Electronic Lust – The Best Sex I Ever Had

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m bored, I have no plans, I have no errands and one thing that I am absolutely sure of is that I am horny. I try to hold off for as long as I can but even if I am just watching TV the thought of having an orgasm and that familiar sweet release and inexplicable tension relief are calling my name and so I give in, heading to my bedroom and grabbing my laptop. I want to take things slowly, really enjoy being alone and having some time to myself.

I open up my favorite website and start watching some porn videos, really getting myself in the mood for this. I had already planned to take my time and now I had decided to have as many orgasms as I could.

I pulled off my shorts and began rubbing at myself through my panties, watching the video play out in front of me. I changed the video and enjoyed something else, still rubbing my pussy through my panties, taking my sweet time, and really teasing myself.

That’s when I had the idea of heading onto one of these cam sites and showing myself off a little bit there, I didn’t intend to actually go as far as I did. I opened up the site and positioned my camera down towards my waist, I sat cross-legged, my panties visible and if you looked really close you could see my wetness on the fabric.

There were lots of men with their cocks already out and finally I found someone I liked the look of. I couldn’t see his face but I liked his clothes and when he saw me he didn’t immediately start masturbating. We started talking first and slowly touching ourselves on cam. His cock was rock hard when he got it out and the polite thing to do was for me to remove my panties. He complimented my pussy non-stop and when I flashed him my breasts he jerked himself faster. We watched each other getting off for some time, he would tell me how many fingers to use and to show him how wet I was and I enjoyed just watching him stroking his meat. It was eye-opening masturbating with a complete stranger, he could have been anyone but the thrill was exhilarating and I felt myself close to an orgasm much sooner than I had anticipated.

It began to spill out of me, squirting across my bed, I had never come so hard before. My new friend watched on jerking himself faster as he began to cum too, his seed spilling out of his cock and down his hands. Mine soaked my sheets, I was trembling, I forgot I was even on camera momentarily, it was amazing. I took a few moments to compose myself, thanked my new friend, and continued browsing, ready to find someone else for round two with me and it wasn’t long before I found him.

He commented on the huge wet patch in front of me and I told him what had just happened. His cock was firmly in his hand and his watch on his wrist glistened against the light of his computer screen. I began rubbing my pussy for him, this time faster, my clit sensitive from my last orgasm but ready to go again, swollen and turned on. He masturbated in rhythm with me and when I pushed two fingers inside of myself he had to slow down, he told me he was ready to nut. I trembled, cherished the thought of being watched like this and suddenly I announced I was going to cum again and I did, a huge squirt pouring out of me, my pussy twitching with overstimulation, I moaned softly and trembled, my hands unable to even move from such a vigorous masturbation session. My new friend came watching me and his load landed on his desk in front of him. I felt so sexy and I knew at that moment every single free Saturday I get from now on, I will spend it masturbating with strangers.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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