I finally got to feel his cum

I know it sounds crazy but it’s true, I had never had a man cum inside of my pussy before this moment. I was scared of pregnancy and not using condoms in general, I had filled my mind with crazy ideas, and any time I had had sex I made sure to always use protection therefore I had never felt a raw cock inside of me, filling me with its warm cum and I was craving it with my new man.

I had been dating Shaun for 4 weeks, we were already exclusive and things were moving pretty quickly. The sex was great as was everything else and Shaun never protested when I asked him to wear a condom, despite being on the pill.

One evening I decided I was finally going to get rid of my creampie virginity and ask Shaun to be the first man to fill me with his semen and I couldn’t wait.

“Honey I have something to ask of you”, I purred as he sat down to watch TV.

Shaun looked at me, excited by my sultry demeanor and obvious lust for his body.

“I want you to fill me with cum”, I said, biting my lip and feeling my pussy pulsing with excitement.

“I can do that”, he smirked, getting off the couch and making his way up the stairs, holding me by my hand.

“No, I mean, I want you to not wear a condom and fill me with my first ever real creampie”, I smiled, suddenly shy about being so forward.

His eyes widened. “You mean…actually?”, he said, clearly turned on by the prospect.

I nodded weakly and he pulled me up the stairs and into the bedroom. Pushing me down on the bed and practically ripping off my clothes.

“I want to fill you up with cum so badly”, he whispered as he began kissing my body, soaking my skin with his passionate lips, making me shiver as he traced my sensitive areas with his tongue. He squeezed my breasts viciously as he licked my nipples and sucked on my neck. My legs opened instinctively for him, begging him in their own way to be thrown around and fucked.

My pussy was soaked as he began rubbing me through my panties, pulling them to one side to feel my wet lips and pushing two of his long fingers inside of me, making me moisten even more. I ached for him, arching my back for him to go deeper, moaning softly as he explored my pussy.

Shaun was incensed for me, his boner rock hard in his pants, bulging at the seams, straining to be let out of the confinements of the tight material. He unzipped his pants and his cock sprung out, dribbling with pre-cum as he continued fingering me and kissing my aching body.

“Please, please fill me with your cum now”, I whispered into the air, he groaned as he heard me say it, pulling his soaked fingers from my creamy pussy and positioning himself between my legs, slowly he pushed the head of his bulging cock inside of me and I took him gratefully, moaning as each inch penetrated me and filled up my soaked canal.

Shaun thrust into me with vigor, I moaned loudly as I felt him reaching the very end of me. His thrusts were hard and rhythmic, I felt electric with sensations and suddenly he turned me onto my front, I got onto all fours and he squeezed my ass before pushing his cock deep inside of me from behind.

“I want to watch it drip out as I come inside you”, he said breathlessly as he fucked me. I moaned louder again into the pillows, enjoying his strength and power behind me. My pussy tingled with excitement, I rubbed at my clit and felt myself on the brink of an orgasm too.

Shaun’s cock felt as if it was pulsating inside of me, a sensation I had never experienced before. I felt the veins in his cock thumping as he thrust hard into me and as he uttered the words,

“I’m going to cum…”,

I did too. Exploding beneath him, my pussy trembling as I came, my orgasm trickling through my body and making me scream with delight. I felt my cum drooling out of my pussy and suddenly I felt Shaun’s orgasm coming too, he pumped into me one last time before slamming into me and letting out a deep moan. His cum shot deep inside of me, his cock pulsating as he emptied his raw seed into my womb.

I felt his load deep in my canal, his breathing hoarse as he emptied every single last drop inside of me, my first creampie.

He pulled slowly out of me, his cum following, dripping down my pussy lips as it made its way down my thighs. I felt full and complete, his cum spilling out of me, my own cum making my pussy glisten.

“wow”, is all I could say as he watched my cum pour out of me before he lay down next to me, his cock twitched as he closed his eyes, his cum still dribbling out of me as he filled me up so much.

After that, I could never go back to not having creampies, I am a total convert and I can’t believe I waited so long to pop my creampie cherry.

Authors note: This story really turned me on! I do love cum and I loved taking that excitement that I have and turning it into a new experience. Lots of erotic stories feature creampies but not all of them make a point of the whole ordeal and I loved putting that into words. I loved this creampie story, let me know what you thought too, and do you like creampies? Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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