Caught Inside

All my life I was called overly horny and I knew that it was true. Yes, I couldn’t go even a few days without fucking someone and I didn’t feel ashamed about it. It was in my nature and it was demanding me to be fucked as often as I could.

It also meant that I liked masturbating a lot. There wasn’t always an opportunity for me to have sex and the quickest way to get my release always was masturbation. I know it’s not a thing many like to confess, but I liked it. There was always a toy in my bag in case I needed a quickie with myself and I wasn’t willing to drop the habit. Yes, sometimes I did it in places other than my home. You can judge all you want for that, but it made the job done and I liked it, so there was never a problem for me. Until one day at least.

That night I was supposed to go on a date with a guy I met online. He was sexy and handsome and I couldn’t wait to meet him and continue our talk in bed, but he didn’t show up.

I felt frustrated and angry, especially since I was more than ready for a long hot session with him and now I had nothing to make my evening better. I returned home late at night, still annoyed and frustrated, but I didn’t really have time to take care of myself, thinking that I would always be able to do it in the morning. But my plans got ruined again.

In the morning I woke up and looked at my phone, realizing that my alarm didn’t go off and I was late for work. I got ready as quickly as I could, and ran to the office, hoping that my boss wouldn’t notice my absence. But luck wasn’t on my side at all and he was the first person that I met as soon as I stepped through the door.

My boss, Dean, was a strict man that didn’t cut anyone slack and he always had it out for me. He was frustratingly handsome and at some point, I am embarrassed to admit that he was even a hero of my sexual fantasies, but that was before I realized what kind of prick he was. Now he was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest and glaring at me.

I had to explain to him all about how sorry I was that I was late and that it wasn’t really my fault, but he still wasn’t happy with me, saying that I needed to plan better. I groaned, angry and annoyed, and went to my office. I had a lot of work to do and I didn’t want to be too late.

I was still frustrated from the night before and the fact that I didn’t get to have my fair share of sexy time and so work was moving especially slowly. I tried to focus, but everything might as well have been in a foreign language. I was still pushing myself by the time everyone started leaving, but I was nowhere near done. I knew that I needed to do a little more work before I got to leave, so I kept pushing myself.

Very soon I realized that there was no way I could focus. I needed to either drop it and give up or find a way to concentrate. The second option seemed like a good one. I listened closely and it seemed like no one was in the office but myself and I felt more comfortable now. I pulled a toy out of my purse and put it on a table. It was a small pink vibrator, perfect for quick use during times like these.

I closed my eyes, trying to focus on my body’s desires, and tried to imagine the perfect sex I could’ve had the night before. I slowly pulled my top up, running my hands over my breasts, pinching my nipples through the fabric before I pulled them out of my bra. I licked my fingers and teased my nipples again, feeling a wave of desire going from my lower stomach and up. I was wet and I had needed this for a long time, so I knew it would be easy and after I was done I could get on with work.

As I teased my nipples I thought about a man, someone who could dominate, who would just push his cock in my mouth and make me suck him. I wanted it badly and it was such an amazing picture. Soon I knew that it was more than enough for foreplay. I was soaking wet and I was ready for a toy.

I pulled my jeans off completely and dropped them on the floor, putting my knees over the armrests of the chair. I looked like a slut at that moment – all wide open and wet, but I didn’t care. There was no one there and I needed that release, so I was going to get it.

I turned the toy on, the light vibrations making a sound, and put the tip of it against my clit. I imagined someone’s fingers instead, teasing and making me helpless, and turned on while they played with me as they wanted. I moaned lightly, moving the toy up and down, to my entrance, where I was soaking wet and ready for penetration.

I wanted a cock instead of a toy, hard and thick, able to make me scream and cum while I was fucked. But I had to take what I had.

Soon it became unbearable and I pushed the toy inside my aching core. I moaned, only letting it go halfway in and knowing I needed more. It was such a simple pleasure, fucking myself like that, but I loved it, even if I wanted more. I opened my legs wider while fucking myself deeper, imagining being with a man. He would’ve had his cock deep inside me and his hands on my neck, spitting in my mouth as I opened it wide for a moan.

I whimpered, feeling how close I was to my orgasm, knowing that it would feel good and make me want more. It was so close my legs started shaking and tears appeared in my eyes, but I suddenly had to stop once I heard the door open.

Dean was standing in the doorway, looking at me with his eyes dark. I was about to cover myself and close my legs, but something in the way he looked at me stopped me. He walked in and closed the door.

“Continue,” he said, his tone sharp. I thought I didn’t hear him right, there was no way he could be serious. “I said – continue”

A hot rush went through my body, and all my deepest desires came true. Looking him in the eyes, I started moving the toy inside me again, as he looked at me, almost naked and with a vibrator inside my pussy. I moaned, watching as he walked closer, knowing that I needed his touch.

He looked at me, where I was pushing the toy inside my hole, and smiled. He started pinching my nipples, making me more turned on, but it was nothing in comparison to what I felt when he opened his zipper and presented his cock to me.

“Be good and suck me,” he said, moving his tip over my lips and I knew I was close to finishing.

I kept fucking myself rough and fast, while I had my boss’s cock in my mouth, sucking on him and knowing that he had full control over me. I looked up, at his face, as I was pleasuring him and myself. My lips around him were going tighter just like my pussy was around the toy and soon I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came with the vibrator in my pussy, opening my mouth wide and moaning. When I looked up again Dean was stroking his cock and he soon finished right over my breasts, leaving a slick trail of his seed.

“You did good today,” he said to me. “Now go home and rest”

He left, leaving me lost and confused. I didn’t know what to make of it, but at least I had my orgasm and it was as good as I could get. At least for now.

Authors note: Phew! This one made me steamy! Writing it had my pussy throbbing and I definitely need to find myself a Dean that would do this to me. Have you ever done anything naughty like this at work? Let me know! I love it. Tamsin 🧡

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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