He Told Me Big Dick Will Get Me Pregnant

I am desperate to start a family. My maternal instinct is strong and getting louder each day that goes by where I am not growing a human.

My husband and I have been trying to get me pregnant for a while now and so far there has been no luck. We are not sure if he is shooting blanks or if I am just not catching his sperm but whatever it is, I am frustrated and I am becoming so impatient.

My husband doesn’t seem to care too much about my desperation of being a mom and that lack of consideration is what led me to Will.

Will is the owner of the smoothie and juice bar that I frequent, he is a tall, muscular guy with a wide grin and a charm that just keeps all of these ladies coming back to his overpriced juice. We all love his place and consider Will one of us, he is a friend and many of us are actually quite close to Will -including me.

One day I was telling Will all about my woes, we were the only people left inside of his juice bar, it was definitely past closing but Will didn’t tell me, he was letting me open up and I really appreciated that about him, he was so considerate.

“I am just so ready for this next chapter and my husband just doesn’t seem to care”, I told Will, spilling all of my secrets to him.

His eyes were warm, his face lacquered with concern and genuine care for me. He rubbed the small of my back and I remarked to myself how good it felt to have his strong hand on me, his forearm was muscly and laced with veins, I suppose that’s what you get playing with the fruit all day long.

“Listen, how big is your husband?”, Will suddenly said.

“Huh?”, I replied, looking at him. “Do you mean height, or?”.

“I mean his cock, is it big?”, he asked.

I felt my face reddening. “Er…Goodness, I guess he is quite small, smaller than average?”, I say, blushing.

“Ok, that might be your problem. I don’t mean to be rude but it’s a big cock that gets women pregnant, didn’t you know that?”, he says, furrowing his brow at me. I shook my head, I had no idea, I had never heard this information before, it all started making sense to me though like lightbulbs finally being turned on above my head.

“Oh, I had no idea, Will. The trouble is, I can’t magic up a big cock for him to get me pregnant, can I?”, I say, disheartened.

“Well, you know me very well and I would do anything to make you happy. I don’t mean to be frank and you can shoot me down but, I could help you out? your husband never needs to know”, Will says, looking at me intently with those charming, warm eyes.

I think about it for a few seconds, I guess I had imagined what Will was like naked more than a few times and I do so want to be a mom and this is the only way, I like Will as a friend and my husband will never know…

“If you can get me pregnant Will I buy your smoothies forever”, I say smiling, being suddenly aware that this man must be hung.

Will leads me to one of the booths I have sat him at numerous times, decorated with Bohemian artwork and cute scatter cushions and he instantly makes a move, kissing me longingly as his hand creeps up the back of my neck and he starts playing with my hair. At first, it was platonic, I just wanted his seed but when he started kissing my neck and touching me so tentatively I couldn’t help but get turned on, craving him and start wanting to impress him.

As we kissed I instinctively reached for his cock, rubbing it through his pants with my hand and it was a nice surprise to feel it was already hard, my husband takes a long time to warm up. Will began unbuttoning my blouse and I suddenly felt like a teenager again, ravenous for this man and willing to do anything. As he pulled my blouse off, I began unclasping my bra, frantically searching for the clasp to release my tits. He rubbed his hands all over them and finally, I got my bra off and Will pulled away, remarking at my tits before plunging down between them and sucking and kissing on them passionately.

I ached for him, spreading my legs as he kissed my small nipples. I had such a desire for this man, I pulled him closer and began unfastening his pants, reaching inside and finding his cock had sprung from his boxers, he pulled his pants down and I marveled at his thick shaft, it was long too, his balls were large and full and I couldn’t wait for him to empty that sack inside of my yearning womb. His manhood was larger than my husband’s in every way and if Will couldn’t get me pregnant, nobody could.

I pulled off my yoga pants and Will pulled off my panties, lowering himself down on top of me and rubbing his long shaft against my aching pussy.

“Please, please, fill me with your cum”, I said breathlessly into Will’s ear, this man had me more turned on than I had been in a long time.

He teased my slit with the tip, rubbing it softly, enjoying my wetness before slowly squeezing himself inside of my waiting canal. He moaned as he slid deeper inside of me and I joined in, enjoying his length and girth as he plunged deeper and deeper into my canal. Once he was fully inside of me, he began pumping his cock, slowly thrusting as I bucked against him, my pussy alive with sensations I hadn’t felt in years. He was stretching me out, I could feel myself expanding to his cock but the sensation was addictive, I just wanted more. He continued thrusting faster now, his balls slapping against me as his cock buried deep inside of my womb.

I felt my wetness creeping out of me, coating his thick shaft in my fluid. I moaned loudly, Will looked so handsome as he fucked me, he was powerful and I knew his seed would be strong. He moaned too and I knew he was close.

“You want my cum? Don’t you? you want me to fill you up”, he said through gritted teeth, breathing heavily with each thrust, not slowing his pace.

I nodded, I did, I wanted his creamy cum so badly. Suddenly, without any warning Will tensed and thrust hard into me and he began to cum, filling me with his potent seed, I felt it shooting out of him and inside of me and I moaned gratefully, I was filled to the brim, his balls emptying deep inside of me. He had filled me to capacity with his cum and when he pulled out, the bits that trickled out of me, I made sure to push back inside, hoping they would travel to my womb too.

We stayed there for some time, Will kissed my body and traced his fingers across my breasts. My phone began to ring and it was my husband, I made my excuses and told Will I had to go. Driving home I felt my panties dampening, his cum leaking out of me.

As I walked in the door my husband greeted me and that night we made love, it wasn’t as good as it was with Will but he too left a deposit of sweet cum inside of me and just a few weeks later I found out that I was finally pregnant.

Authors note: It’s not true that a big cock works better at pregnancy but in this erotic story I wanted to play on that naivety to signal the desperation and flaws of the main character. She was willing to cheat on her husband for this and Will makes it all happen. It’s exciting, it made me want to see how far she would go and leave you with the question, which man got her pregnant? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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