He Wears My Key

I knew how to keep my man happy. He wanted me to be submissive and need him and that was exactly how I was for him. I did everything that Jack asked of me without saying anything, knowing that in the end, it all will be good for both of us. Still, I wasn’t the biggest fan of his decision to put me in the chastity belt.

I knew that I couldn’t deny him, that even if I tried it would’ve only made him mad and disappointed in me and I couldn’t allow it. I wanted him to be happy with me, so I did all that Jack asked of me.

When he said that he will get me tied up I agreed. When he told me to put a butt plug in my ass I did it too and he watched. I was doing everything to make him happy because after all of that I was rewarded. I was fucked good and I was showered with words of affection. Still, when he showed me the belt, I was apprehensive.

It wasn’t just a belt, there was a built-in metal toy that was meant to go in my pussy. I wasn’t sure that any of that would be comfortable and I knew it would be hell to have this thing in me without getting any release.

Jack wasn’t about to play fair and let me take it off when I wanted, he wanted to see me suffer and beg for him and I knew that I would do it.

“Are you sure that I need to wear this?” I asked him, already standing naked in front of him. I didn’t know what I expected him to say.

“Are you doubting me?” he said, coming closer with the belt. “If you don’t want it I can easily find another slut that would be happy to wear it for me. Is that what you want?”

I knew that he was serious about it. I was acting ungrateful and he needed to see that I appreciated the things he did for me, and all the time he put into my training.

“I’m sorry, you’re right,” I hang my head as I said it. “Please, put it on and show me how you want me to behave”

“That’s better!” Jack laughed, getting closer. I spread my legs and let him go around me. He pulled the stripe between my legs and felt metal slowly going inside my pussy. I moaned, enjoying it before he locked me.

Now the belt was on black stripes and metal against my sensitive skin. There were two locks and Jack had the key. I was trapped and I was his. “Let’s see how you behave and maybe soon I’ll let you out of it”

I was determined to be good. To be so good he won’t be able to not take it off me. It was hard to adjust to wearing a belt. When I was sitting I could feel the thing inside my pussy and I wanted it to be his cock instead. Jack knew that I wanted it and he was teasing me on purpose.

“Come here, let me see how you’re doing,” he said and I went to pull my dress and show him the best. He could see that there was some wetness around it and he smiled. “You’re so needy, you’re just a slut wanting to be fucked, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “Can you open it and use me like you did before?”

Jack laughed at me, at how helpless and needy I was. He sat me on his lap and his knee was right between my legs.

“I’m not opening it, but you can try and rub yourself against me,” I knew that he just wanted to be cruel and punish me in a new way, but I also knew that he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. I couldn’t deny him when he said I needed to do it. So I started moving my hips against him.

He looked me in the eyes, seeing my struggle, while I rubbed my caged clit against him. I felt nothing and I knew it wouldn’t be better, but at least there was a toy inside me that, moving, was making me feel the tiniest bit of pleasure I wanted.

“It’s not enough, is it?” Jack asked.

“Yes,” I was still trying to feel anything, but the belt was not giving me anything.

“Well, I might take it off if you’ll be a good whore for me and will let me fuck your throat. Will you do that?”

“Yes, yes!” I agreed without even thinking because I just needed the release too badly.
“Then get into position”

I lay on my back with my head hanging out from the edge and opened my mouth. I knew that he was going to be rough with me, but it didn’t matter as long as I could have what I wanted in the end.

I opened my mouth wide and waited to feel his cock inside. Jack started fucking my mouth roughly right away, while his hand went to my pussy. I could feel his fingers moving over the edge of the belt, almost touching me, but never really going too far. I moaned, a vibration of my throat making it feel even better for him as he was pushing deeper and deeper down my throat.

“Good slut,” he said, still teasing me, knowing that I was aching for him.

My pussy needed to be filled and I couldn’t wait anymore. It was all too much and I was ready to explode with all that teasing. He started moving my belt slightly so the thing inside me would move. After a rough fucking of my throat Jack pulled out, smiling down on me.

“You did good. Maybe now I would let you have some fun”

I was smiling, feeling excited and ready to finally get my release. Jack pulled me up and showed me the key. I was almost shaking as he opened one lock and then the other. He pulled on the belt and I felt like my pussy finally got empty. My back was turned to him and I could feel Jack teasing me, rubbing my clit and it felt so good. Finally, I had some real touch against me and it was making me feel crazy with desire.

“Please, I need you to fuck me,” I moaned out, knowing that there was a thing I needed the most right now. I did everything that Jack asked of me, I deserved it.

“Since you asked so nicely and were good about wearing your belt, I’ll give it to you”

I was tense with anticipation and soon I felt his tip entering my pussy. I moaned out, waiting for the pleasure. He thrust inside me once, twice, three times. I was ready to cum, because I was so on the edge, but suddenly I heard him groan and felt his cum filling me.

“No, no!” I screamed, turning to him. Jack was smiling.

“You served your purpose today, now it’s time to get your belt back on”

I was whining as he was putting the belt back, my cum-filled pussy leaking as the toy got pushed in. I have locked it again without release.

“You’re going to get it next time,” he said, kissing me on the forehead. “I’m sure you can wait a little more”

I smiled at him, hoping I could survive one more day being this turned on.

Authors note: Chastity is usually written from the male perspective, we see a man locked away in a chastity cage and the female is always dominant, however, I wanted to spice things up a little and have our chastity wearer a female who is hanging onto her doms every word with his charm and spell he has her under. Have you ever used a chastity belt? Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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