Dirty Talking Hotwife

Sitting down next to his wife and letting out a big sigh, Chris lets the stressors of the day melt out of his body.

“Tough day?”, his wife Sandy asks, nestling under his arm as she so often did. She fit in that space like a jigsaw piece, made for him, he thinks to himself.

“Yeah, but that’s ok now that I’m back home with you”, she smiles down at Sandy, who squeezes him tight. Chris works for a huge investment company, he deals with a lot of pressure day in and day out but when he’s with Sandy he can manage, she makes him feel good.

After a few moments, Sandy’s hand begins moving up his leg, making its way slowly up his thigh before resting against his crotch. Sandy looks up at her husband who smiles as she continues resting her hand there, enjoying his cock hardening beneath her hand.

Without saying a word she begins unzipping his pants, placing her hand inside of his boxers, and resting her hand against his growing member.

“You’re a bad horny boy aren’t you?”, Sandy says as she begins rubbing Chris’s growing cock. He nods subtly, agreeing with her that he does in fact always think about sex. Dirty, dark thoughts that he has only ever mentioned to her a handful of times.

Sandy begins rubbing his cock now, taking it in her hand and jerking him off slowly, letting all of his thoughts rush straight to his cock. “Do you want to see me naked?”, she asks as Chris closes his eyes, he nods, he definitely wants to see her naked.

“How about naked…with another guy?”, she says, biting her lip. His eyes snap open and he looks down at Sandy, her hand gripping his cock. “Yeah, I do”, he responds instinctively, knowing that nothing would make him happier.

Sandy continues jerking him off, dribbling her saliva over his cock to lube him up. “How about seeing me naked and fucking another guy?”, she suddenly says and she feels her husband’s cock twitch in her hand – he liked that, she thinks to herself.

“I want a big cock deep inside of me, how does that sound?”, she asks her husband as she continues rubbing his cock, feeling it grow harder than she has ever felt it before.

He nods, before saying, “Better than you could ever imagine”.

Sandy feels her body flush with pleasure, she is turned on by the idea too but she can’t look at her husband, this is all too real.

“In that case, I want a big, black cock in my tight pussy, I want my ex there too, fucking me senseless”, she says, closing her eyes at the thought.

Chris’s cock begins to leak with pre-cum, twitching in her hand as he lets her words form a beautiful picture in his mind.

“Would you like to watch that? two men taking full control of my body, making me cum and moan, filling me with their seed?”, she asks her husband, aware of how turned on he was.

“The thought turns me on so much”, he practically whispers as Sandy continues jerking his cock. Chris waited for a few seconds before nodding, “Yes, yeah, I would like that very much, I want to see another man pleasing you and making you scream”, he says, his eyes firmly shut, his cock tingling with unparalleled desire.

Sandy considered it for a moment, the thought turned her on too. She knew her husband got turned on by this stuff but this was the first time she had really felt it too.

“My ex used to make me squirt, did you know that?”, she says, jerking her husband faster now.

He shakes his head, “No, but I have thought about it”, he says, his hands gripping the cushions on either side of him.

“Yeah, he used to make me squirt so easy. I want that again, I want a man to make me squirt and make you watch”, Sandy says, excited by her own confidence and admiring her husband’s throbbing cock.

Chris groaned softly, the thoughts and fantasies he had kept hidden coming to life in his mind, dancing around like a movie being played out right in front of him. The thought of his wife with another man thrilled him, his cock neglected as she bounces on another man’s cock and screams out with pleasure.

His cock dribbles more with pre-cum and Sandy notices, licking it off with her tongue. “Mmm…it tastes good but I wonder what another man would taste like”, she says and with that Chris begins to erupt. His cock twitching as his orgasm spills hard and fast out of him, so much cum pours from his shaft, coating his stomach and Sandy’s small hand.

She had never seen so much cum coming from her husband, her eyes are wide as she watches his twitching and groaning. His cock throbbing and veiny as she jerks him off slowly as his orgasm pours from him.

This was just the start of their journey and they both knew it.

Authors note: Phew! I am feeling seriously turned on after writing this story. I don’t know what it is about the teasing, the fantasies, and the sudden admissions that really got me hot, but it worked. As always, I love knowing if you enjoyed my stories too so let me know! – Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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