How I Stopped Bratty Behavior From My Girlfriend While I Game

Have you guys ever had a girlfriend so unsatiable that even when you’re in the middle of an online PUBG game she distracts you, and completely ruins your score, carrying not just you but your entire team to doom? That happens to me, don’t get me wrong, I love Cecile, she’s amazing, she makes me smile all the time, she’s funny, she cooks incredibly well, and likes to spoil me whenever she wants.

The only problem is when I’m playing, she gets incredibly needy when I’m trying to have this moment for myself, to have fun with my friends, and try to survive a battle royale, I don’t know if it’s jealousy or anything else, but she constantly wants my attention, and trust me, she tries hard to get it. At first, it started as a joke, I would play online and she would walk around the living room in sexy lingerie, the first few times it worked, but then she started doing that all the time.

When I stopped paying attention, she started pulling out her big guns, I mean, barely-there lingerie, she would sit next to me and masturbate while staring at me, and she would then start begging me to fuck her, pouting and trying to touch me. Of course, whenever she did that, I was very hard, but fuck! was it too much to ask to have this moment just for me? Anyway, I even tried not to look at her, and I think this pissed her off cause then, she started trying to give me blow jobs.

That was it, I had enough, I love fucking her but I want a second for myself, to do my stuff. So, I figured out a way to fix all this, she would be happy and I would finally have my precious time. Last week, I sat down to play Call of Duty with my buddies, I knew she would try and do something, so after two rounds I already had her next to me, teasing me with her hand inside her wet cunt and her other cupping her tits, and that fire look on her eyes. I took off my headset and told her, “All right, let’s go to bed, you’re going to get so many orgasms you’ll beg me to do this all the time.”

Cecile was completely intrigued and excited about what I had planned, I placed her on the bed and laid next to her, and we started making out, I kissed her so deeply and passionately that she started squirming against me, seeking some contact with my cock. I stopped her, I stood up, pulled out my drawer, and took out some cable ties I had bought before thinking of this. “What are you going to do?” she asked me in surprise as I took one out.

“I’m going to teach you something very important,” I said, and then, I gripped her wrists and tied her up to the bedpost. “I cannot play my games if I have you next to me begging to be fucked, you need to behave,” I said to her as I licked down her neck, went down on her, and started licking her cunt. Cecile would twitch whenever I ran my tongue through her slit and reach her clit. She was truly wet, I liked her creamy juice and sank my tongue as deep as I could inside her, she moaned and twitched even more.

Then I started using my thumb on her clit as I kept on licking her entrance. “Oh yes, Tommy, that feels so good,” she moaned loudly, then I switched, I placed my fingers inside her and started fucking her as I sucked and flicked my tongue over her clit. Cecile was burning, “yes, I’m gonna cum baby!” I finger-fucked her a little more and then stopped, taking out my fingers and standing back. “NOO!! PLEASE!!!” she begged, rosing her hips towards me, offering her cunt to me.

“No,” I said, I then positioned myself next to her and pulled out my cock, “now open your mouth and suck my cock, you’d better do it well or I won’t let you have an orgasm,” she instantly opened her mouth and I pushed my cock inside, she started moving her tongue around it, along my shaft and then started licking the head. I loved it when she sucked my head and worked her way down my shaft, but then I decided to dominate her a little more, I placed my hands on each side of her head and started fucking her mouth relentlessly.

“Keep your mouth open!” I commanded and then I started pushing it deeper, making her gag on my length. I stayed there for a few seconds and then pulled out to allow her to breathe, then I repeated for a couple of times more. “Swallow it all,” I said, I was so turned on, I had never dominated my girl before and it just felt so fucking hot. While I fucked her mouth, I couldn’t help reaching that point of no return, and since I was trying to teach her a lesson, I didn’t care. I shot my entire load in the back of her throat, pushing my cock deep inside her mouth, it felt so fucking good. “Swallow my cum!” I moaned as it twitched and throbbed against her tongue, releasing the last drops I had for her.

Then I pulled out and watched how she swallowed my cum. “Good girl, you’re being so good Cecile,” I said as I pulled up my pants again. She seemed confused, “I would fuck you if you hadn’t been interrupting my gaming sessions, although, I’ll do it once I’m done, so instead, I’ll have you here, tied up, in silence, and wet,” I said, I grabbed one of my ties and gagged her, and then took off my belt and restraining her legs against her shoulders, I placed one her vibrating wand against her clit. There was no way she could get it off, no matter how much she moved and shook, that wand was going to stay against her clit for a long time.

“Now, be patient, once I’m done playing, I’ll come here and fuck your little cunt,” I said standing on the door admiring my work, “but I don’t know how long it’ll take me, could be an hour, maybe two, who knows, maybe even until sunrise.”

And then I left, of course, I left her for a couple of hours and you can’t imagine how great the sex was. Anyway, now whenever I’m going to play, Cecile waits in our bedroom, moaning, endlessly cumming, until I’m done playing.

Authors note: I got so horny writing this, bratty subs are so much fun in the bedroom (I definitely fall into that category at times), and teaching them an invaluable lesson is definitely a must. How would you teach a brat to behave? – Tamsin 😊

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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