I Like Women Now

I know they say size doesn’t matter, and I went into my marriage trying to constantly remind myself of that. I love my husband, but I have suffered through so many bad nights of sex with him. His cock is small. Like, really small. I’m talking two and a half inches, and skinny. I can barely feel it! I spent years trying to convince myself I didn’t need a big dick to feel pleasure, but after five years of being married to him, I’ve had enough.

When he’d put it in my pussy, I felt nothing. He always got off, of course, every single time, but I never did. We tried anal, thinking that hole would be better suited for his small size, but it still wasn’t doing it for me. Most men would be thrilled that their wives were into anal, but it was just another disappointment in the bedroom for us.

I brought it up to him, and his feelings were hurt, but I think he understood.

“You can’t help having needs,” he said, as we lay in bed one night, talking about it. “I also can’t help the size of my cock. What do we do?”

We ran through a few ideas – we talked about toys and dildos and fantasies, but when it came down to it, I knew that I needed a living, breathing person who could satisfy me. I needed something more.

“Maybe I could just start going down on you more,” he offered, but that made me cringe. He wasn’t the greatest at oral if I was being honest. I think having a small cock hurt his confidence in other areas.

That was how we decided I would go out and meet another woman. It was easy enough. Finding women to sleep with isn’t hard if you have a smartphone and a dating app.

I met Roxy on a Friday night out on the town for our first date. She was slender and curvy at the same time, her body familiar and soft. We danced and grinded against each other. I ran my hands through her dark curls out on the dance floor, and we ended up making out for a solid five minutes straight.

I texted my husband, Chad, to let him know I was on my way home with a woman. The plan was he would go to bed, while Roxy and I took the guest room. I made sure to let Roxy know about this – I didn’t want her to be surprised and put off. But I was delighted to find that if anything, the situation turned her on.

We crashed into the house frantically and hot, already beginning to undress each other in the entryway. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Chad had peeked his head out of the bedroom and was watching us. I felt like a bitch for wanting this, but I kind of hoped he was jealous of what he saw. This could have been him!

“God, you are gorgeous,” Roxy said into my ear, pressing me up against the wall as she started to kiss my neck. I loved how warm and soft her lips were against my skin.

We ran to the guest bedroom in our underwear, giggling as we went. Roxy’s skin was pale and milky in the bright hallway lights. I dragged her into the guest room, playfully shoving her onto the bed.

“Yes, baby!” Roxy groaned as I slid her cute pink panties down over her legs. “Eat my pussy!”

She tugged roughly at my hair as I spread her thighs and held them apart, my tongue sliding down her pussy. Fuck, she tasted so good. I had been with a woman once, in college, but it was nothing like this. This was different. Roxy had an energy to her, a sexiness that I hadn’t had in so long. I wished Chad could even match half of this.

She writhed and moaned underneath me, her body quivering and damp as I made her cum. She loved when I slipped two fingers inside her, wiggling them in a “come hither” motion. When she came, she was loud. I could hear and feel Chad standing just outside of the guest room, watching us through the crack in the door. I thought I heard him mutter a low, “fuck” under his breath.

Then it was my turn. I laid down on my back, thinking Roxy was immediately going to drop to her stomach in between my legs, but she didn’t. Instead, she took her time with me. She knew exactly what she was doing, unlike my husband. She rubbed my breasts and kissed me from the crook of my neck to my nipples down to my soft belly.

“You have the most amazing body,” she moaned, her sparkling eyes looking into mine. She was making me feel a way Chad hadn’t in a long time, and I hoped he was taking pointers from where he stood in the hallway.

She finally moved down to my pussy, pressing my legs up and back so she could better access me. Her tongue was velvety and skilled against my wet slit before it slid upwards to my clit, where it splayed out there. I clutched the blankets of the bed as she ate my pussy, making me tense and taut. How was she so good at this?

“Oh fuck, that’s gonna make me cum!” I whimpered, arching my back off the bed. “Yes, yes!”
When I came, I didn’t hold back. My body shook and convulsed. The groans that escaped my throat were low and guttural, almost animalistic. Roxy moved back up to my face, pulling me in for a kiss.

The evening didn’t end there. We had sex a couple more times until Chad accidentally burst through the guest bedroom door. I was horrified, thinking Roxy was going to be creeped out and leave, but instead, she was more turned on than ever. We brought out some sex toys, the ones that Chad couldn’t even manage to use on me properly, and enjoyed ourselves while Chad sat in the desk chair and stroked his tiny cock.

“Do you like how she feels, honey?” Chad asked. “Does her pussy taste good?”

Roxy and I both ignored him, choosing to get lost in each other’s bodies instead.

After that, my marriage with Chad was different. I no longer felt disappointed in him, because I was getting good sex from Roxy. She and I would have dates where she’d come over and have sex with me while my husband made himself cum all over his stomach. She’d sleep over while Chad slept alone.

I started to feel bad, so over breakfast one morning, after Roxy had left, I asked Chad if he was still feeling okay about everything.

“You know,” he said, chewing his piece of toast thoughtfully. “I didn’t think I’d like seeing you with a woman so much, but I really do. It turns me on. I’m gaining a lot of tips, too.”
I raised my eyebrows, skeptical. “Is that so?”

That night, Chad decided to show me what he had learned from watching Roxy eat my pussy and finger me. He even brought out the dildo and used it on me just the way Roxy had. I was shocked and happy to learn that he had, in fact, picked up some new skills in the bedroom. I hadn’t thought it possible.

“Maybe my small cock was a . . . blessing in disguise?” Chad said after he had just eaten my pussy until I came.

I thought about all the orgasms my future held, from both my husband and Roxy. I rolled over and gave my husband a long, sweet kiss on the lips.

“Yes, honey. A blessing indeed.”

Authors note: A bored wife, unsatisfied and looking for more than she has got, a surprise twist of events, and a happy orgasmic ending, this story was a stream of horny thoughts that I just wanted to share. I am a big small cock fan and a pussy-lover and so I put the two together and created this! Would you ever do something like it? – Tamsin 😘

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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