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It started innocently enough, I had to sit my husband Stanely down to talk about some pornography I had caught him with on the computer, a lot of cuck porn, to which he initially denied. Eventually, there was no use in hiding it, Stanley admitted to me that he had often delved into fantasies of me having sex with other men, even degrading him for it, to which my response shocked him.

It wasn’t of disgust or even hesitance, my lips slowly crept into a grin, and my demeanor had changed as my face flushed red with arousal.

“So… how about we invite Nicolas over and see where things go…?”

It was completely out of the blue, Stanley still not having gotten over the humiliation of admitting his secret fantasies to his wife, now I was planning on inviting the man that we both know can’t keep his eyes off of me! While initially, he wanted to object, the grin on my face told him all he needed to know, and Stanely didn’t say a word, only nodding as he left to grab the phone for me. He then listened as I flirted with Nicolas on the line, teasing him subtly as I invited him over, clicking it to hang up, and then staring directly at Stanley.

“Well, I need to get ready~”

I didn’t waste any time skipping away happily, choosing out a skimpy outfit for Nicolas to enjoy. A tight pair of shorts and an easily-tearable shirt were all I needed to please him!

Nicolas arrived surprisingly quickly, which only served my purpose more, as Stanley hardly had time to prepare himself, caught surprised and struggling with his own sudden rush of arousal over what was playing out in front of him. Things started rather tame, but it seemed as if Nicolas was beginning to take the hint. How I openly touched his body, grinding mine against his, flirted blatantly with him, and even let him grope me when he wanted… all in front of my husband…

Though all of a sudden, Nicolas had a rush of confidence, guiding me to my feet as he walked off toward my bedroom, his breathing ragged as I felt my heart race with excitement. Stanley couldn’t take anymore, standing up and following us, he caught Nicolas diving into our room, slamming the door behind us. He hurried down the hall, listening as he heard me squealing for a moment, before a moan broke past my lips, struggling to speak.

“N-no! Don’t come in~!”

There was clear panic in my voice, but Stanley couldn’t obey me, twisting the handle and stepping inside to see an awful sight. I had been bent over his own bed, shorts pulled to my knees with Nicolas’ fingers sliding inside of my quivering pussy. The look on my face was sickening to him, twisted in pleasure, my eyes had rolled up, left unable to make any sounds but lecherous moans, desperate for his touch. Nicolas seemed annoyed with the intrusion, and pulled out his fingers, spitting his words up to Stanley as I whimpered to myself for more.

“You’d better give us some privacy, don’t you think?”

Even after having degraded me in front of my own husband, teaching me how it feels to be humiliated and taken like this, he takes the effort to emphasize what’s about to happen to me. With a smug expression, Nicolas gave me another slap across my ass, listening to me cry out in pleasure as both of them watched my cheeks jiggling with each strike. Stanley couldn’t stand the sight, listening to Nicolas as he shut the door, screwing his eyes shut and struggling to have his mind drift away elsewhere. Whilst walking back to the sofa, Stanley tried to ignore the distant sound of my ass being spanked, and even the guttural moans escaping my lips from Nicolas’ torment.

Tired from the day, Stanley sat down on the sofa, grabbing a nearby pillow to drown out the smacking sound echoing from the hallway, occasionally broken by the sound of me squealing in response. Without knowing it, Stanley drifted to a night of restless sleep, tossing on the sofa uncomfortably whilst Nicolas stole away both his room and his wife, all while Stanley stained the front of his pants with a thick puddle of precum.

The night passed, and despite not getting much rest, Stanley roused from his spot on the sofa, rubbing his eyes as he absent-mindedly stood up and headed back to his room. Before even getting to the door, it swung open with a dreadful sight behind it.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were still here~”

I had a faint smile on my face, but Stanley wasn’t focused on that. Instead, his eyes were locked on my naked body, how his wife proudly displayed herself without shame, my dark skin glistening in the dim lighting, the contrast between it and Nicolas’ hand gripping my waist tightly was making the situation even worse. Upon locking eyes, I took my hand and locked it with Nicolas’, his other busy sinking into my asscheeks, his fingers disappearing between them.

Stanley could only hang his mouth open, lost for words at not only the sight of me naked before him but also the silent declaration of my being claimed by Nicolas, his firm grip holding me in place. Despite his disgust, Stanley didn’t refuse himself the arousal of staring at me, seeing how wet I had gotten from whatever we were doing, he could feel his heart racing.

“Enough gawking, fucker.”

With a sudden thrust of his hand between my cheeks, they both watched as I trembled, letting out a stifled moan before struggling to compose myself. Nicolas then leaned in, whispering into my ear, yet still loud enough for Stanley to hear.

“It’s time I fucking ruined your pussy~”

Nicolas finally let me move again, pushing me forward and past Stanley, like a young couple rushing toward privacy. Just as I passed by him, I let my hand glide across Stanley’s aching bulge, the slightest touch as if to say ‘That’s all you’re going to get before I left him there.

“Bye Sweetie…Don’t stay up too late!”

My sweet, innocent tone was twisting arousal in Stanley’s mind, who was staring at my fat ass jiggling obscenely with how I practically skipped into my room. My giddiness was a testament to how easily I fell to Nicolas’ advances, it was as if his porn was playing out in front of him.

I eagerly took each step with him, awaiting that moment I could hear the door closing behind us, and finally see the lecherous beast within him take hold and claim me. The previous night spent together, being spanked and having my ass abused was enough to leave my arousal almost burning in my chest, there wasn’t a single second I wasn’t craving his cock inside of me.

Not believing his eyes, Stanley followed us out of the other room and watched as Nicolas reeled back his hand and gave my ass a harsh smack. Expecting me to awaken from my trance and scold him, Stanley felt an overwhelming sense of dread as he watched me arch my back for Nicolas to spank me again. He looked back, locking eyes with Stanley as he gave me what I wanted, making him listen to my squeal before the two of us disappeared into my room. The last sight I saw was Stanley desperately reaching into his pants as I shook my hips with each step, jerking his dick beneath the fabric before I disappeared from sight.

With the amazing sight gone, Stanley walked back into the room we spent the night in and slumped down into his bed, knowing that just moments ago, his wife was a squealing mess whilst bent over it. Having spent an entire night used by Nicolas without mercy…

The evidence was clear on his sheets, a distinct puddle at the foot of his bed, he leaned in and sniffed it, not realizing until it hit his nostrils that it was my juices, my arousal dripping down my thighs and soaking into his bedsheets. Lost in hazy arousal, Stanley slumped down onto his bed, lost in thought as he began tugging at his cock once again.

Just on the other side of the wall, Nicolas had finally gotten me alone in my own room and took full advantage of it. Before I even turned around to face him, he smacked my plump ass, feeling his hand sink into it. What came out of my mouth could only be described as a whorish moan, something out of a porn movie, not a well-behaved wife.

“Well well, looks like you’re mine now~”

Nicolas made things clear to me, letting me know that nothing was getting in his way now, and he was ready to claim me. With a moment to recover, I turned around, letting Nicolas see the lustful look on my face, completely lost in my overwhelming arousal.

We had just spent a long time alone, listening to me crying out in a mix of pain and pleasure as he punished me, even stripping me down without so much as an objection to it. Finally done waiting, Nicolas grabbed a fistful of my hair, bringing my face close, the words that were practically spat at me from his lips filled my mind.

“I’m going to make the fucking loser listening to us hear you scream as you cum on my fucking cock, understand, bitch?!”

I visibly throbbed with arousal, my body trembling as I felt like nothing more than his toy, shivering with anticipation at being used by him.

I shattered his illusion of breaking me to his will when I began groping my tits in front of his face, massaging them gently as precum continued dripping down his cock. There was nothing to break, I was too eager for his cock to deny him, and let Nicolas know just that.

Now putty in his hands, I pulled away and crawled across the bed, then roughly grabbed at his waist, pulling him in against my skin, grabbing the back of his head before forcing him into a kiss. My lips sealed around his mouth, my tongue battling with him in a show of control, finally beating him down until he was lost in the pleasure. His legs were shaky, making it easy for me as I broke the kiss and pushed him back onto the bed.

“I’m going to make you pay me back for each time you jerked off whilst thinking of me~”

It was like I had read into his mind, all of the dirty thoughts of having me bent over and screaming for him laid bare, it was embarrassing to admit to me in this way. Despite his hesitations, those thoughts weren’t given much room to develop, I let out a subtle giggle as I slid my panties down my thighs.

It was there before him, Nicolas’ fantasy shaking in front of his face, my bare pussy just begging to be filled. He practically tore his own clothes off, lunging forwards to grasp at my body, claiming it for himself. I could only let out a surprised whimper before being pushed onto all fours, my ass pulled into the air as he began pounding into my quivering hole, still wet and dripping down my thigh from being teased on the sofa, my voice pathetically letting out a squeal with each thrust.

My tight hole was eager to accept his cock, Nicolas looked down at me, watching his dick disappear between my cheeks. my ridiculous ass cushioned every smack of his hips, making every thrust as pleasant as could be, and thought to himself that this was something he could get used to. With the thought of getting addicted to his cock, Nicolas picked up his pace, listening to my moans follow suit, becoming more desperate by the second.

My surprised and loud moans quickly filled the room, each cry of pleasure in rhythm to his frantic poundings. My eyes were soon rolled up into my head, tongue lolling from my lips as I helplessly came on his dick, stretching my pussy out so roughly that I couldn’t resist the pleasure, even if I wanted to. After only a few moments, I had forgotten about Stanley, and let my night continue the way he wanted, as his bitch until they passed out from exhaustion.

“Scream for me, you fucking whore! Take my cum and beg for more!”

The rhythmic smacking of my ass echoed in the room, followed by my moans with each thrust, almost a hypnotic sound that coaxed them further into their depravity.

“Yes! Please, more! Fucking cum inside me you stud!!”

On the other side of the wall, Stanley was furiously jerking his dick while slumped in his bed, listening to me devolve more by the second, my whimpers becoming moans, my moans becoming cries of pleasure, and as he heard Nicolas grunt, my screaming orgasm in response to being filled by him.

It was incredible for him, being humiliated in front of his own wife, watching me squirm on the sofa under his gaze, and now listening to my asscheeks smacking against Nicolas’ hips, no choice but to picture me there, bent over for him, letting his dick violate my pussy…

In his sea of self-hatred, Stanley couldn’t stop himself from tensing up, the frantic, desperate moans of his wife building his own arousal, and couldn’t stop himself tensing up as he came hard, dripping his load between his fingers as he listened to me screaming out once again in orgasmic bliss.

A brief pause in my moaning gives him a moment to recover, listening to my labored breathing, noticing it becoming louder over a few seconds. Then, a loud thud comes from the wall behind him, and he hears my voice.

“W-wa-, don’t make m- Ah…!”

Nicolas had grabbed me by the hair and shoved me up against the wall, knowing full well who was on the other side. The delicate squeal that broke past my lips was brought on by the stimulation of Nicolas’ cock pushing inside of me again, giving way to the same frantic, whorish moans I fell into a moment ago.

“FF-fuck! I’m cu-cumming again!!”

Stanley sat there, wide-eyed whilst being forced to listen to his wife get pumped full of Nicolas’ cum mere inches from him, my thoughts shattered in a single motion, his own tension growing as he realized just how long of a night this is going to be. Without even realizing it, Stanley had come in his fist without even moving his hand, he was humping his fingers while listening to his wife cum on another man’s cock, and he loved every second he was allowed to sit there and listen.

Authors note: Cuckolding always gets me excited, my mind wanders, my arousal goes to different places and I can never get enough once I start writing and losing myself in one of my favorite fantasies. Cuckolding can be a tricky subject but if you’re anything like me, it’s one of the best to write and fantasize about. Tell me, are you a cuck? – Tamsin 💋

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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