Getting What You Asked For

All men are weak. Yes, I know, it might be a controversial opinion, but in my experience, it is like that.

Some men just know that they’re weak and some need to learn it and I’m ready to help. Thing is, I love to show them how exactly weak and pathetic they are using the power I have over them. They instantly become so helpless and ready to bend as soon as they show them who has the power and that moment is what I like the most.

Another one of my favorite hobbies is turning men into slaves just to release them into the world again and see how they would act now. It’s the most satisfying to break those who think that they’re strong and have a strong will, but in the end, they’re just like the rest, I just need more time to work on them.

I once had a politician in my dungeon. He came to me thinking that he was stronger than me and that I wouldn’t turn him into a doll for my pleasure. He was wrong. I pressured him into small things at first, just to see how he would react, but soon I made him lick my dirty shoes and accept the beating just for a chance that I would call him good. I loved seeing him suffer like that and I was sure that he would come back for more. And he did.

Usually, it was more than just a one-time thing, I would train a man into submission for a month or so before dropping them and for that purpose, I loved finding myself a perfect victim. They needed to be a challenge for me, someone who didn’t look like they would be at my dungeon but still decide to go along.

I never hid from them what my end goal was, but they still were stupid enough to decide to come to me and give me a chance to turn them into slaves.

The latest of my students was Adam. We met at the club and he seemed a little more curious about what I did than the others, even though he still claimed that he had no interest in being dominated by a woman. I told him that I had subs that would come over that were ready to serve me, but that was no fun. He knew that I had my eye on him, but he had no idea what would happen once he was there, surrounded by my toys and having me in my full dom mood.

When he came over I opened the door wearing a thing I knew I could pull off – a latex dress that was covering my body from neck to knees but was tight enough to let him see the outlines of my body. I knew that he was more than interested now, that he thought he had a chance to fuck me, but I had other plans.

“You can call me Mistress from now on,” I said, knowing that he would take it as a joke.

“As you say, Mistress,” Adam laughed. He didn’t know it yet, but by the end of the evening, he would say it to me with more sincerity. They all started doing it as soon as they knew who was the boss there.

I made him follow me into my basement when all fun was happening. The walls were painted black and various toys and tools were laying around that helped me turn men into whining bitches. Adam was the most interested in the cross and he even came closer to touch the lather loops on it that were meant to keep the submissive secured.

“Do you want to try?” I asked him, still playing nice. I could see that he was reluctant. “I understand if you think you can’t take it. Not many would agree to do something like this right away”

“I will! I want to try,” Adam said. I knew that it would work, that he would be too afraid to look like a coward.

I came closer to him with a smile, opening the leather strap and putting his wrist in it before pulling hard. I knew that it dug into his wrist painfully, but I didn’t care all that much. I put his other hand there too and watched him get used to his new position. I left his legs free just so he would feel safer for not.

“Do you like it?” I asked with a laugh. “Like feeling helpless in front of me?”

I went closer, starting to unbutton his shirt. Adam looked at me with his eyes getting slightly wide, but didn’t try to move away. Not that it was possible.

“Are you going to hit me with something like that?” he nodded at the whip on the wall.

“We can start with something smaller. So you can get used to it,” I laughed, putting my hand on his chest. “I know you boys can’t take much at first”

He swallowed hard, as I went to take a crop. I let him see it closely before I started moving it over his chest, letting him enjoy the leather. Then, when Adam least expected it, I hit him on the chest. He yelped and I instantly stopped.

“It’s too much for you, right?” I asked. “If it is I can let you go”

“No! I can take it. Do it again”

I laughed at how easily he was falling for it, but I couldn’t stop now. I hit him again, this time closer to his belt and Adam stayed silent, only pressing his lips together. I wanted to see more, so I started to give him one hit after another, leaving all of his chest bright pink, while he was writhing in his restraints.

“You like it, don’t you?” I asked, coming closer and starting to unzip his pants. “I can do anything I want with you and you will let me, right? Because you’re my bitch and I can do what I want with you”

I pulled his pants down, seeing how hard his cock was. He already was breaking, submitting to me, he just didn’t accept it yet. I smiled, grabbing his cock through the boxers and pulling until he moaned in pain.

“Say it. Tell me that you’re my bitch now and I might let you have some fun”

I could see the struggle on his face. He was torn between saving his pride or getting what he wanted the most. I smiled, knowing what the end of it would be right away.

“I’m your bitch, Mistress,” he said, making me happy. “Please, can I cum now?”

There was still no confidence in his voice, but he would learn it soon. I let his cock free, stroking him lightly while looking Adam in the eyes. I knew that he needed it badly, but he would need to learn patience.

“Keep begging me. Keep telling me how good of a Mistress I am for you and I will let you finish”

And so Adam did. He told me how much he loved what I did with him, how he would die for me, and that he was ready to go through anything for me to keep going. As long as he talked I kept stroking him until, finally, he spilled on the floor. When it was done, I left his hands free, telling him to drop to the ground. He did, and I saw that he accepted his faith. I was his master now and he wouldn’t go anywhere until he’s broken by me.

Authors note: Female domination is something I have been exploring on and offline recently and channeling that inner dom mistress I wanted to create an erotic piece that would appeal to both subs and doms alike. Have you ever been to a femdom dungeon? – Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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