I was always obsessed with cum, ever since the first time, I had sex.

Yes, it was unprotected and you can judge me all you want, but I don’t regret anything that happened. I remember that sweet feeling of my first boyfriend’s load filling me up, how hot it felt inside me and when he pulled out I put my hand between my legs, so I would feel it leaking out of me and it was the most amazing I ever felt. I got my hand close to my face, looking at it, feeling how it was drying out on my inner thighs.

Ever since that moment I used any opportunity I got to get cum inside me or on me so I could feel it again and again. Whenever a guy fucked me and there was little to no cum coming out I would lose my mind. I would stroke them, ride them and suck them until I was satisfied with what I got.

Since then I learned that it was much easier to just find the guys that cum a lot and just go along with it. Another way to get the share of jizz on me that I would like was getting more than one guy at once and it was the way I usually went.

When I was in college, I developed a habit of going to parties just to get as much cum as I could. I would usually get in the middle of the groups of guys, there were always a lot of those on campus, and start talking to them while we were having drinks.

Once we all got relaxed and I could see that they were interested I would walk them all to a free room and have some real fun. I would usually get on my knees in the middle while they had their pants down and their dicks in their hands, so I looked up at them, all innocent, and started sucking.

I wouldn’t make it last long though. With me having one dick in my mouth and two in my hands, they never lasted long. Even if some of them didn’t give me big loads, the others did and I would still have a fair amount of cum covering my face and my tits. I loved the sensation of it on my skin and the way it felt when everyone would leave, but I would still stay dirty and used.

For some time I thought that my obsession was just with sex, that cum was just a result of it and that was it, but when I started to explore and try more and more things I realized that it was the most important part for me. I wouldn’t be satisfied and sex wouldn’t be enjoyable if I didn’t get a good load inside me or on me, that was what I wanted all along.

Since then I figured out that just having sex was a waste of time for me. I needed to find the guys that would satisfy me in the way I needed to be satisfied and give me that sweet cum. I went to search for them on specialized fetish sites and very soon I found a few that became my permanent fuck buddies that loved having the same kind of cummy fun that I did.

One of them was Neil. He was older than me and at first, glance looked too skinny for my liking and maybe a little shy, but everything changed once I got in the room with him and saw his thick cock. He fucked me the way no one ever did and I could feel that he was ready to give me a load like I never had inside me before.

When he finished inside me I instantly felt his seed leaking out of me and there was more and more with every thrust, making me hope that there was something left inside of his balls for me to enjoy, but he didn’t disappoint me with that either. His other load went on my stomach, splashing like water out of the open bottle, covering my breasts too. I was never more turned on than the moment I saw it and I was sure the sheets under me would be left soaking wet after what we were doing.

I was left soaked in cum by him and once he left for the shower I couldn’t believe my luck. I never met a man that finished on me this much, giving me so much cum and letting me enjoy the feeling of being covered in it. Cum meant a lot more to me than any other part of sex did. Being covered in cum meant that I was sexy, that I was wanted, that my body was driving men crazy to the point where they emptied their balls the way they did.

My meetings with Neil were more or less regular because we both knew that we could give each other what we wanted. I would send him pictures of my pussy still leaking with him a day after and it would drive him crazy, making me more and more obsessed with the relationships we had. I still met other guys too and he didn’t mind much, even if I went to fuck him with my insides still slick with another man’s seed. We both loved how dirty it all was, so I never had any complaints.

One evening when we were supposed to meet he told me that he had a little surprise, that there will be a friend with him that wanted to have some fun too and that I wouldn’t be disappointed to say “yes” to that. I was intrigued and agreed to meet them, not knowing yet what will be waiting for me.

I was dressed up as usual, in a short dress that would be off of me in moments and in a tiny underwear set. We met at the hotel, away from people’s eyes even though it wasn’t very convenient. After our meetings, bedding and sometimes floors were usually ruined.

When he opened the door he met me with a smile as usual and I walked inside to see another man. He was an older guy too, but he was tall, muscular, and had a gorgeous dark skin tone which made me excited already. Neil introduced him as Paul and we talked for a bit, getting to know each other.

It wasn’t long before we went into the bedroom. I knew what all of us wanted, so I didn’t see a reason to delay it any longer, especially when I wanted both of them badly already.

I got on my knees, as usual, but now I had two thick hard cocks in front of me. I stroked them, already imagining how much cum they could give me and how much I would enjoy them. I got Paul in my mouth first, enjoying the taste of him as he filled up my mouth. He was touching my breasts, teasing my nipples through the dress and I was moaning around him. I was stroking Neil, before changing and sucking him too.

I was doing it faster and faster, seeing how much they enjoyed my mouth and my hands until they started to groan from how good I felt. The first load was from Neil, he splashed his cum all over from my neck to chest, it was dripping down, making me more and more turned on.

Paul finished in my mouth and I swallowed some of it before I opened my lips and let it drip down my tits, mixing with what Neil had already given me. I put my hands on them, spreading their seed around and loving how their cum felt on me, how slick and warm it was.

Soon I was on the bed, pressed between two of them, their cocks penetrating my pussy in turns. I was shaking and moaning, knowing that very soon I would have their loads inside me and on me, feeling that wet heat inside. One cock, then the other were moving inside me, making my pussy go tight around them until I was close to my climax. I needed to have at least one of them finish inside me before I would have my own orgasm, but they were taking their sweet time.

“For fucks sake, just cum inside me,” I screamed, feeling how close I was, and soon I felt Paul’s thick cock exploding with his hot load inside me. I screamed as he filled me up and I was shaking when Neil trusted inside me too.

He made me even more full, cum of two men now leaking from my pussy and making me feel even dirtier. I put my hand between my thighs, scooping some of it and putting it in my mouth. It tasted heavenly and I loved it.

It was an amazing night and I hope to have one just like it or better soon.

Authors note: I wanted to capture the essence of a cum fetish in this story, make my protagonist hungry for the male seed, unable to see past it, and only want one thing from the men she meets. I love cum myself and so I just used my love for it and turned it up a level or two. Tamsin 💋

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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