I Convinced Myself I Wouldn’t Like Being Pegged

Jonathon laughed with his girlfriend Mindy as she waggled the dildo at him, she was trying once again to tempt him into trying something new and he was having none of it.

“I won’t like it”, he said, smiling at her.

“You will! You also don’t know until you try these things”, Mindy teased.

Jonathan shook his head, he liked a finger inside of his ass and that was it, a dildo wasn’t going to fit, let alone feel good.

A few hours later and the couple is making out on the couch, Mindy is looking extra sexy in her silk lingerie, her hair blow-dried and smelling like fresh soap and Jonathon is in just his boxer shorts, his boner ready and visible. Mindy has been teasing him for a while now, not letting him touch her and watching his boner grow more and more desperate.

He is hungry for her and without warning, he picks her up and carries her into their bedroom where he removes her silk panties and begins sucking on her pussy, her pink lips already moist as his tongue brushes against them. He listens to her moans as he sucks sweetly on her and feels his boner beginning to throb, he wants her wrapped around his cock but he wants to make her cum first.

Her thighs are trembling, they smell of fresh roses and all he wants to do is stay between her legs forever, where he belongs. Her clit has swollen against his tongue and each brush makes her moan louder, her fingers are running through his hair and pulling on strands as she trembles and shakes and suddenly he hears those sweet moans, everyone loves to hear: “I’m going to cum, fuck, fuck”, Mindy says as she begins to blow, arching her back and trembling with utter satisfaction.

“Wow”, is all she could say as she caught her breath, Jonathon kissing her thighs as her pussy recovered from such an intense experience.

His cock throbbed for her as she reached under the bed and pulled out a dildo. He took it from her, thinking she wanted it inside of her but she shook her head.

“Just see, if you hate it, we stop”, she said, biting her lip.

Jonathon thought about it for a few seconds, he wouldn’t like it and that would be the end of this and so he agreed, just to placate her. He lay on his back and Mindy straddled him, working her way down his body, her wet pussy leaving a wet trail down his torso. She finally reached his cock and began playing with it, pushing it inside of her mouth and squeezing his balls with her free hand. He moaned, elated at the release, finally being touched after all of this teasing. He felt Mindy’s tongue around his cock and slowly one of her fingers rubbed up against his asshole, her tongue flicked over his opening and gently she pressed a finger inside of him, it felt good and he let out a louder moan, enthralled by the pleasure. She continued sucking him, teasing him with her tongue and probing his anus with her finger, and without him even noticing she began teasing the dildo against his hole.

Jonathon was so lost in the moment that it all just felt good to him, he didn’t realize that it wasn’t her fingers pressing inside of him. The dildo popped straight in and she began thrusting it slowly Jonathon’s body responded before his mouth could, he was tensed, trembling with delight and his mouth could only utter the word: “Fuck”. Securing her harness, she clipped it onto the dildo and was now able to get a much better rhythm as she fucked his ass.

Jonathon’s cock seeped with pre-cum as Mindy pegged him with her dildo, he was on another planet, his eyes squeezed shut and his body silently asking for more. She thrust the dildo faster into him, knowing his prostate would be ready to blow at any second. He had succumbed to her and he was about to have the best orgasm of his life.

Mindy had never seen Jonathon so aroused, his prostate was leaking out over the dildo and his cock was dripping with pre-cum. She used one hand to jerk him off and her body to push the dildo inside of him, over and over. Jonathon gasped for air, forgetting to breathe as his body tingled with new and incredible sensations he had never felt before.

Mindy pegged him with everything she had until she saw that he was going to blow, she jerked him faster and pegged his ass rhythmically and methodically until he let go, cum spurted from his cock, and his entire body shook as he came, his cries of pleasure were loud and deep and Mindy continued pegging him, catching those last traces of orgasm with her dildo and making Jonathon shudder with arousal.

She pulled her dildo out of him and he was out cold, the orgasm had put him to sleep and Mindy tip-toed out of the room to clean herself up. Her dildo was covered in a creamy fluid her boyfriend had never secreted before and her pussy was soaked after seeing how much he had enjoyed the experience.

When he woke up he could barely speak, he was weak and exhausted, knocked out by such an orgasm, his body trying to recover after cumming so hard. As he hopped in the shower all he could say to his girlfriend was:

“You were right”, letting the hot water hit his face as his body still let out small trembles.

Mindy was so happy that he had let her try pegging him, she always knew he would love it and she couldn’t wait to do it all again and something told her, neither could he.

Authors note: In my personal life I am a big fan of pegging, I enjoy what it does to a man and I love the pleasure they always unlock. I wanted to share a story, similar to something that happened in my real life and show you how just saying yes to something new can absolutely change your life forever. Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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