Doing Time

I had been having inklings of my boyfriend’s infidelity for weeks now, his phone was suddenly never left around, and he was acting differently with me and strangely, buying me random gifts, something he had never really done before.

One evening, I confronted him about it, I couldn’t take the not knowing any longer, it was driving me crazy and as I straight-up asked him if he had cheated on me, he confessed everything. He told me how sorry he was, how it had been the biggest mistake of his life, I listened to all of his excuses and let him just keep talking because, for me, it was a relief to know I wasn’t just imagining things and once I had slept on the information that my boyfriend had cheated on me, I figured I could have a lot of fun, by punishing him.

He had effectively lost my trust, he had cheated on me and kept it a secret and that sort of thing doesn’t just heal overnight, I needed him to prove himself to me, regain my trust, and be taught a lesson or two in the meantime.

He got home from work the next day and I was waiting for him in our bedroom, his eyes were wide, he thought we were going to have cute and casual makeup sex. I told him to lay on the bed and get his cock out, which he did, I placed a blindfold over his eyes and he kept thanking me for my forgiveness, telling me how sorry he was, that he had made a big error of judgment, I listened to it all, yet my mind was elsewhere.

I was unboxing an unforgiving metal cock cage I had bought and as quiet as I could be I slowly clamped it around my cheating boyfriend’s cock and locked it in place, saying nothing.

My boyfriend stopped talking and slowly removed his blindfold, looking down at his cock in surprise.

“Wh…what…is this?”, he stuttered.

“Your punishment for cheating on me, honey”, I said, smirking.

“Look, I have said how sorry I am…please…can we…just…”, he trailed off and I just shook my head.

“You betrayed me and until I think you have truly learned your lesson it stays on”, I said, placing the key onto my necklace and leaving the room, letting him lay there in silence for a few moments.

There was some back and forth, he protested a lot but eventually, he knew to just obey me, I wasn’t budging and he needed to be taught a lesson. His cock had been naughty, he had committed a sin and my cock cage was there to show him that every action has a consequence.

An entire week had passed, I made him wear the cage 24/7 and my boyfriend was becoming desperate, his cock visibly throbbing through the tough metal cage and his eyes pleading with me every moment of the day but I was having so much fun and there was no way he had learned his lesson yet.

“I…I’m sorry?”, he said, his eyes pleading with me.

I smirked, looking into his eyes, knowing he was just saying that to get out of the cage.

“Sit down”, I said, he was completely naked, aside from the cage. I was wearing a white shirt and a black skirt, with no panties underneath. I straddled him, kissing his neck for the first time since he had cheated and he groaned with pleasure, I knew it felt good for him.

I felt his cage resting beneath me, rubbing against my exposed pussy. I pull my skirt up and let him see that I was pantyless. His jaw falls open, he goes to touch me and I smack him away, waggling my finger in his face. I go back to his neck, kissing him seductively and gently rubbing myself against his cage. I found myself getting off on it, the cool sensation of the cage against my wet warmth felt nice and it really made me work up an appetite for sex.

I climbed off of him and fetched my largest dildo, a huge realistic cock that I can only just about fit if I try really hard and my boyfriend loves watching me use it on myself.

I lay back on the coffee table, facing my caged boyfriend, I spread my legs and I began working the dildo against my pussy, rubbing my slit with the realistic bulbous head and pressing it against my opening. I rubbed at my clit at the same time, using my own juices as lube, sucking on my fingers and penetrating myself, desperate to get my huge dildo inside of myself.

My boyfriend watched, he didn’t take his eyes off of me for a second. His cock was straining at the cage, watching me masturbate is his favorite thing in the world and now it’s torturing him.

I managed to squeeze in the tip of my bulbous, large dildo and began thrusting it quickly in and out of my wet slit. It made the most delightful squelching noise as I maneuvered it in and out of myself, more and more centimeters inching inside of me with each thrust. It felt so good, I rubbed at my breasts before releasing them from the confines of my bra, pulling up my shirt so that I could play with them more efficiently. My boyfriend was breathing heavily, his body being tortured by my seductive actions without even needing to touch him.

As I thrust the huge dildo inside of myself, I felt my orgasm brewing, I was so close. My legs were trembling, my toes curled, and my body alive with arousal.

I made to sure to look my boyfriend in the eyes as I began to cum, thick waves of delight washed over my body and my pussy began squirting, soaking the coffee table beneath me. I trembled and ached all over, I could barely breathe as my body convulsed and erupted in a wave of pleasure. As I used my huge dildo to press against my opening and rub my juices all over myself my boyfriend groaned with anger, he was over the edge, more than desperate for my touch, to be released from the confines of his tough metal cage but now that I had cum, I had no need for him.

I smiled as I stood up, pulling my shirt back on properly and brushing down my skirt.

“I…please…”, he started and I shushed him, telling him to keep quiet.

A few hours later and unfortunately for my caged boyfriend, I was feeling horny all over again. He was on the couch, readng a book when I crawled on all fours onto the carpet right infront of him, I still wasnt wearing any panties and I knew my pussy was already soaked.

On all fours I turned my head towards him and told him he could touch me. I have never seen him move so quick, he was behind me in an instant, his tongue buried inside of my wet pussy, contorting around inside of me as his fingers rubbed my swollen clitoris. It felt good to have his mouth touching me, drinking me, soaking me. I ached for another orgasm, my pussy spilling with juices, all being licked up and cleaned by my boyfriend.

He licked and sucked on my quivering cunt and suddenly I was on the brink of orgasm, it built stronger and stronger inside of me before I couldn’t hold it off for a moment longer. I began to tremble and my orgasm came pouring out of me, squirt shooting down my thighs and onto my boyfriends face. Creamy cum coated my slit and my body ached from such an intense release.

I sat forward and caught my breath and my boyfriend began kissing my neck, taking my hand and showing me how hard he was inside of his torture chamber.

I sat up, smiling at him and reaching for the key around my neck, the key to his freedom, to his orgasm, to his most precious body part. His eyes widened, he smiled at me, a smile that told me how grateful he was and as I held the key to the lock, I stopped.

I leant back and stood up, ignoring his pleas as I kept him locked up for another week.

Authors note: Whilst I am not an expert on chastity, I do thoroughly enjoy writing about it and experimenting with it in my life. I wanted punishment for this story, laced with desperation and desire, being withheld from pleasure for a bad mistake and tortured into submission. It sounds very fun! Would you consider this a healthy punishment? – Tamsin 😍

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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