Gentle Pressure

It had been a rough and stressful week for Bethany, between exams and her part-time job, there was little time to relax, especially with how needy her boyfriend had gotten recently. She had booked an hour-long massage session, having felt tense for some time now, and she was desperate to let it out.

The time came quicker than she had thought it would, walking down the street with a gleeful smile on her face, she sought out the parlor, heading inside as quickly as she could. Bethany was kindly greeted by the clerk, already feeling more relaxed after seeing her soft smile welcoming her inside.

“We have a great masseuse in at the moment, you’ll love him~!”


Bethany was tired, but not tired enough to not realize how awkward it was going to be to receive a full-body massage from a man, just thinking about how jealous her boyfriend would be had her mind racing but having gotten this far, she had no intentions of canceling now! Despite a slight worry, she headed inside, discarding her bag into a locker and changing out of her clothes and into a large white towel. Her curvy, yet slender body was only hinted at beneath the towel, but Bethany knew full well that once she headed inside, she would have to remove it, only a tight white swimsuit covering her body. It had often been a problem to wear skimpy clothing, her body naturally bringing sex to the mind, it wasn’t something she liked to do often.

It was a definite confidence boost to see the crowd of men turn to just get a slightly longer glimpse of her hips shaking as she walked, her chest straining in her shirt, or even how her lips pouted in a way that made their cocks ache. She was always conscious of it, but she also felt uncomfortable giving other men glances at her this way, feeling as though it damaged how she viewed her relationship.

Having thought for so long, Bethany soon hears her name called out from behind the curtain, steeling herself, she drops her towel and tosses it onto the bench, then walks inside. The faint veil of steam instantly hits her senses, filling her with a relaxing feeling, her tension softening and melting away. Though she looks up at her masseuse, seeing his shirt practically soaked with water, to the point that she could clearly see his toned muscles beneath.

“Hey! Just lie down, I’m almost ready, then we’ll knead those aches away!”

His friendly and peppy attitude was comforting as if he didn’t even try to ogle her body. Bethany threw away her worries, stepping further into the room, laying across her stomach on the table, and letting her eyes flutter shut. After only a moment, they snap back open again, the man having walked beside her, he fumbles with the back of her swimsuit, untying her bra and letting it fall to the sides before she could react. Bethany knew he had to do this, but it was still a shock to be partially exposed like this by a stranger…

Despite her feelings about it, Bethany stayed quiet, letting the man oil up his palms, rubbing them together before slowly letting them press against her back. It was like heaven, feeling his hands slowly knead away her tension inch by inch, slowly melting her onto the table.

“Fuck, that’s good…”

Bethany didn’t even react to her own words, though the man did, chuckling to himself as he responded to her.

“That good, am I? I’m glad you’re enjoying things”

Bethany can’t help but blush at his response, suddenly feeling self-conscious about her own feelings of enjoyment over his massage. The fears of her boyfriend’s jealousy somehow fueled her arousal over the situation… She tried to shake the thoughts away, not sure how they even got there in the first place…

It wasn’t normal for Bethany to be the one with the perverted thoughts, normally she’d be the one rebuffing them. Instead, she suddenly becomes painfully aware of her current attire, how she was borderline naked, definitely the most exposed she had ever been to another person besides her boyfriend before!

It was too much, the man’s constant grinding against her skin, how exposed she was, it was overwhelming. Bethany couldn’t help but think of the man having some kind of power over her, not falling for her looks, or even getting handsy with her, she felt the need herself, as if she was craving it!

Absent-mindedly, Bethany begins grinding her hips, slowly raising them in the air as the man ignores her. Not happy with the result, Bethany doubles down, raising her hips obscenely in the air, pressing her face into the table, and wiggling her hips to show off her plump backside. The man stays silent, waiting Bethany out until she finally breaks, whimpering out a sentence that’s barely audible.

“Hm, what was that?”

The man leans in close, inches from her face as Bethany speaks again.

“P-please… fuck me…”

He chuckles to himself again but teases her further.

“What did you say? I couldn’t quite hear…”

Bethany snapped, unable to hold back, she shook her ass enticingly and blurted out her desires.

“Please… fuck me!”

There was no hesitation, with her confession made, the man walked around to the end of the table, staring directly at her ass, Bethany could feel his eyes burning against her skin. Slowly, he pulls down her swimsuit, exposing her glistening pussy, before he leans in, giving her a long, rough lick that has her quivering.

She instantly turned into a panting mess, almost as if she was a bitch in heat. Without hesitating, the man climbs onto the table, lining up his cock with her eager hole, then forces every inch inside of her. Bethany’s voice broke into a frantic mess of whorish moans, her eyes rolling up into her head from the blissful sensation, she was instantly broken by him.

She had never been challenged like this before, and it only intensified the feeling of sluttiness for her to give it up for the first man to do so. The room was filled with the lewd, wet smacking of his hips against hers, obscenely fucking the depraved woman until she experienced the first of many orgasms assaulting her mind, crying out to the ceiling as she squirts across the table.

There’s not a single moment of rest for her, relentlessly fucked by the man as if he was a machine, never stopping for a moment, Bethany was sent into a constant cycle of rolling orgasms, ruining her mind. After what felt like hours, she finally got what she wanted, the man bottoming out inside of her, he gripped her hair and pulled her face up so he could listen to her squeals.

“Take my fucking cum you filthy little whore!!”

Those words cut against her pride, melting it down into a perverted arousal that broke her completely, her tongue lolling from her mouth, Bethany felt his load filling her tight hole. With his own pleasures taken care of, the man simply lets go of Bethany, discarding her like a used toy.

“Your time is up, get out.”

Bethany didn’t wait a moment before moving, obeying the man’s orders as if they were law, she found herself crawling out of the room, climbing to her feet as she reached the door. It was humiliating, cumming from such crude and degrading words, and evening obeying his orders like that… and she loved it…

Limping out of the room, Bethany barely reacts to the pointing and snickering of the other women in the spa, clearly knowing what had gone on. She shakily reaches for her bag, dressing herself again as the stranger’s cum still leaks down her thighs. All the while, her face has a constant dream-like expression on it, as if in a constant state of afterglow, Bethany felt her body trembling with residual arousal, considering just walking back into the room with him and mounting him there and then.

Though she still had some senses left, heading back out to the reception to check out. The receptionist is still there, waiting for her with a smile.

“He was good, wasn’t he?”

Bethany only smiled and nodded in response, even the receptionist unable to contain her laughter at her delirious state. Before Bethany can gather her senses, the receptionist holds a form out in front of her.

“Would you like to book again next week?”

Her tone of voice was dripping with smug glee, but Bethany didn’t care. Scribbling on the document, the receptionist smiles back at her as she watches Bethany leave, each shaky step a sign of how intensely she was railed by the man only moments ago. With her gone, the receptionist lifts the form up to read it over, her eyes narrowing at the next appointment.

Two hours from now… Just enough time to confess to her boyfriend before coming back.

Authors note: I am in desperate need of a good massage myself and whilst daydreaming about those fingers kneading my knots away, I got turned on and just had to write down what I was feeling. I wanted to write this from a hotwife’s perspective, a desperate female aching to be fucked properly. – Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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