Getting Over By Getting Under

Caleb’s taxi pulled up to the big brick apartment building, and Caleb stepped out onto the street. It hit him then that he had been here before. His mind flashed back to a few months earlier when he had come over to see a girl named. . . was it Brittany? Yes, it was Brittany. They had gone out on a date, but it didn’t go anywhere, so Caleb was surprised when she hit him up a few months later after a bad breakup.

Brittany had been a fun fuck. They had had great, raunchy sex. Caleb smiled to himself as he remembered pressing her up against the tall glass windows in Brittany’s living room in the middle of the afternoon so that anyone who was looking up from the street could see them.

Now here he was, back again to the same building. He had met a woman named Clara at a friend’s cookout the weekend before. They had spent the afternoon chatting and flirting. She was a bombshell, with thick blonde curls and the cutest dimples Caleb had ever seen.

“Hey, it’s Caleb,” he said into the intercom system.

“I’ll buzz you in!”

When he walked into Clara’s apartment, he realized it was exactly the same layout as Brittany’s had been, with towering walls and exposed brick.

Clara came up to him and stood on her tiptoes to hug him. She was tiny and petite, the total opposite of Caleb’s statuesque, muscular body.

“Sorry to hear about the breakup,” said Caleb, as the two got comfortable on the couch.
It had been the same story as Brittany – a recent split had caused Clara to reach out to him. Honestly, he had been surprised that she had kept his number, but he was happy nonetheless. Clara was a babe, and Caleb was excited to be here.

Clara sighed and spun one of her blonde curls in between her fingers. “Thank you. It’s okay, though. He was a prick. I’m so much happier now.”

“Besides, I’m here,” said Caleb coyly, moving a little closer to Clara and lifting her chin up for a kiss.

Clara moaned softly against his lips. “Exactly.”

After a few hot minutes of making out, Caleb reached down to pull Clara’s tiny crop top off of her head. Her bralette was dainty and barely covered her small breasts. Caleb ran his hands over them, before moving his way down to her jean shorts.

“I’m so. . . mm, glad to see you,” Clara sighed blissfully, as Caleb began sliding her shorts off her body.

Caleb admired her lacy pink thong, sliding his hands across the thing fabric. “The pleasure is all mine.”

Clara watched as he pulled his shirt off over his head. Her eyes widened. She hadn’t expected Caleb to be so fit! His chest muscles were toned and taut, his arms chiseled. She felt an instant rush of arousal.

Caleb pulled her thong down over her slim legs. “God, your pussy is beautiful.”

Clara blushed. “It’s all yours. . .”

She couldn’t believe she was about to fuck this man so soon after her breakup, but she didn’t care. They always said that the best way to get over someone was to get underneath someone else, right? At least, that’s what her friends had told her.

Caleb was the best oral sex Clara had ever experienced. She completely came undone, squirming and shaking underneath him as his tongue slid from the wet entrance of her pussy to her clit, where he didn’t let up until she was finally on the brink of orgasm.

“Ah, FUCK!” Clara screamed, her words echoing around the large apartment. “Oh my goddddd!”

Caleb’s eyes looked up at Clara’s expression as she came, her mouth wide open, her eyes shut as she screamed. She was so damn gorgeous, and her pussy tasted so sweet and amazing. Caleb wanted to make her cum over and over and over. . .

“You’re amazing,” groaned Clara, sitting upright.

Caleb yanked the bralette off her chest. “You are. I think watching you cum like that was the highlight of my week.”

Clara bit her lip and sat upright now, giving Caleb a playful shove so he was seated on the couch. She dropped to her knees between his legs and slid his gray sweatpants and boxer briefs down onto the floor.

“Holy shit, your cock!” she exclaimed, grabbing it in her hands. “It’s huge!”

Caleb smirked. He loved how women reacted when seeing his cock. It was a good seven inches and thick. It was always a point of pride for him.

Clara felt both nervous and excited as she lowered her open mouth down onto his big length. It was impossible to get the majority of him inside her jaw, but it still felt incredible having her soft lips and velvety tongue work their magic on his shaft. Caleb settled back against the couch, helping to move Clara’s thick hair out of them as she sucked him off.

“You feel so good sucking my cock,” he moaned, with a click of his tongue. “Yes, baby, just like that.”

Clara’s cute sputtering, gagging noises turned Caleb on so much, that eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. He gently pulled her up to join him on the couch, and she straddled him.

“I want to fuck,” Clara said quietly, dragging her fingers across his toned chest.

“Yeah?” Caleb replied teasingly. “Is this what you want?”

He pushed just the head of his cock into Clara’s soaked pussy, causing her to gasp. She nodded and let out a little whimper. “Yes. . . please. . .”

Finally, Caleb pulled Clara by the waist so she was completely seated on his entire cock. She threw her head back, her curls flowing wildly down her spine.

“Oh my god! You’re so big!”

Caleb helped her by grabbing her hips and moving her back and forth so she was grinding on top of him. It was beautiful having her cute tits bouncing in his face as she moaned and groaned in his lap. He reached out to stroke her clit with his thumb, which caused her noises to get even louder. He could feel her shaking.

“I’m gonna cum again!” she nearly screamed, after a few minutes of grinding while Caleb touched her. “Yes, baby, yes!”

Caleb watched as this beautiful woman came again for him, her pussy soaking wet now. He looked down to see that her inner thighs were sticky and glistening, as was his cock.

“Why don’t you see if you can bounce up and down for me?” he asked, looking into Clara’s eyes.

Clara was on another level, her eyes rolling back in her head as she started to move on to his cock as he had requested. Every thrust sent chills throughout her body. Every in-and-out motion caused her to moan and gasp uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe she was taking every inch of him inside of her!

“Where do you want me to cum?” Caleb asked as Clara continued to bounce on his cock, her breathing getting faster and faster.

“In my pussy,” Clara answered, panting now.

“Shit, here it comes!” Caleb groaned, grabbing Clara by the hips and holding her down on his cock so that she was totally still. “Fuck, fuck. . . ahhhh!”

His cum seemed to never end as he filled Clara’s pussy. It was the best feeling of release for Caleb, being able to shoot his load inside her like that. Clara loved the way it felt, that warm, wet sensation. They both looked down as she finally got off from his lap, the thick cum dripping out of her.

Clara collapsed onto the couch, resting her head against Caleb’s leg. “That was. . . just what I needed.”

“I’m glad I could help. I think it was what I needed, too,” sighed Caleb.

Clara closed her eyes, a smile plastered on her face. Caleb played with her hair, feeling totally sated and a little bit godlike. He wondered if there would be any other newly single women calling him up sometime soon. As he leaned his head back against the couch, replaying the events of the evening, he certainly hoped so.

Authors note: I am not sure where the inspiration for this piece of erotica came from, I found myself seduced by my own fantasy that grew as I began to write. The hot sex and seduction between them both really got me going and now all I can think about is having my own pussy serviced. – Tamsin 😉

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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