Her Personal Foot Worshipper

Tiffany had to admit that her ex, Everett, was the best foot worshipper she had ever had. One of her biggest turn-ons was a man who could worship her feet like the goddess she truly believed she was. She was dating Victor now, who was a very sweet man but still hadn’t gotten to that point of complete worship and adoration that Everett had been at.

Victor tried very hard. When Tiffany came home from work, Victor would slide off her high heels and start to massage her feet. When that simply wasn’t enough, he did so as he knelt on the floor in front of her, while Tiffany watched TV.

“How does that feel, baby?” Victor asked, massaging her tired soles and her adorable toes. He wanted desperately to please her.

“Hmmm,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “It feels okay.”

That wasn’t good enough for Victor. He knew how much pleasure Everett had brought her, and he wanted to get to that point and beyond.

“I think the problem is you don’t get into it,” said Tiffany, looking down at Victor as he stared up at her. “Yeah, you rub my feet, but you don’t use your tongue, and you don’t seem that into it. Everett always seemed to really enjoy himself. That’s what I want from you.”

Victor took that as a personal challenge and started to use his tongue. Every night while they watched TV, Victor would take his mouth to his girlfriend’s feet. He noticed how Tiffany’s breathing became a little more shallow and frantic as he sucked on her toes, one by one. He took his time, taking each of them into his mouth, running his tongue over them.

“Mmm, yes, just like that,” encouraged Tiffany. “That feels good, baby.”

He ran his tongue across the soles of her feet, his eyes looking up at her as he did so. He didn’t hesitate and started to really get into the act of worshipping her feet. Tiffany was often just in her underwear as he did this, and he loved being able to see her looking sexy in her bra and panties as he sucked her toes, massaged her soles, and ran his tongue across the heels of her feet.

But it wasn’t enough for Tiffany. Victor was beginning to get so frustrated, thinking about the stories she used to tell him about her complete and total arousal from her ex-boyfriend’s foot worshipping.

“He used to play with my pussy at the same time, you know,” said Tiffany one evening, rolling her eyes as Victor did the same old thing, running his tongue across the bottom of her feet. “Maybe you could try that.”

Victor worked out a plan in his mind. Later that night, when the two of them were getting ready for bed, he leaned in to kiss her, saying, “I was thinking I could give your feet a little bit of love before bed. What do you say, babe?”

Tiffany sighed. She had just gotten done rubbing lotion all over herself and was sliding under the covers, totally nude, which was how she slept every night. “Fine,” she said finally. “If you want to.”

Victor got between her legs, pressing them upwards and back so he could lick both of her feet as they hung in the air. This time, however, he had another trick up his sleeve. While he sucked on her toes, Victor began to rub Tiffany’s clit, making her moan and squirm.

“Ooh,” she sighed, “that feels good, baby. . . yeah, keep doing that.”

She was cumming in a matter of minutes. The sensation of having her pussy played with while her toes were deep inside Victor’s mouth, his velvety tongue running across them, was too much to handle.

When she was finally done shaking and cumming, Victor fell next to her in bed, running his hands across her hard nipples and supple breasts.

“So what did you think?” he asked, desperate to have her give him some sort of enthusiastic answer. After all, he had made her cum. Surely that was what she was looking for, right?

But he was met with a lackluster response. Tiffany smiled and pulled the sheets up over her. “It was nice to cum, but I’m missing cock. If you could just find a way to fuck me while you worship my feet, I think you’d be even a step above Everett.”

Victor lay in bed and stared at the ceiling, wondering how he could make that happen.
The next morning, he woke up with a boner and was already starting to imagine how he could make Tiffany’s foot and cock fantasy come true. He began to rub his hard cock against her ass as he spooned her, causing her to stir from her sleep.

“Mmm, hi,” he said.

Tiffany rolled over and blinked at him, and before she knew what was happening, Victor was crawling under the covers to start kissing her feet. It was hot for her to be woken up with a little bit of foot worship, and she was all game for simply some toe-sucking, so she was shocked when he started to fuck her, sliding his hard cock deep into her pussy.

“Victor!” she cried out, her fingers twisting up the sheets. “Holy shit!”

As he fucked her, he pulled Tiffany’s legs over his shoulders so that her feet were right beside his face. They looked so soft and supple, and all he wanted to do was worship them while he fucked her pussy, using her exactly how she wanted to be used. As he thrust, he began to kiss her big toes, splaying his tongue out across her skin, before moving on to each and every toe. The entire time, he didn’t stop fucking her and using her pussy.

“Baby,” Tiffany moaned, looking into Victor’s eager and excited face.

He could see then, how much different it was for her right then. This was what he had been missing the whole time. Foot worship mixed with a good fuck. His inclination was correct when he saw how hard she came. Tiffany became a dripping wet mess in the bed that morning, her toes curling as Victor kissed the bottoms of her feet, his cock pummeling her pussy.

“So what does this mean?” Victor asked, a little bit nervously. “Does this mean I’m a better foot worshipper than Everett was? After all, I found a way to fuck you while pleasuring your feet. He never did that, did he?”

Tiffany smirked at him. She had to admit he was right. Everett had fingered her or used toys on her, but he never bothered to really worship and make love to her feet while he fucked her. That part was completely exclusive to Victor.

“Okay, okay,” she conceded. “You’re right. You’re the best foot worshipper I know, baby.”

That confidence was all Victor needed. From then on out, Victor and Tiffany’s sex life changed from regular, typical sex to next-level, high-intensity sex. Victor worshipped her feet every day after work, before bed, and in the mornings when they had the time. They were having so much sex and so many orgasms, and there was no looking back. This was the new normal, and both of them loved it that way.

Authors note: Everyone has their kinks and their fetishes and a foot fetish is extremely popular. I am so intrigued by this wonderful world and want to find someone who can worship and adore my feet, they’re ready to be licked and sucked. Any takers? – Tamsin 😘

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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