The Fitness Freak

Garrett wiped his brow and looked up at his reflection. He hadn’t been at this gym very long but had certainly made an impression. At least, that’s what it seemed to him, as he realized that several women were surveying him in the mirror. He couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride. Wasn’t that what people wanted at the gym – to have others envious of their results?

“Excuse me, but are you new here?” asked a cheerful voice to Garrett’s right. He looked over to see a cute blonde in a black outfit smiling at him. Garrett had seen her for a few days now. She always looked so sexy on the elliptical, her ass perfectly round in her tight pants.

Garrett nodded and watched as the blonde’s eyes ran across his toned arm muscles and wide chest. “Yeah. I’m actually new in town and found this place. It’s just down the street from my apartment. I’m Garrett.”

The blonde bit her lip, her blue eyes fluttering up at him. “I’m Stacy.”

In only a matter of minutes, Garrett found himself sneaking into the men’s showers with Stacy, feeling the envious glances of several other men as he went. The feeling was almost palpable.

“Fuck,” moaned Stacy as soon as they had got into a shower together. “You’re so ripped.”
Garrett had quickly stripped off his tank top and shorts, and Stacy had peeled away her own yoga pants and bra. The hot water poured down on them as Stacy dropped to her knees to suck Garrett’s huge cock.

Garrett played with her long, soaking wet hair as Stacy gave him head, in awe at how eager she was. Her moans reverberated against the shower walls. Finally, Garrett pulled her up to standing and ran his hands across her slender torso and perfect breasts. This had definitely been an unexpected surprise from his workout today, that was for sure.

“Turn around,” said Garrett, and Stacy immediately did as he asked.

In one thrust, Garrett’s cock was plunging its way deep into Stacy’s pussy, as Stacy’s body remained pressed up against the shower wall.

“Holy shit!” she cried out, unable to control the volume in her voice. She didn’t care. The hottest guy at the gym was fucking her, and he was so good at it, too.

Garrett held onto Stacy’s slim frame as he fucked her, watching the way her taut ass bounced as he slammed into her, his thrusts unrelenting.

Stacy’s whimpers were adorable and arousing, and Garrett decided he wanted to watch Stacy’s face as he fucked her. He pulled out from her wet pussy and spun her around. Before she could understand what was happening, she let out a loud squeal as Garrett picked her up, holding her in place against the wall as he fucked her.

Stacy’s eyes rolled back in her head. It had always been a fantasy of hers to find someone who could pick her up to fuck her, and here he was, in the middle of the gym shower. In only a matter of minutes, Stacy’s pussy was clenching around Garrett’s throbbing shaft as she came, her moans tapering into a loud yelp that Garrett secretly hoped everyone could hear.

“Are you ready for my cum, baby?” Garrett grunted, feeling himself growing closer to that familiar precipice.

Stacy, who was feeling deliciously weak, nodded her head rapidly. “Ooh, fuck yes. Fill me up, Garrett. . .”

She watched his muscles contract as he got out a few more hard thrusts before finally shooting hot ropes of cum inside Stacy. She couldn’t help but grin as he did so, relishing in the fact that her fantasy of hers had just come to life.

“Holy shit!” Garrett said, out of breath, as he put Stacy back on the ground. “Where the fuck did you come from?”

Garrett felt a sense of pride as he stepped out of the shower, his cheeks flushed red from his extra workout. Every man in the place, regardless of where they were in their own routines, stopped to look at him.

These flings certainly didn’t stop with Stacy. Garett would please any woman, married, single, gay or straight.

The next week, Garrett bumped into a beautiful redhead at the sign-in desk, and she and Garrett decided on a quickie in the jacuzzi. They had lucked out and picked a day where the gym was pretty quiet, so Addison was easily able to sit on Garrett’s cock underneath the warm bubbles. Her breath caught in her throat as her pussy stretched out around his girth, but quickly accommodated his size.

“You like that?” Garrett asked, grinning, as Addison’s hands traveled across his biceps. She seemed in awe at his muscles and tone.

She was grinding slowly against his cock, enjoying every slow, hot second. She had been crushing on Garrett from the minute she saw him, wondering what it might be like to get her chance with him.

“I do, fuck,” Addison sighed, smiling. “You’re so sexy. I love these big arms of yours.”

Addison felt a surge of thrill and began to bounce up and down now, not concerned with who might walk through those doors, even if it was her own husband. Garrett’s cock was perfect in every way and somehow managed to hit spots of hers that no one else could manage to.

After Addison, the other men at the gym began to talk. There was no denying the fact they envied Garrett. He quickly became somewhat of a legend, though a distraction, nonetheless. Every woman would stop to flirt with him when given the chance. They’d ask for help with simple exercises or assistance with putting the weights back. Their eyes were drawn to Garrett’s charming smile and ripped body. It was like a model had walked through the doors.

Garrett even managed to score a date with two best friends, Rachel and Mia, one Saturday night. Garrett had had several threesomes in his life, but none like this. Rachel and Mia were both total athletic hotties, their bodies chiseled while still maintaining their feminine curves.
Rachel and Mia took turns sucking Garrett’s cock one night while he reclined in his bed, before taking turns getting fucked by him. They both got onto all fours and let Garrett go back and forth between their pussies.

“Goddamn,” hissed Garrett through his teeth, as he switched from Rachel to Mia, his hands sliding over both of their firm ass cheeks.

The women looked back over their shoulders at him, their expressions were horny and eager.
After a marathon fuck that broke his own record, Garrett took his cock in his hands and covered both of their asses in cum. His orgasm seemed never-ending, and Rachel and Mia giggled and moaned as he came.

“Will we see you tomorrow?” asked Rachel, as the three of them flopped down onto the bed, exhausted and dizzy with pleasure.

Garrett closed his eyes and smiled, pulling them both in against him.

“Of course, you will. I don’t miss leg day.”

Authors note: This story was something a little different for me. I wanted to create something of a fantasy, a desired sex god of a man who appeals to men and women alike. Something about this egoic athletic persona who knows he is on top of the world really inspired me to write. Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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