I Cheated On Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is an international day of love recognized worldwide, right? Wrong! Well, for me at least. My boyfriend decided to go out with his friends on this special and romantic day and leave me all alone with nothing but my thoughts.

We had a big argument before he left, I couldn’t believe he was ditching me for his friends, I told him I would fuck someone else to celebrate the romantic day and he just shrugged his shoulders, completely unnerved and utterly unconvinced that I would actually do it.

Well, I proved him wrong.

I decided to enjoy my day, with him or without him. On a complete whim, I downloaded Tinder, set up a cute profile, explained exactly my situation in my bio, and began swiping. It was exciting and I was shocked at how many men actually wanted to help me get payback on my boyfriend and how many wanted to show me what a real valentines day celebration was all about. Finally, I found the perfect guy and before I knew it I was heading to his place.

I wore a cute lacey red lingerie set under my clothes, curled my long brown hair, and made sure to bring along the heart-shaped chocolates I had bought for myself. I was a bit nervous to meet this man but at the same time, I was still angry at my boyfriend and ready for total payback.

My tinder date had lit candles into a heart-shape on the floor, he had 12 red roses for me and even some chocolate for us to share. I couldn’t believe it, he had done more than my actual boyfriend and I was going to thank him with my horny body. We exchanged some small talk and jumped straight into the good stuff. He took me into his bedroom where there was a flickering candle dimly lighting the room and we began making out, he was a good kisser and slowly he undressed me, revealing my red lacey lingerie. He took a moment to observe me before telling me just how incredible I looked and how lucky he was, I could tell he thought my boyfriend was foolish but he wasn’t going to bring him up at that very moment.

I got to my knees, tied my hair back, and pulled out my tinder dates cock, it was hard and bigger than my boyfriend’s, I took him in my mouth and began sucking on it gratefully, my tongue enthusiastic and hungry as I swallowed his length and slurped on his meat. He ran his fingers through my curled hair as I took him as far down my throat as he would go and it wasn’t long before he pulled me up, telling me he wanted to fuck me before he blew his load. I smiled, I loved having that effect on men.

I lay back on his bed and he pulled my panties to one side, rubbing my slit, I was already wet as he rubbed me and kissed my neck, it felt so good to be touched like this and I let out a little whimper as his finger circled around my clit, his other finger teasing my entrance, daring to probe inside of me.

My pussy ached for this man, soaking his fingers as he played with me. Using his teeth he pulled down part of my lacey bra, revealing just my nipples, nibbling on them as he played with my pussy and I couldn’t take it a moment longer.

“Fuck me, please fuck me”, I said to this stranger.

He smiled and lay on top of me, positioning his cock to my entrance before slowly sliding himself inside of me, I moaned softly, enjoying the sensation of his hard cock inside of me as he began plowing into me, pinning my arms down with his hands. It felt so good and all thoughts of my no-good boyfriend were out of the window.

I asked to be on top and we changed positions, I straddled him and began sliding down his cock as he pulled at my bra and revealed more of my tits, he pinched and groped them as I began riding him, holding his ankles behind me to steady myself as I rolled my hips over his cock, making us both moan louder. I was riding him hard and fast when he reached down and pulled out a can of whipped cream and I nodded, letting him squirt the can over my breasts and down my torso, he began to lick it all off, sucking on my nipples as he got every last drop and I did the same in return, coating his nipples and torso in the tasty cream and licking it off sensually before going back to riding this man as if my life depended on it.

I felt my pussy clamping around his cock, desperate to trap his seed inside of me. He watched my breasts as they bounced with my body, each thrust better than the last. I could feel my pussy creamy and wet, I rubbed at my clit and felt my orgasm building up uncontrollably inside of me and with just a few more thrusts I began to climax, my body shaking and unashamed as I came hard, my orgasm dripping out of me and onto his cock, he continued fucking me as I came, his teeth gritted and his moans deep and passionate, I could barely keep upright once I came but I want his seed.

We changed positions again, this time I got onto all fours and he began fucking me from behind, his hands on my ass cheeks as he fucked my pussy mercilessly. I cried out with pleasure as his balls slapped against my wet slit and his cock slammed hard into me and a few seconds later he told me he was going to cum, I begged him to cum inside of me and he didn’t question it, filling me with his cum, a loud moan escaping him as his cock leaked with semen, making my pussy drip with milky fluid.

I had one last favor for this man, I wanted him to take a few pictures of me, just so my boyfriend could see what he had missed out on. I lay on his bed, this man’s cum dripping from my used-up pussy and I let him take some shots of me, making sure you could see the cum and obvious sex marks on my skin. I smiled as he took them, knowing how resentful my boyfriend was going to be and how he would never mess up like this on such a special day of the year ever again ❤

Authors note: I am a sucker for valentines day but I didn’t want to write about the usual love-filled, chocolate-induced sex, I wanted something steamier and something that would stick with you. I don’t condone cheating but in this story I wanted our main character to live her best life and she really did. What do you think? Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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