The Fertile Camping Trip

Me and my friend Jessie lost connection sometime after we both went to college, but once we moved to live in the same city it was as if nothing had changed. She had her small friend group that I happily joined and we started to hang out together more and more often. From that moment there was me, Jessie, her boyfriend Peter, and their friend Cole.

Ever since the moment I meant Cole I knew that I needed to be with him. He was just too hot and irresistible and ever since I met him I couldn’t be in his presence without the feeling of a throbbing in my pussy. I might’ve been hornier around him than ever, but I didn’t feel ashamed. I just wanted him and I was willing to do everything to have him.

I was flirting with him, trying to touch him whenever I could and he was playing along, but nothing happened, not yet anyway. It was as if both of us were too afraid to ruin that flirty friendship between us to move along, but Jessie was getting annoyed with all that play. She wanted me to finally sleep with Cole so we either stop flirting or start dating and soon a perfect opportunity to get us together presented itself.

Jessie offered us to go on a three-day camping trip, just the four of us, and two tents to spend time in. We were all excited about it and started to prepare and my body seemed to get ready for it too.

My ovulation was going to be on the same days as we were going to spend in the woods and I just knew I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back from Cole. I was off the pill for a few months after my last break up and I knew it was not a good idea to try and sleep with Cole in my elevated horny state, but I just wanted it so badly.

Just the thought of him cumming inside me, letting his seed stay inside while my body needed it so badly was making me go mad with desire. I knew that this trip was about to be very special and I wasn’t about to cancel those plans.

On the day of the trip we all got in the car and me and Cole were sitting in the back. We were giving each other looks and smiles and I could already feel the throbbing in my pussy. I wanted that man so badly and I couldn’t look away from his groin, imagining how his cock looked and how he would feel inside me. I wore the tightest clothes I owned, letting him see my ass and my tits, hoping he would appreciate it.

As soon as we got to the place, we started to put up tents. Cole did most of the job and I was just looking at him, at the way his arms flexed, thinking about how I would feel in his arms. Soon everything was ready and we started the fire, sitting around and preparing food.

I was sitting next to Cole and looking at him all the time. He did the same, our bodies close and I couldn’t wait to be alone with him in the tent. I think all four of us knew what was going to happen when we separated and the night ended fast.

Me and Cole went inside the tent, and lay on the top of our sleeping bags, looking at each other in the dark. I could feel the desire from him and I felt mine all the same. My pussy was begging for his cock and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I stared at him and put a hand on his chest, caressing it slowly.

“How about we lose some clothes and do something more fun than sleep?” I asked him, my voice low. He turned to me, giving me a long look.

“I was waiting for you to say that,” he said with a smile before he leaned closer and started kissing me.

My body was singing, all of me wanting to get with him and have his dick inside of me and I knew I was going to get it soon. We started undressing each other, kissing and caressing everything that was opening up.

I could only think about his dick, about him going inside me and giving me what I needed – my pussy full of his thick cum. I could imagine myself a few months later, with a rounder belly, after he made me this way. All of that was going to my head so fast, that I couldn’t control myself. I needed him not and I needed him badly.

There were fewer and fewer clothes on the both of us and soon Cole pushed me on my back. He looked down at me, as he put his face against my tits and was sucking on my nipples. I loved it, I loved the feeling of his hot mouth on me and I was going mad. My pussy was wet and ready for him, so I spread my legs, letting him know exactly what I wanted.

“Tell me, what do you want?” he said, kissing my neck.

“I want you to cum in my pussy,” I said, saying out loud what I had wanted for so long.

Finally, I had him. His cock was moving against my slit, over my clit, making me moan loud enough for our friends to hear. I arched my back, ready to get him even closer, as deep as I could. Cole moved his hips and I felt that magnificent sensation of his cock moving inside me. He was so thick and nice, I could already feel how good it would feel to be fucked by him and have his load inside of my pussy.

He groaned as his face was against my neck, giving me more and more strokes, while my pussy was pressing hard against his length, milking him for every drop of what he could give me. Soon, I felt it. A hot thick seed was filling me, making me even more turned on by the thought that his cum was about to create a life inside me.

I wanted to look down, to where my pussy was so slick and creamy, but I couldn’t. Cole was already hard again and ready for another round, so I opened my legs again, giving me a chance to make my pussy even more filled with his seed.

The next morning when we woke up both of us were hungry. I could still feel the cum inside me as I got up and it was making me feel horny all over again. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I will want to have sex with Cole again. We had breakfast and I could see on Jesse’s face that she knew exactly what we were doing the night before and she didn’t say a word.

After that, we needed some wood to keep the fire going and I offered to go and look. I asked Cole to come with me and he agreed, seeing my intentions.

We went farther into the forest until I was sure that no one could hear or see us. I wasn’t about to play coy, knowing exactly what I needed, so I got against the tree, pulled my pants down, and perked my ass. I knew that my pussy was still slick with his cum from the night before and he would slide right in and I could tell that he liked it too. He smacked my ass, grabbing me by the hips and pushing his cock against me.

I moaned, knowing that he was about to be inside me, to give me that delicious cum again. I spread my legs as wide as I could, letting him inside my pussy. He went right in, deep and my fertile pussy finally got what it wanted again. With every move he made, I could feel him pushing his seed deeper inside me, making me think about all the creaminess that was going to be inside and around my pussy.

My slit was going to be so messy and sweet and I loved it. I moaned harder, feeling him push inside me deeper and deeper, my back arching from the desire I felt. Soon, I felt it again. Warm and thick cum, filling me and dripping from my inner thighs, making me feel so good I couldn’t imagine anything ever feeling so good ever again.

The rest of the days we spent in the wild we kept fucking like crazy any chance we got, trying not to disturb the animals in the woods. I was getting all that I wanted – as many loads as possible, with my pussy becoming slicker and creamier. I just knew that I was getting all of it in and keeping it. It was a wonderful trip that left me with my fertile pussy full and I was hoping that my belly would be full too…

Authors note: I am absolutely ready for a camping trip after this one! I let my mind wander into hidden fantasies as I explored this topic. A fertile pussy, pregnancy, and an exciting thrill of sex outdoors. What more could you ask for? Have you ever had sex whilst camping? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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