I Have Needs

I never thought that I would cheat on my husband. In all honesty, who does when they only get married and hope for a happy existence? I don’t think many people do.

The thing is, I knew what I was getting into and just hoped that things would turn out for the best, but they never really did. My husband, Jason, was never too affectionate. He could pat me on the shoulder and kiss me on the cheek, but everything else was saved for the bedroom and even there I wasn’t satisfied either. He was the kind of guy that would get you on your back and fuck you fast and rough, but that was it. And even when I wanted that kind of sex, he wasn’t allowing me to even try one new thing to make it feel better.

I know, it would’ve been logical to just leave him and go find someone better, but the truth was, I didn’t think I could. Other than that he was one of the best people I knew and he was making my life happy and comfortable. Yes, I wanted good and adventurous sex, but I could live with that, or so I thought.

I didn’t think about cheating until I was close to dropping it all. I felt deprived and tired and I just needed a little more warmth and passion than Jason could provide and then, In a moment of desperation, I decided to sleep with someone. Anyone, really, just to feel the thrill, hoping it would calm me down for a while.

I found the guy on a dating site who could meet me the very same night and I went to meet him, saying that I was going to the gym with my husband. He didn’t need to know what I was going to do in my free time. I didn’t wear anything sexy, I wasn’t trying too hard, I just needed to be fucked and that was it.

This man looked exactly like he did in his pictures and was looking at me as if I was the sexiest woman on earth, something I was missing from Jason. I smiled at him and enjoyed that attention, feeling alive probably for the first time in years. I could feel my body wanting to have sex with him, needing that connection and so I went for it. Without feeling any shame.

We went to the hotel nearby where we were having dinner and as soon as the door closed behind us we started kissing and groping each other. I wanted him as close as possible and as soon as possible, so I was taking my clothes off fast, just throwing them on the floor. I didn’t even think when I got on my knees in front of that stranger when I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him like I never did. I was losing myself in all the new sensations and I loved it. He was complimenting my mouth, my body, my tits, and my ass and I wanted him more and more.

Soon I pushed him onto the bed, straddling him and putting his cock in my pussy. I moaned, finally having a chance to be in charge and fully enjoy it. It felt as if I was fucking me, that’s how hungry I was for something real. He looked at me with his eyes wide open, as if I was taking his virginity. In the end, I got a pump in my pussy and left fully satisfied and happy. It was the best sex I had in a while, but I knew I could do better.

After that time, every time I was angry or frustrated with Jason I went to pick a new lover and sleep with him. He didn’t know about it and I hoped that he never would. Jason just knew that I was angry, went to the gym, and returned happily. It worked for a long time, but soon I realized that I needed something more permanent, something that would be more discreet than just some stranger. And that was how I got my eye on Adam.

He was Jason’s best friend and I know how it sounds. I knew that he had his eyes on me, but my husband seemed not to notice it, so I thought it was the best option out there. I had a permanent lover and also someone who wouldn’t snitch on me. After all, it was Jason’s fault that I was like that, so he would understand.

Our affair started fast, it only took me a few flirty phrases and one touch to the front of his pants for Adam to be wrapped around my finger. At first, he was reluctant to start sleeping with me, afraid of his friend’s reaction, but I assured him that Jason wouldn’t know, he was just too blind to it. He didn’t care where I was and what I was doing, so we could pull it off.

It worked perfectly and Adam was a great lover, but sometimes we would almost get caught and it was becoming dangerous. Still, I wasn’t willing to stop. One of the times we got closest to getting caught was during the barbecue we set up. There were a lot of people and I needed to play a good wife, but Jason annoyed me the whole morning and I felt on the edge. I wanted to throw something at him, but instead, I thought that better revenge would be fucking Adam in our bed.

I could barely wait until he would come over and when he did I almost instantly pulled him inside the house. He wasn’t happy, asking me to stop because we could get caught, but I didn’t care. I just wanted him.

I pulled him into the bedroom that me and Jason shared and it was the first time I was about to cheat in our marital bed. It seemed so wrong and also so exciting. I made sure to close the door and pulled Adam close. He kissed me like always, with a passion that I was missing in my marriage and I felt like my revenge was almost complete. I pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed as I got down in front of him and unzipped his pants.

He looked at me closely, while I opened my mouth for him, his friend’s wife about to suck him off. I kept looking him in the eyes as I took him in and started sucking with more and more intensity, feeling the familiar taste of his cock on my tongue. He groaned, pushing my head down and giving me more of his shaft to take. I kept him happy, using all of my talents on his cock to make him cum. Soon I got a load in my mouth and went to take my dress off.

“You think it’s a good idea?” he asked, looking at the door.

“You got your fun, now I need mine. It’s only fair,” I laughed.

I straddled him, pulling my panties to the side and moving my slit against him. I was wet enough for him to slip inside with ease and I moaned, as I felt him in my pussy again. He buried his face in my breasts, kissing them, as I rode his cock, taking him deep. It was amazing and I was so turned on and ready to cum, when I heard the door handle turning.

“Darling,” I heard Jason’s voice. “Why is the door closed?”

Adam looked at me with fear, about to move, but I kept him down, still riding his cock, as my husband was behind the door.

“I’m just changing and didn’t want the guests to walk on me,” I said, trying not to sound breathless. “Give me a moment”

I put a hand on Adam’s mouth and rode him faster, taking him so deeply, until we both finished. I told him to hide in the bathroom and put my dress on, walking to open the door with my lover’s hot load still inside me. I smiled at my husband when I opened the door, showing that everything was okay. He didn’t have a clue about what was going on.

I know, it still sounds bad, but I do it to keep my marriage healthy and happy and I think it’s a noble enough reason to keep on cheating.

Authors note: Struggling with her marriage and in desperate need of some sexual release and she knew the best way to do that was with another man. It’s sinister, taboo, and totally wrong but I couldn’t help but feel turned on as I wrote this one. What did you think? is it too far? – Tams ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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