looked at my wife, making sure she had a good view.

I put my cock against Katy’s slit, moving it until I felt that she was wet enough to take me. She moaned, arching her back, showing me how ready she was for it. I pushed my cock inside, groaning as I felt her tight and wet around me. She was amazing and I knew Laura saw how much I was enjoying her body. I started fucking her fast and rough right away, making her scream as she took me deep inside. I could hear a little whimper from Laura too. She couldn’t sit straight, I knew that her pussy must’ve been throbbing from this, but she needed to wait until I gave her anything she wanted.

I fucked Katy harder, hearing her moans and looking at how good Laura was behaving, and soon, with a groan, I finished inside her, pulling away to see Katy’s pussy that was filled with my cum. She was leaking and I nodded to Laura.

“Come and clean up,” I said harshly, knowing that she would do it without a question.
Laura crawled closer and, as I was keeping Katy’s legs up and open, she put her face close to her pussy and started licking off the seed I left in her. Katy was moaning, looking at me and I enjoyed seeing how happy Laura was. I pushed her face harder against Katy’s slit, covering her face in some juices.

“Now my cock”

Laura stuck out her tongue, moving it over my shaft and cleaning up well. She was smiling, her eyes shining as she did it. I knew how much she loved it, how much she enjoyed her birthday present.

“No, go back,” I commanded her and Laura went back to her place, looking at me and Katy with more interest.

Katy smiled, turning around and getting on her fours. I smacked her ass, spreading her cheeks to look at the tight ring of her asshole. I looked at Laura, as she saw me move my cock over it before I slowly started fucking Katy in her ass. She whimpered lightly and I saw even more excitement in Laura’s face.

“I love your tight ass. It feels so good,” I said, rubbing Katy’s back. Laura could hear every word and see how gentle I was with Katy. “Yes, let me fill it”

I grabbed her hips hard and started fucking Katy faster, my balls smacking against her slit. I loved that feeling and I loved even more that Laura could see us, that she looked closely as I fucked another woman in her asshole giving compliments to her body. Katy was sweet and her body was amazing, but I still loved Laura, so I was giving her a full show.

I leaned over Katy, grabbing her breasts and massaging them, while I kept fucking her asshole. I groaned, feeling how I was spilling inside Katy’s ass, while she moaned and shacked. She lay on the bed, with both of her holes looking wet and I nodded to Laura again.

“Now clean her ass”

She crawled back to us and quickly got her face to Katy’s asshole. She moaned, enjoying Laura’s tongue in her asshole, and pushed her closer. Seeing both of them like that was turning me on and I couldn’t wait to continue the night with Laura. She looked at me, with her face and mouth still wet with my cum, smiling.

“Do you like your present?” I asked, smiling at her.

“Yes, very much,” Laura nodded. “Can I touch myself now?”

I laughed, happy that she loved the gift I had so lovingly got her.

Authors note: Being a cuckquean is a secret for many women and couples but it shouldn’t be. It’s an exciting and thrilling world that few get to experience. I loved channeling my inner cuckquean into this story, would you ever do something like this? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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